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San Mateo, CA, United States

According to some embodiments, a system for transmitting and rendering a visualization of at least one object is described herein. The system includes a web server having access to at least one web page that includes three-dimensional embedding (3D embedding) instructions for requesting at least one 3D visualization associated with an object; a client computer in the data communication with the at least one web server, the client computer configured to receive the at least one web page and execute the 3D-embedding instructions included therein to send a request for the visualization associated with the object; and a visualization server in data communication with the client computer configured to determine whether the visualization is available, and determine whether the client computer is operable to render the 3D visualization, and determine whether to provide the 3D visualization data to the client computer.

An apparatus for communicating with a downhole tool includes a sensor body including at least two electrodes electrically insulated from one another and an external control device configured to engage the two electrodes. Detection circuitry connected to the two electrodes is configured to monitor an electrical status across the two electrodes, through the external control device, and upon detecting a change in electrical status that matches a predefined pattern, communicate a command to power management circuitry to alter a power status of the downhole tool.

Well Inc | Date: 2013-05-17

A wellbore packer for setting against a wellbore wall in a wellbore, the wellbore packer including: a mandrel including a upper end and an lower end; and an outer housing encircling the mandrel and including a first compression ring, a second compression ring, an annular packing element encircling the mandrel and positioned between the first compression ring and the second compression ring, the sealing element being expandable to form an annular seal about the packer by compression between the first compression ring and the second compression ring; and an anchoring mechanism including a slip that is expandable outwardly into a set position and a slip actuation assembly to drive expansion of the slip.

Well Inc, The National Colloid Company and Superior Well Services | Date: 2010-06-04

Fluid treatment systems and compositions are provided including (a) at least one material including (1) at least one carboxylic acid functional group and (2) at least one sulfur-containing group selected from the group consisting of sulfonyl functional groups, sulfonate functional groups and mixtures thereof; and (b) at least one friction reducing agent selected from the group consisting of guar gums, polyacrylamides, hydratable cellulosic materials, viscoelastic surfactants, and mixtures thereof. The fluid treatment systems and compositions can be used to treat aqueous systems, for example as fracturing fluids for use in fracturing subterranean formations. Methods for inhibiting formation and/or precipitation of metal oxides in an aqueous composition using the fluid treatment systems or compositions also are provided.

Well Inc and The National Colloid Company | Date: 2010-06-04

Methods of treating flowback water from a subterranean formation penetrated by a well bore are provided, comprising: (a) providing remediated flowback water having a ferrous iron (Fe

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