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Wenzhou University (WZU; simplified Chinese: 温州大学; traditional Chinese: 溫州大學; pinyin: Wēnzhōu dàxué is a comprehensive public university based in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, China. Wikipedia.

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Guo Z.,Wenzhou University
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications | Year: 2017

We discuss an integrable Camassa–Holm type equation with cubic nonlinearity. Asymptotic profile has been shown in the sense that strong solutions arising from algebraic decaying initial data will keep this property at infinity in the spatial variable in its lifespan. Moreover, for a global solution, measure of potential support is presented. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd

Wenzhou University | Date: 2015-12-18

This invention publicizes a chronic renal disease diagnostic kit, comprised of FGF23 monoclonal antibody, biotin labeling reagent Sulfo-NHS-LC-Biotin, PBS buffer solution (pH7.0, 0.1M), casein saline solution, streptomycin avidin and substrate TMB. The labeling condition is the weight ratio of FGF23 antibody and Sulfo-NHS-LC-Biotin, which is 1:5-1:12. The dilution ratio of streptomycin avidin is 1:3000. The lowest testing threshold limit value of FGF23 kit is 10 pg/ml, whose sensitivity is 10 times higher than that of common monoclonal antibody, which is very significant for early diagnose of chronic renal disease.

Isman M.B.,University of British Columbia | Grieneisen M.L.,University of California at Davis | Grieneisen M.L.,Wenzhou University
Trends in Plant Science | Year: 2014

Our analysis of >20. 000 papers on botanical insecticides from 1980 to 2012, indicates major growth in the number of papers published annually (61 in 1980 to 1207 in 2012), and their proportion among all papers on insecticides (1.43% in 1980 to 21.38% in 2012). However, only one-third of 197 random articles among the 1086 papers on botanical insecticides published in 2011 included any chemical data or characterization; and only a quarter of them included positive controls. Therefore, a substantial portion of recently published studies has design flaws that limit reproducibility and comparisons with other and/or future studies. In our opinion, much of the scientific literature on this subject is of limited use in the progress toward commercialization or advancement of knowledge, given the resources expended. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Jiang L.-L.,Wenzhou University | Perc M.,University of Maribor
Scientific Reports | Year: 2013

Recent empirical research has shown that links between groups reinforce individuals within groups to adopt cooperative behaviour. Moreover, links between networks may induce cascading failures, competitive percolation, or contribute to efficient transportation. Here we show that there in fact exists an intermediate fraction of links between groups that is optimal for the evolution of cooperation in the prisoner's dilemma game. We consider individual groups with regular, random, and scale-free topology, and study their different combinations to reveal that an intermediate interdependence optimally facilitates the spreading of cooperative behaviour between groups. Excessive between-group links simply unify the two groups and make them act as one, while too rare between-group links preclude a useful information flow between the two groups. Interestingly, we find that between-group links are more likely to connect two cooperators than in-group links, thus supporting the conclusion that they are of paramount importance. © 2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Wenzhou University, Jiangsu University and Nanjing Southeast University | Date: 2013-10-23

A laser shock peening method and device for a bottom surface of a tenon groove of an aircraft blade. During the laser shock peening process, according to geometric characteristics of the bottom surface of a tenon groove, a circular facula of a laser beam is changed into a strip-shaped facula, at the same time as a flow-guiding injection device and a water pumping device are respectively arranged at two end surfaces of the bottom surface of the tenon groove to ensure the stability of a water confinement layer.

Wenzhou University, Jiangsu University and Nanjing Southeast University | Date: 2013-10-23

A method and device for strengthening the laser shock of a hidden surface includes establishing a continuous laser shock strengthening track and process after acquiring the information about the whole hidden surface. A control system adjusts the movement and rotation of a total reflection mirror which is arranged in a workpiece according to the signal from signal collecting cards for making a reflected laser beam act on a region to be machined of the hidden surface at an appropriate incidence angle. The method can realize the surface strengthening treatment of the hidden surface of the workpiece, significantly improve the mechanical performance of the workpiece and increase the fatigue life thereof, which is applicable to the surface strengthening of the workpiece with the hidden surface.

Yuan Y.,Wenzhou University
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science | Year: 2013

We investigated the relationships between the ocular anterior segment biometry and the ocular high-order aberrations (HOAs) during accommodation by combined ultralong scan depth optical coherence tomography (UL-OCT) and wavefront sensor. We enrolled 35 right eyes of young healthy subjects (21 women and 14 men; age, 25.6 ± 3.1 years; spherical equivalent refractive error, -0.41 ± 0.59 diopters [D]). A custom-built UL-OCT and a wavefront sensor were combined. They were able to image the ocular anterior segment and to measure the HOAs during accommodation. The differences in the biometric dimensions and in the HOAs between the nonaccommodative and accommodative states were compared, and the relationships between them were investigated. Compared to the nonaccommodative condition, anterior chamber depth, pupil diameter, and radii of the crystalline lens surface curvatures decreased significantly, while the lens thickness and root-mean-square of high-order aberration (HORMS) of fixed 3-mm pupil size increased under the accommodative stimulus (P < 0.01). A negative correlation was found between the change in the radius of the lens anterior surface curvature and the change in HORMS (r = -0.370, P = 0.014). For nonaccommodative and accommodative conditions, HORMS for a fixed pupil size was correlated negatively with pupil diameter (r = -0.532 and -0.801, respectively, P < 0.01). The anterior segment biometry and the HOAs changed significantly during accommodation. The increase in HOAs mainly was due to the increased convexity of the anterior surface of the lens during accommodation. Contraction of the pupil may help to decrease HOAs.

Shi M.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry | Lu J.-M.,Wenzhou University | Wei Y.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry | Shao L.-X.,Wenzhou University
Accounts of Chemical Research | Year: 2012

Although they are highly strained, methylenecyclopropanes (MCPs) are readily accessible molecules that have served as useful building blocks in organic synthesis. MCPs can undergo a variety of ring-opening reactions because the release of cyclopropyl ring strain (40 kcal/mol) can provide a thermodynamic driving force for reactions and the π-character of the bonds within the cyclopropane can afford the kinetic opportunity to initiate the ring-opening. Since the 1970s, the chemistry of MCPs has been widely explored in the presence of transition metal catalysts, but less attention had been paid to the Lewis or BrØnsted acid mediated chemistry of MCPs. During the past decade, significant developments have also been made in the Lewis or BrØnsted acid mediated reactions of MCPs. This Account describes chemistry developed in our laboratory and by other researchers. Lewis and BrØnsted acids can be used as catalysts or reagents in the reactions of MCPs with a variety of substrates, and substituents on the terminal methylene or on the cyclopropyl ring of MCPs significantly affect the reaction pathways. During the past decade, we and other researchers have found interesting transformations based on this chemistry. These new reactions include the ring expansion of MCPs, cycloaddition reactions of MCPs with aldehydes and imines, cycloaddition reactions of MCPs with nitriles in the presence of strong BrØnsted acid, radical reactions of MCPs with 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds, intramolecular Friedel-Crafts reactions of MCPs with arenes, acylation reactions of MCPs, and the reaction of MCPs with 1,1,3-triarylprop-2-yn-1-ols or their methyl ethers.These Lewis or BrØnsted acid mediated reactions of MCPs can produce a variety of new compounds such as cyclobutanones, indenes, tetrahydrofurans, and tetrahydroquinolines. Finally, we have also carried out computational studies to explain the mechanism of the BrØnsted acid mediated reactions of MCPs with acetonitrile. © 2011 American Chemical Society.

Huang Q.,Wenzhou University
Cell Death and Differentiation | Year: 2014

Apoptosis has essential roles in a variety of cellular and developmental processes. Although the pathway is well studied, how the activities of individual components in the pathway are regulated is less understood. In Drosophila, a key component in apoptosis is Drosophila inhibitor of apoptosis protein 1 (DIAP1), which is required to prevent caspase activation. Here, we demonstrate that Drosophila CG42593 (ubr3), encoding the homolog of mammalian UBR3, has an essential role in regulating the apoptosis pathway. We show that loss of ubr3 activity causes caspase-dependent apoptosis in Drosophila eye and wing discs. Our genetic epistasis analyses show that the apoptosis induced by loss of ubr3 can be suppressed by loss of initiator caspase Drosophila Nedd2-like caspase (Dronc), or by ectopic expression of the apoptosis inhibitor p35, but cannot be rescued by overexpression of DIAP1. Importantly, we show that the activity of Ubr3 in the apoptosis pathway is not dependent on its Ring-domain, which is required for its E3 ligase activity. Furthermore, we find that through the UBR-box domain, Ubr3 physically interacts with the neo-epitope of DIAP1 that is exposed after caspase-mediated cleavage. This interaction promotes the recruitment and ubiquitination of substrate caspases by DIAP1. Together, our data indicate that Ubr3 interacts with DIAP1 and positively regulates DIAP1 activity, possibly by maintaining its active conformation in the apoptosis pathway.Cell Death and Differentiation advance online publication, 22 August 2014; doi:10.1038/cdd.2014.115.

Wenzhou University | Date: 2012-03-15

The invention discloses a method for producing 30-halogenated betulinic acid. Betulin is used as a raw material and selectively oxidized and halogenated to generate 30-betulinic acid, and the selected oxidation and halogenation agent has high selectivity and does not affect C-3 hydroxyl or carbon-carbon double bonds. Oxidation and halogenation are completed in one step, so the process route is short, the treatment method is simple, and the product is purified easily.

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