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Tel Aviv, Israel

Regardless of their size or generating capacity, hydropower projects have significant environmental and societal impacts, which are well documented. Dam operations impair water quality and temperature and alter natural flow regimes by dewatering or unnaturally pulsing drought-like and flood-like flows over the course of weeks, days, or even hours. Further, they restrict river access, eliminate certain types of recreation, and intrude on the scenic beauty of the area where they are built. The amendments require FERC to give equal consideration to energy conservation, fish and wildlife, recreation, and other aspects of environmental quality as it does to the power and development potential of a river. Hydropower licensing and relicensing proceedings can take upwards of six years, if not longer, and are dominated by the hydropower industry. One key to American Whitewater's work to protect our last and best freely-flowing rivers comes through understanding the background of why FERC has denied applications for new hydropower licenses. Source

Whitewater | Date: 2015-10-21

Embodiments of the invention provide a braking safety system for controlling the velocity of a vehicle on an amusement attraction. The braking system includes a track assembly including a plurality of control surfaces configured to support and guide the vehicle on the amusement attraction, a carriage system for coupling the vehicle to the track assembly, and at least one adaptive braking system configured to adaptively control the velocity of the vehicle on the track assembly. In some embodiments, the at least one adaptive braking system is configured to engage at least one of the following: a passive element or an active element to reduce the velocity of the vehicle. In some embodiments, the at least one adaptive braking system is configured to enable speed reduction of the vehicle using either one or a combination of magnetic field interaction, aerodynamic drag, and friction.

Whitewater | Date: 2012-02-29

A trapdoor mechanism and method of providing a trapdoor mechanism for initiating descent into a slide ride is disclosed. Aspects of invention are directed to an energy efficient mechanism capable of dropping slide riders into the entrance of a slide ride. The trapdoor mechanism utilizes momentum produced by the force of gravity to swing the trapdoor to an open position, to a closed position, and back to the open position. A control device may be utilized to apply force to the trapdoor during its transit between the open position and closed position.

Whitewater | Date: 2013-03-20

A system for shielding a riders back from a ride surface. The system includes a slide ride having an entrance and an exit and configured such that the riders back slides substantially parallel along a. slide ride surface when the rider slides from the entrance towards the exit. The system includes a plurality of shielding devices disposed relative to the slide ride such that the rider may put on one of the plurality of shielding devices prior to sliding on the slide ride, each of the plurality of shielding devices configured to be worn by the rider such that the shielding device covers the riders back, and adapted to slide upon the slide ride surface to shield the riders back from the slide ride surface when the rider slides from the entrance to the exit.

Whitewater | Date: 2011-07-28

A participatory water play structure including a water eruption effect device. The water eruption effect device may include a water eruption jet, lighting devices, sound devices, light towers, mist or smoke devices and fountain devices. The water eruption effect device imitates a geyser, volcanic eruption, or large water spray, dousing play participants in a participatory play structure with a cool deluge of water. The water eruption effect may also be used as a show feature during night-time operation of the participatory play structure. Responsive water play devices may also be used, including RFID and motion sensor systems that respond to the presence of play participants and to identifying characteristics of the play participants.

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