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Ontario, CA, United States

Whittier College is a private liberal arts college in Whittier, California, United States. As of fall 2012, the college has approximately 1,725 enrolled students. Wikipedia.

Goldberg S.R.,Whittier College
Zoology in the Middle East

Mesalina guttulata follows a seasonal reproductive cycle in Israel which commences in autumn and concludes in spring. Mean clutch size (n = 16) was 4.2±1.3 SD, range 1-6. One is a new minimum clutch size for this species. Males and females of M. guttulata reach maturity at 36 mm and 43 mm snout vent length, respectively. Mature females were larger than males. There was no suggestion that females produce multiple clutches. The correlation between female body size and clutch size was not significant. © Kasparek Verlag, Heidelberg. Source

Fissore C.,Whittier College | Giardina C.P.,U.S. Department of Agriculture | Kolka R.K.,U.S. Department of Agriculture
Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Controls on the decomposition rate of soil organic carbon (SOC), especially the more stable fraction of SOC, remain poorly understood, with implications for confidence in efforts to model terrestrial C balance under future climate. We investigated the role of substrate supply in the temperature sensitivity of SOC decomposition in laboratory incubations of coarse-textured North American soils sampled from paired native pine and hardwood forests located across a 20°C gradient in mean annual temperature (MAT). In this study we show that for this wide range of forest soils, the supply of labile substrate, controlled through extended incubation and glucose additions, exerts a strong influence on the magnitude of SOC decomposition response to warming. When substrate supply was high, either in non-depleted soils or in soils first depleted of labile C through extended incubation but then amended with glucose, SOC decomposition rates responded to increased temperature with a mean Q10 of 2.5. In contrast, for the depleted soils with no substrate added, SOC responded to varying temperature with a mean Q10 of 1.4. Our laboratory study shows for upland forest soils that substrate supply can play a strong role in determining the temperature response of decomposing SOC. Previous studies have described the effect of substrate availability of temperature responses on soil respiration, but few have described the effect on decomposition of more stable SOC. Because substrate supply is likely to vary strongly - both spatially and temporally, these findings have important implications for SOC processing in natural systems.© 2013 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Spauligodon bonairensis n. sp. from the large intestines of the Antilles gecko, Gonatodes antillensis (Lacertidae), from Bonaire, Lesser Antilles, is described and illustrated. The new species is the 48th assigned to the genus and the 10th from the Neotropical region. Spauligodon bonairensis n. sp. is most similar to S. giganticus, S. hemidactylus, S. lamonthei, and S. oxkutzcabiensis in that only these 5 species possess lanceolate eggs. For males of these species, only S. lamothei possess a spicule, and only S. oxktzcabiensis has an aspinose tail. The egg of S. hemidactylus has 2 knobs; in S. giganticus, the more rounded end supports the single knob. In S. bonairensis n. sp., the more pointed end supports the single knob. © 2012 American Society of Parasitologists. Source

Bursey C.R.,Pennsylvania State University | Goldberg S.R.,Whittier College
Comparative Parasitology

The initial helminth list for Hylarana maosonensis is established: 1 species of Digenea, Pleurogenoides sphaericus; 3 species of Nematoda, Aplectana macintoshii, Cosmocerca ornata, and Seuratascaris nimidica; and 1 species of Acanthocephala, Pseudoacanthocephalus nguyenthileae. Vietnam is a new locality record for C. ornata and S. numidica. © 2011 The Helminthological Society of Washington. Source

In Sarawak, Malaysia, the live-bearing scincid lizard, Eutropis multifasciata has a prolonged reproductive cycle in which males exhibited year round sperm production and females were reproductively active in all months examined except in September (n=1) and November (n=1). Mean litter size was 3.8±0.84 (1SD, range=3-5, n=5). There was no evidence to suggest females produced consecutive litters in the same year. Other skinks from Malaysia have also been shown to exhibit prolonged reproductive cycles. © 2013 by The Herpetological Society of Japan. Source

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