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West East Gas Pipeline Company

Jintan, China
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Jiang H.,Southwest Petroleum University | Xu T.,Southwest Petroleum University | Zhao D.,West East Gas Pipeline Company
Journal of Vibroengineering | Year: 2017

For non-conservative systems consisting of elastic-plastic material, dissipative damping of a system in a dynamic environment involves two parts: (1) the dissipative energy related to the velocity of the mass point and (2) the dissipative energy associated with the strain rate. In this paper, the dynamic response of buried high-pressure gas pipeline under blasting load is studied, where, dissipation of energy is explicitly considered. The dissipative work was introduced into the Lagrange function. According to the Hamilton principle and finite element theory, a non-conservative explosion model composed of elastic and plastic materials was established to identify the dynamic response and the propagation characteristics of a detonation wave in the earth medium, where the explosion cavity with a triangle pressure time history on internal wall was used to describe the explosive stress from blasting buried gas pipeline. In the scheme of modeling, 15 cases of different explosive payloads, different distances from the explosion center and different wall thicknesses of the pipe were regarded as the generalized load were carried out. Then the specific dynamic responses of pipeline under blasting load were shown in the post processing, as well as the relationship between peak particle vibration velocity and explosion distance and payload. Using three types of limit analysis methods, the critical explosive loading, critical blasting center distance and critical wall thickness of a buried high-pressure gas pipeline under blasting loading were determined. The computational method and results in this paper could be referenced for security operation of a buried pipeline and blasting construction scheme. © JVE INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Jiang D.-Y.,Chongqing University | Zhang J.-W.,Chongqing University | Qu D.-A.,Chongqing University | Qu D.-A.,West East Gas Pipeline Company | And 3 more authors.
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal Society | Year: 2013

The rock salt with interlayer in Jintan Salt Mine in China was regarded as the prototype in this experiment. A similar material of rock salt with interlayer by using natural salt powder, quartz sand, rosin and alcohol based on similarity theory was made by numerous experiments. The physical and mechanical parameters of model material basically met the similar conditions, such as bulk weight, Poisson's ratio, elastic modulus, compressive strength. The deformation characteristics and failure characteristics were similar to the natural bedded rock salt. The effect of pressure, moisture content, the interlayer thickness and the number of interlayer for mechanical properties of the model material was studied. The results show that the higher compaction force of the similar material is, the more stronger mechanical strength is. The increasing of moisture content and interlayer thickness of the similar material will weaken its mechanical strength. When the total thickness of interlayer is similar, then the mechanical strength of similar material with more interlayers is slightly higher than the one with less interlayer.

Qu D.,Chongqing University | Qu D.,West East Gas Pipeline Company | Yang C.,Chongqing University | Yang C.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics | Ren S.,Chongqing University
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2010

The salt rock caves used for gas storages in Jintan salt mine are the important auxiliary engineering of West-East Gas Transmission. It's used for gas peak shaving and ensures the safety of supplying gas in the Yangtze River Delta. The accurately predicting the surface subsidence is the important method for ensuring the safety of the gas storages. Based on the rule of the transferring if one terrane by one terrane, the surface subsidence caused by the shrinking of salt rock caves in 20 years and the surface subsidence caused by the collapse of salt rock caves are predicted by the new probability integral 3D model. Then the time factor of the surface subsidence of the Jintan salt mine is obtained by the dynamic forecasting model and the surface subsidence can be achieved. The predicted value is very close to the measurement value, which proves that the transfer model has more forecasting precision.

Liu E.,Southwest Petroleum University | Li C.,Southwest Petroleum University | Yang L.,Southwest Petroleum University | Liu S.,Beijing Oil and Gas Pipeline Control Center | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Environmental Biology | Year: 2015

Most of the Chinese crude oil is easy to curdle and has high viscosity, so heating transportation is usually selected. Energy consumption by this method mainly comes from furnaces and pumps. Currently operating parameters of these pipelines were determined according to experience of dispatch. It cause high energy consumption and high cost of pipeline running, so it could not adapt to energy conservation policy. The present study focused on consuming lowest energy to operate oil transportation line. To begin with, several optimization variables were set which included pump combinations, suction pressure, discharge pressure, and station temperature. Then constraint conditions were set to establish an optimal mathematical model of running transportation line. Furthermore, genetic algorithm was used to solve the model, in meantime, selection operation, cross operation and mutation operation in the genetic algorithm were improved. Finally, a crude oil pipeline running optimization software was developed. Through optimal analyzing, S-L transportation line and contrasting with the actual working conditions, it was found that optimal operation scheme could reduce energy consumption by 5% ∼ 9%. In addition, optimal operation scheme also considered the effect of seasons and flow on energy consumption of S-L transportation line. © Triveni Enterprises, Lucknow (India).

Tian J.,Southwest Petroleum University | Tian J.,Southwest Jiaotong University | Yang Z.,Southwest Petroleum University | Yang L.,Southwest Petroleum University | And 3 more authors.
Zhongguo Jixie Gongcheng/China Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2015

A new type of drilling oscillator was proposed. According to the working principles of the oscillator, the axial pulse excitation function was deduced. Then, the axial vibration analysis model was established and the vibration characteristics were obtained. The laboratory experiments were designed according to the example parameters, and the results from the example parameters and experiments were compared, which verified the rationality of the vibration analysis model. The results show that: the oscillator can produce steady vibration with high frequency and low amplitude, which can turn static friction into dynamic friction. As a result, the problems of weight on bit transfer, drill string wear and stick slip for directional and horizontal wells may be solved effectively. © 2015, China Mechanical Engineering Magazine Office. All right reserved.

Chen J.,Chongqing University | Jiang D.,Chongqing University | Ren S.,Chongqing University | Li L.,Chongqing University | Qu D.,West East Gas Pipeline Company
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2013

West-East Gas Transmission project intends to establish some gas storage in Jintan Salt Mine, in China, while there are many depleted salt caverns distributed in Jintan. According to the rule of energy storage management and safety regulations, an optimization selecting process system was used to select suitable depleted salt mine caverns which could be reconstructed into gas storage. Six depleted salt caverns which were suitable for gas storage have been selected. The time consumption and the reconstruction cost to rebuild the depleted salt caverns have been estimated based on the casing milling squeeze cement technology (CMSCT). Selecting suitable depleted salt caverns storage, can reduce the time and cost for the construction of gas storage. Assume the gas storage delivers gas every day under the same operating pressure, the shortest payback period is about 2.13 year, reconstruction of a depleted salt cavern. © Sila Science.

Deng D.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing | Wang X.,West East Gas Pipeline Company | Li K.,West East Gas Pipeline Company | Jiang Y.,West East Gas Pipeline Company | Gong J.,China University of Petroleum - Beijing
Proceedings of the Biennial International Pipeline Conference, IPC | Year: 2010

The first West-East Gas Pipeline, running from the Tarim Basin gas fields in Xinjiang to the Yangtze River Delta area in China, is an 1016-mm-dia, 3900-km-long pipeline, the design capacity and pressure of which are 12 billion cubic meters annually and 10 MPa respectively. The whole pipeline was put into commercial operation on Oct. 2004, and the distribution stations suffered from frost heaves due to subfreezing gas temperatures, with obvious uplifts of valves from the bases, upheavals of the ground, and cracks of the paved surfaces and fence walls, and deformations of gas pipelines. From the commission on, the demand on gas in the downstream market was booming, and the company strove to upgrade the throughput to 17 billion cubic meters annually by building new gas compressor stations, so the more serious frost heaves are expected at the regulator stations. As we know, gas-fueled heaters can effectively tackle the frost heaves, but the difficulty of land acquisition, and more expensive CAPEX and OPEX limit the installation of the gas-fueled heaters. In this paper, various types of measures to cope with the frost heaves are compared and analyzed. Based on the geotechnical survey of field soils, theoretical calculations and actual data, soil replacement schemes with a water migration control technique are developed and successfully applied at different gas distribution stations with different water tables. The schemes are simple to use, and are cost-effective. When the remedial actions with this scheme are conducted, no interruptions of service are required. Furthermore, a large sum of expense is saved in comparison with the gas-fueled heaters. Copyright © 2010 by ASME.

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