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Westinghouse Electrical Germany GmbH | Date: 2014-09-16

The present disclosure relates to a reactor pressure-relieving filter system having an interior space hermetically enclosed by a pressure-resistant reactor casing, at least one pressure-relieving opening through the reactor casing, and a dry filter for a gas mass flow emerging from the pressure-relieving opening when there is excess pressure in the interior space. The filtering efficiency can depend both on the average dwell time of the gas mass flow in the dry filter and on the temperature difference between the gas mass flow and the respective dew point. A flow channel connects the pressure-relieving opening and the dry filter. A passive orifice plate is provided upstream of the dry filter in the flow channel.

WESTINGHOUSE Electrical GERMANY GMBH | Date: 2011-08-31

A fuel element storage and cooling configuration includes a fuel element storage pool and a cooling system having at least one first heat exchanger disposed in the fuel element storage pool and at least one second heat exchanger disposed in a heat sink and located at a distance therefrom, above a highest point of the first heat exchanger. The two heat exchangers are connected, using a pipe system, to form a closed circuit, which is at least partially filled with a flowable coolant. If the temperature of the first heat exchanger is increased with respect to the second heat exchanger, natural circulation of the coolant, and thus heat transport from the fuel element storage pool to the heat sink, is ensured without a pump apparatus.

Westinghouse Electrical Germany GmbH | Date: 2013-12-27

An erosion device and a corresponding method are disclosed for machining a hollow-cylindrical workpiece, wherein the device is elongated and/or formed in the manner of a tube or cylinder and is characterized in that at least two rotationally acting drives (A

WESTINGHOUSE Electrical GERMANY GMBH | Date: 2012-09-28

A condensation chamber cooling system of a condensation chamber for a boiling water reactor has a heat exchanger outside the condensation chamber. An elongate cooling module is provided in the condensation chamber with an evaporation space in its upper region. The cooling module is configured such that the evaporation space is located above a maximum filling level of the condensation chamber. The cooling module includes at least one riser pipe and one downpipe that issue with their upper ends into the evaporation space and with their lower ends in the condensation chamber. A first pressure line leads from the evaporation space to the heat exchanger and, from there, a second pressure line which issues in the condensation chamber below the minimum filling level. Thus, the condensation chamber, the pressure lines, the cooling module and the heat exchanger form a passive closed cooling circuit.

Westinghouse Electrical Germany GmbH | Date: 2012-12-17

A steam generator heating tube repair sleeve has an encircling flange, conical region, and a straight region. The encircling flange merges into a conical region that tapers on the outside in the direction of the other sleeve end and which is adjoined to the straight region. A steam generator heating tube repair method is used to repair a steam generator heating tube that is installed in a steam generator having a defective tube end. The method includes conical milling out of the defective tube end, inserting a steam generator heating tube repair sleeve into the conically milled-out defective tube end, rolling in the steam generator heating tube repair sleeve, and welding the flange region.

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