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Traisov B.B.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Smagulov D.B.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Yuldashbaev Y.A.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Esengaliev K.G.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research | Year: 2017

The study was performed in the Western region of Kazakhstan with the Akzhaik sheep with wool crossbred type. This article shows the results of studying meat productivity and the characteristics of young Akzhaik meat-wool sheep carcasses obtained from various selection variants. The aim was to obtain preliminary information for future studies that would make it possible to scientifically substantiate the way of increasing production of sheep breeding due tomore complete implementation of the genetic potential of the breed. Encouraging results have been obtained in terms of increasing meat productivity and quality of carcasses of lambs that can be sold at the age of 7.5-8 months for obtaining high-quality meat. © 2017, Pharmainfo Publications. All rights reserved.

Andronov E.E.,Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences | Petrova S.N.,Orel State Agrarian University | Pinaev A.G.,Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences | Pershina E.V.,Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences | And 4 more authors.
Eurasian Soil Science | Year: 2012

Molecular methods were used to study variation in the taxonomic structure of bacterial, archaeal, and fungal communities in soil samples taken along a salinity gradient from a solonchak in the vicinity of Lake Akkol' (Shingirlau, Kazakhstan). Soils from arable fields located 195 km from the solonchak served as the control. Total DNA was isolated from every sample and analyzed by T-RFLP and real-time PCR. Salinization was found to be the main ecological factor determining the structure of soil microbial community in the study region. The values of Simpson's index characterizing the diversity of this community proved to be similar in all the samples, which, however, significantly differed in the taxonomic composition of microorganisms. A significantly increased content of archaea was revealed in the sample with the highest salinity. The results of this study show that the structure of soil microbial community reflects specific features of a given soil and can be used as an indicator of its ecological state. © 2012 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Artjukhov I.I.,Saratov State Technical University | Tulepova G.N.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Erbaev E.T.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Artjukhova E.E.,Saratov State Technical University
Conference Proceedings - 2012 International Conference on Actual Problems of Electron Devices Engineering, APEDE 2012 | Year: 2012

Is described an approach to modeling of photovoltaic panels in the combined power supply systems © 2012 IEEE.

Saljnikov E.,Soil Science Institute | Saljnikov A.,University of Belgrade | Rahimgalieva S.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Cakmak D.,Soil Science Institute | And 3 more authors.
Energy | Year: 2014

Recently the cost of soil processing for agricultural production has been rapidly increasing because of expensiveness of agricultural machinery, energy, and agricultural chemicals. Intensive soil cultivation is costly and adversely affects soil fertility due to accelerated mineralization of soil organic matter. By minimizing mechanical disturbance to the soil, costs can be reduced and the environment enhanced. About half of the global CO2 emissions from the soil come from decomposition of the annual plant litter including agricultural crops. We studied methods of soil tillage that would help stabilize the yield of crops while maintaining soil fertility and saving energy and labour at the same time. Three types of crop cultivation experiments were studied: 1) cultivation intensity (simplified ST, common CT, and intensive IT); 2) tillage depth (shallow S, and deep D subsoil till), and 3) minimum MT, and zero till ZT. The results showed that under ST the soil biological parameters were more favourable than under CT and IT. Shallow subsoil till maintained higher levels of soil nutrients, and reduced CO2 emission compared with the deep subsoil till. The minimum and zero tills positively influenced soil physical and biological properties through improvement in soil aggregate stability and soil enzymatic activity. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Erbaev E.T.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Pavlenko I.M.,Saratov State Technical University | Stepanov S.F.,Saratov State Technical University
Conference Proceedings - 2014 International Conference on Actual Problems of Electron Devices Engineering, APEDE 2014 | Year: 2014

The paper substantiates the need for power electronics in wind power complexes. To obtain the maximum possible power from wind turbines at wind speeds of any proposed algorithm based on maintaining the speed of the wind wheel at the optimum value due to changes in the current. The results of mathematical modeling of wind turbine simulation program Matlab + Simulink. © 2014 IEEE.

Montayeva N.S.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Kushaliyev K.Z.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Grabarevic Z.,University of Zagreb
Biology and Medicine | Year: 2016

The aim of this study is identification of risk groups, early detection, and prevention of melanoma of the skin in dogs. The pathogenetic basis of occurrence and development of melanoma is most frequently due to preexisting pigmented nevi, especially in the case of trauma. Early diagnosis of melanoma should be based on the consideration of the background conditions of the tumor and knowledge of symptoms of malignancy of melanocytic nevi. The earliest signs of malignant transformation of melanocytic nevi are the disappearance of the skin pattern on the surface of nevi; the appearance of shiny, glossy surface; the occurrence of asymmetries or irregularities of the shape of the borders of the nevus; its horizontal growth; and the appearance of subjective sensations of itching or burning sensation in the nevus. © 2016 Montayeva et al.

Adilova N.B.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Montayev S.A.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Montayeva A.S.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Shakeshev B.T.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | And 4 more authors.
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

Current trends of construction industry development by the criterion of rational environmental management demand scientific approach on further ensuring production of construction materials with available raw material resources, decrease in labor costs and energy resources. For the purpose of decrease in roasting temperature, sensitivity coefficient to drying, for reduction of energy consumption when drying, and also increases of strength indicators, the influence of bentonite clay for obtaining front wall ceramics was investigated. Rational structures of ceramic composition for the production of ceramic brick by the method of semidry pressing with the use of low-grade loam and bentonite clay were received as a result, influence of temperature of roasting on change of physicomechanical properties of the samples on the basis of the developed structures of composition was investigated, consistent patterns of structure and phase formation of ceramic composition depending on roasting temperature were determined. At the research of physicomechanical properties of the obtained samples, it was revealed that mix modifying by bentonite clay previously activated to nanodimensional particles, led to the increase in crack resistance of ceramic mass, durability increase for 30-40% at the general decrease in temperature of roasting for 100-150°C.

Artyukhov I.I.,Chernyshevsky Saratov State University | Bochkarev D.A.,Chernyshevsky Saratov State University | Erbaev E.T.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University
Conference Proceedings - 2014 International Conference on Actual Problems of Electron Devices Engineering, APEDE 2014 | Year: 2014

The existing systems of electric power generation are most commonly based on synchronous electric machines which have to operate with a fixed shaft rotation frequency for the purpose of providing the stability of output current frequency. The development of power electronics has made it possible to create the systems of electric power generation, in which the frequency of shaft rotation may vary in order to optimize the regime of drive motor operation. The article describes the structural scheme of such a system and demonstrates the specific features of implementing its elements. © 2014 IEEE.

Montayeva N.S.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Kushaliyev K.Z.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Shalmenov M.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Gusmanov M.G.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University | Sadenov M.M.,West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia | Year: 2015

The purpose of this study is to analyze the disease incidence in dogs with melanoma and melanocytoma living in the territory of Uralsk. Dogs with neoplastic diseases of the skin were objects of research. Predominant localization of tumors in dogs, were observed in the mouth cavity. Mostly male dogs aged 9 to 12 years came down with melanoma and melanocytoma. Among the diseased purebred dogs the golden retrievers were encountered most of all.

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