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Bethesda, MD, United States

Weinberg Medical Physics LLC | Date: 2015-10-26

A method of fabrication produces one or more functional microparticles using a parallel pore working piece. In one embodiment, the method forms a particle that includes a segment for the oxidation of a biofuel (such as glucose) and the reduction of oxygen. The particle may be synthesized in a structure with defined and parallel, uniform, thin pores that completely penetrate the structure. Further, the functional microparticle may be configured to reside in a human or animal body or cell such that it may be self-contained fuel cell having an anode, a cathode, a separator membrane, and a magnetic component. In other embodiments, the functional microparticles may deliver energy or therapeutic materials in the body.

Weinberg Medical Physics LLC | Date: 2015-10-05

An apparatus and method apply magnetic fields by generators external to a body or body part with sensors within an in vivo source that are sensitive to applied magnetic fields Through the use of these applied magnetic fields and sensitive sensors, disclosed embodiments can realize much better spatial resolution than is conventionally possible.

An apparatus and method for magnetic particle manipulation enables the particle to be rotated and translated independently using magnetic fields and field gradients, which produce the desired decoupled translational and rotational motion. The apparatus and the method for manipulation may be implemented in parallel, involving many particles. The rotational magnetic field used to induce rotational motion may be varied to induce particle motion, which is either in phase or out of phase with the rotational magnetic field. The magnetic fields and gradients described herein may be generated with permanent magnets, electromagnets, or some combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets.

Agency: Department of Commerce | Branch: National Institute of Standards and Technology | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase II | Award Amount: 298.71K | Year: 2016

New shape-engineered iron-based microscopic contrast agents (MCAs) for magnetic resonance imaging promise to increase diagnostic accuracy while reducing side effects, and enhance scientists’ ability to track stem cells. Currently, techniques used for making multispectral microscale contrast agent particles are cost prohibitive. In Phase I, an innovative technique (employing template-guided electroplating in a roll-to-roll construct) which combines the low cost of chemical synthesis methods, the high uniformity of template-based methods, and the high throughput of automated manufacturing methods to deliver a process for large-scale, cost-effective manufacturing of the new MCAs was described. In Phase II, the Phase I prototype process will be upgraded to include a section that will metallize PCTE reel stock in order to reduce costs, and another section which will measure the NMR resonance shift properties of the particles in situ in order to achieve high particle uniformity. Low-cost production and development of standard operating procedures that will assist in Phase III migration to contract manufacturing facilities will be demonstrated.

Weinberg Medical Physics LLC | Date: 2015-02-05

An apparatus, and method of constructing such an apparatus, conducts and insulates materials with intervening coolant channels, wherein the conducting materials form an electromagnet.

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