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Crawley, United Kingdom

WesternGeco is a geophysical services company. It is headquartered in the Schlumberger House on the property of London Gatwick Airport in Crawley, West Sussex, in Greater London. Wikipedia.

Systems and methods for optimizing low frequency output of marine sources are described. The marine source arrangements and associated methods disclosed herein seek to fully frequency lock bubbles emitted by airguns in close proximity to one another. In this manner, larger effective bubble volumes can be achieved, thus increasing low frequency output.

WesternGeco | Date: 2015-06-05

A method can include receiving data associated with a multilithology geologic environment; and, based on at least a portion of the data, determining values for multiphase model parameters defined in a model space.

WesternGeco | Date: 2015-06-01

A method can include receiving data associated with a geologic environment; based on at least a portion of the data, estimating relationships for multiple properties of the geologic environment; and based at least in part on the relationships, performing simultaneous joint inversion for at least one property of the geologic environment.

Methods and apparatuses for domain decomposition in computer simulations using an m-dimensional space-partitioning tree. The domain decomposition may be used in load balancing. Each subdomain boundary is adjusted according to its assigned computer node capability such that its load matches its capability. The subdomain simulation load may be acquired from predictive estimates or from actual measurement during the simulation execution. The load balancing domain decomposition may be done before the simulation starts or during the simulation.

WesternGeco | Date: 2015-10-14

Various implementations described herein are directed to methods for processing seismic data, including estimating a spectral noise power of multi-measurement seismic data received from a multi-dimensional seismic sensor array having multiple seismic sensors. The methods may include receiving a shot record of multi-measurement seismic data in time-domain, partitioning the shot record into overlapping time-space windows, and computing a frequency-domain spectrum for each time-space window. The methods may include computing a signal presence probability for each time-space window using the frequency-domain spectrum and prior probabilities of signal presence and absence for each time-space window. The methods may include iteratively updating a collective spectral noise power by recursively estimating the spectral noise power of a current time-space window based on the frequency spectrum for the current time-space window, the signal presence probability computed for the current time-space window, and a previously estimated spectral noise power of a previous time-space window.

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