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Irvine, CA, United States

Western Digital Technologies | Date: 2015-02-12

A Data Storage Device (DSD) includes a Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) for storing data, a network interface for communicating on a network, and a processor. According to one aspect, a command is received via the network interface for storing data in the NVM or retrieving data from the NVM. Based on a transport attribute of the command, it is determined whether to execute a file interface for accessing files stored in the NVM or an object interface for accessing data objects stored in the NVM. According to another aspect, computer-executable instructions are received from a device via the network interface and the computer-executable instructions are executed using an off-load interface. The computer-executable instructions cause the processor to transform data stored in the NVM or data received from the network and send the transformed data to another device on the network or store the transformed data in the NVM.

Western Digital Technologies | Date: 2015-10-26

A data storage subsystem is disclosed that implements a process for storing and/or reconstructing system data, such as a system mapping table. In certain embodiments, table pages are systematically copied, or flushed, to non-volatile memory in a progressive manner, according to a fixed ratio of flushed table pages per table update trigger, thereby facilitating write and/or load efficiency. Full or partial reconstruction of a table may be performed within a bounded number of operations based on the size of the table, the ratio implemented, and/or other characteristics.

Disclosed herein are several methods and systems for handling atomic write commands that reach scattered address ranges. One embodiment includes a method of performing an operation in a data storage device, the method comprising: receiving an atomic write command; obtaining a plurality of ranges of logical addresses affected by the atomic write command; for each of the plurality of affected ranges, assigning metadata information to track completion of a write operation performed at that range; performing the write operations in the ranges of logical addresses; updating the metadata information upon completion of the write operations in the ranges; and deferring an update to a translation map of the data storage device until the metadata information has been updated.

Western Digital Technologies | Date: 2016-01-07

A device may comprise a plurality of non-volatile memories configured to store a plurality of physical pages and a controller coupled thereto, configured to program and read data to and from the plurality of memory devices. The data may be stored in a plurality of logical pages (L-Pages) of non-zero length at starting addresses within the plurality of physical pages and execute first and second commands to indicate that first and second physical locations within the plurality of non-volatile memories no longer contains valid data and are now free space. This may be done by carrying out first and second virtual write operations of first and second L-Pages of a predetermined length at first and second unique addresses within a virtual address range that does not correspond to any of the physical pages, and accounting for an amount of free space gained as a result of executing the commands.

Western Digital Technologies | Date: 2015-07-07

A disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk, a spindle motor operable to rotate the disk, a head actuated over the disk, an interface operable to receive a host supply voltage, and a capacitor. The host supply voltage is used to charge the capacitor to a capacitor voltage higher than the host supply voltage. During a power failure, the host supply voltage stops charging the capacitor, and a motor supply voltage is generated from the spindle motor. The capacitor voltage is used to operate control circuitry, and when the capacitor voltage decays below the motor supply voltage, the motor supply voltage charges the capacitor.

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