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Weifang, China

Song F.,Shandong University | Ma F.,Weifang College | Liu Y.,Shandong University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

This paper explains "five senses and six feelings" theory in traditional culture, also shows useful thoughts of practice of interaction design and methods to integrate Chinese traditional culture spirits into it, which provides useful reference for designers. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wang L.,Beihang University | Zhang J.,Beihang University | Li C.,Beihang University | Zhu H.,Weifang College | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Materials Science and Technology | Year: 2011

TiO2 film modified by Bi2O3 microgrid array was successfully fabricated by using a microsphere lithography method. The structure and morphology of TiO2 film, Bi2O3 film and TiO2 film/Bi2O3 microgrid heterojunction were characterized through X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The optical transmittance spectra and the photocatalytic degradation capacity of these samples to rhodamine B were determined via ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy. The results indicated that the coupled system showed higher photocatalytic activity than pure TO2 and Bi2O3 films under xenon lamp irradiation. The enhancement of the photocatalytic activity was ascribed to the special structure, which could improve the separation of photo-generated electrons and holes, enlarge the surface area and extend the response range of TiO2 film from ultraviolet to visible region. © 2011 The Chinese Society for Metals.

Huang B.,Weifang College
Xiyou Jinshu / Chinese Journal of Rare Metals | Year: 2010

The composite of La 0.67Ca 0.25Sr 0.08MnO 3 / xAg was prepared by calcining the mixture of La 0.67Ca 0.25Sr 0.08MnO 3 and Ag 2O powders. With increasing the dopant amount of Ag, resistivity of the sample decreased obviously, and the magnetization decreased slightly, while both T C and T P (the peak resistance temperature) almost kept unchanged. At 304 K, the maximum magnetoresistance (MR) effect (41%) was obtained for the sample with x=0.25, which was 1.6 times and 10 times bigger than that of La 0.67Ca 0.25Sr 0.08MnO 3 and La 0.67Sr 0.33MnO 3 samples. The enhancement of MR effect at room temperature was mainly related to the coexistence of intrinsic MR properties and the spin dependent scattering of conduction electrons at the interfaces. These results indicated that it was an effective way to improve the magnetoresistance effect in perovskite at room temperature by using the ion-doping effect to adjust the Curie temperature to room temperature, combined with the plenty characteristics at the interface of metal/perovskite composite.

Ma F.J.,Weifang College | Song F.H.,Shandong University | Liu Y.,Shandong University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

There is a quite difference between optical devices displayed color and printed color. The visual relationship of color gray is an important factor of the visual interface impact. Based on LED optical display screen, this paper selects typical web interface as experimental subjects; after Matlab experimental data analysis, study gray value of interface design color to explore the influence of gray value of interface design on interface visual effects, offers design rules of the color gray from area relationship, shape relationship, and collocation relationship of color gray, which provides a useful reference for interface designers. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Liu Y.,Shandong University | Li X.,Shandong University | Wang L.,Weifang College | Niu Y.,Portland State University | Liu F.,Portland State University
Multimedia Tools and Applications | Year: 2014

Salient object detection from an image is important for many multimedia applications. Existing methods provide good solutions to saliency detection; however, their results often emphasize the high-contrast edges, instead of regions/objects. In: this paper, we present a method for salient object detection based on oscillation analysis. Our study shows that salient objects and their backgrounds have different amplitudes of oscillation between the local minima and maxima. Based on this observation, our method analyzes the oscillation in an image by estimating its local minima and maxima and computes the saliency map according to the oscillation magnitude contrast. Our method detects the local minima and maxima and performs extreme interpolation to smoothly propagate these information to the whole image. In: this way, the oscillation information is smoothly assigned to regions, retaining well-defined salient boundaries as there are large variations near the salient boundaries (edges between objects and their backgrounds). As a result, our saliency map highlights salient regions/objects instead of high-contrast boundaries. We experiment with our method on two large public data set. Our results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method. We further apply our salient object detection method to automatic salient object segmentation, which again shows the success. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

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