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Iloilo, Philippines

West Visayas State University is a Research University and Normal State University in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines with its main campus in La Paz, Iloilo City. It is one of the twenty accredited Philippine Universities of the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific. Originally founded by the Thomasites who came to the Philippines in the early 1900s, it was a part of Philippine normal school system under the American occupation until it became separate and formally established in 1924. The University is the most prominent institution in Western Visayas in the field of Teacher Education, Nursing and Medicine.The Philippine Commission on Higher Education named the University one of the Centers of Excellence in Teacher Education in the Philippines. Wikipedia.

Elijorde F.,West Visayas State University | Kim S.-H.,Kunsan National University | Lee J.W.,Kunsan National University
KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems | Year: 2016

A cloud computing system can be characterized by the provision of resources in the form of services to third parties on a leased, usage-based basis, as well as the private infrastructures maintained and utilized by individual organizations. To attain the desired reliability and energy efficiency in a cloud data center, trade-offs need to be carried out between system performance and power consumption. Resolving these conflicting goals is often the major challenge encountered in the design of optimization strategies for cloud data centers. The work presented in this paper is directed towards the development of an Energy-efficient and Performance-aware Cloud System equipped with strategies for dynamic switching of optimization approach. Moreover, a platform is also provided for the deployment of a Wind Farm CMS (Condition Monitoring System) which allows ubiquitous access. Due to the geographically-dispersed nature of wind farms, the CMS can take advantage of the cloud’s highly scalable architecture in order to keep a reliable and efficient operation capable of handling multiple simultaneous users and huge amount of monitoring data. Using the proposed cloud architecture, a Wind Farm CMS is deployed in a virtual platform to monitor and evaluate the aging conditions of the turbine’s major components in concurrent, yet isolated working environments. © 2016 KSII.

Guevara N.,West Visayas State University
International maritime health | Year: 2010

The Philippines is currently the world's leading supplier of seafarers aboard foreign vessels, accounting for nearly a quarter of the world's maritime industry. Seafarers, being mobile, have a significant contribution impact on the worldwide spread of infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This study aims to determine the level of knowledge, as well as the attitudes and practices (KAP) of male Filipino seafarers regarding sexual health. A cross-sectional survey was administered through convenience sampling of male Filipino seafarers. The respondents showed the least knowledge about prevention, followed by transmission of STIs. The respondents showed adequate knowledge about risk factors such as multiple sex partners, and about transmission such as vertical spread. In addition, the respondents indicated their attitude and level of responsibility in informing their sexual partners in case they contract STIs and avoidance of high-risk partners. They also showed attitudes that predispose them to high-risk behaviour such as decreased sexual sensation caused by use of condoms and added pleasure in having intercourse with strangers. The majority of respondents were sexually active. Most have STI/HIV screening as part of their pre-employment medical exam. Positive practices include use of condoms, voluntary medical evaluation for STI's, and avoidance of high-risk partners. Negative practices include going to bars closely linked with prostitution, and most of the respondents had had sexual intercourse with sex workers overseas. Male seafarers appear to have double standards regarding women as sexual partners - about half had intercourse outside their stable relationships. They perceive protection as their sole discretion.

Elijorde F.,West Visayas State University | Lee J.,Kunsan National University
KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems | Year: 2015

The reduction of power consumption in large-scale datacenters is highly-dependent on the use of virtualization to consolidate multiple workloads. However, these consolidation strategies must also take into account additional important parameters such as performance, reliability, and profitability. Resolving these conflicting goals is often the major challenge encountered in the design of optimization strategies for cloud data centers. In this paper, we put forward a data center monitoring strategy which dynamically alters its approach depending on the cloud system’s current state. Results show that our proposed scheme outperformed strategies which only focus on a single metric such as SLA-Awareness and Energy Efficiency. © 2015 KSII.

Elijorde F.,West Visayas State University | Lee J.,Kunsan National University
International Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and its Applications | Year: 2015

To attain the desired reliability and energy efficiency of a cloud data center, trade-offs should be carried out between system performance and power consumption. Although the deployment of energy-efficient hardware is a crucial step, getting rid of underutilized servers is a far more effective approach. Achieving this in a cloud data center would require monitoring resource utilization as well as managing the quality of service and the profitability of a cloud infrastructure. In this study, we propose a resource provisioning technique which involves clustering of similar VMs in a cloud datacenter based on their workload profile. We then combine it with an SLA-aware approach for VM assignment in order to improve the efficiency of virtual resource provisioning and increase the quality of service. The proposed approach was compared with other techniques and as shown by the results, performance and energy efficiency is improved.

Tantiado R.G.,West Visayas State University
International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology | Year: 2012

Mutagenic dyes are risk for the health of workers, consumers and for the environment. Mutagenicity of chemical present on textiles could be seen as a major clue towards carcinogenic activities of these chemicals. This study was conducted to determine the comparative mutagenic effects of laboratory dyes on Drosophila melanogaster. Bioaccumulation of the laboratory dyes used, malachite green, safranin, crystal violet and methylene blue were allowed to induce mutations from the parental generations up to the second filial generations of D. melanogaster with constant exposure to the laboratory dyes used at 1% and 5% concentrations. Results of the study showed that constant exposure of the fruit flies at 1% and 5% concentrations of the laboratory dyes used increased the rate of mutations on the color of the eyes, body color and wing shapes of D. melanogaster. Chi-square statistic at 0.05 level of significance showed no significant difference on the incidence of mutation on the fruit flies phenotype. Thus, this showed that constant exposure to the laboratory dyes at varying concentrations could induce mutation.

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