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Vienna, Austria

Webster Vienna Private University is the Austrian branch of Webster University in St. Louis, USA and is the only American university in Austria. Wikipedia.

Antonakakis N.,University of Portsmouth | Antonakakis N.,Vienna University of Economics and Business | Antonakakis N.,Webster University, Vienna | Collins A.,University of Portsmouth
Social Science and Medicine | Year: 2015

While linkages between some macroeconomic phenomena and suicides in some countries have been explored, only two studies, hitherto, have established a causal relationship between fiscal austerity and suicide, albeit in a single country. The aim of this study is to provide the first systematic multiple-country evidence of a causal relationship of fiscal austerity on time-, gender-, and age-specific suicide mortality across five Eurozone peripheral countries, namely Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain over the period 1968-2012, while controlling for various socioeconomic differences. The impact of fiscal adjustments is found to be gender-, age- and time-specific. Specifically, fiscal austerity has short-, medium- and long-run suicide increasing effects on the male population in the 65-89 age group. A 1% reduction in government spending is associated with a 1.38%, 2.42% and 3.32% increase in the short-, medium- and long-run, respectively, of male suicides rates in the 65-89 age group in the Eurozone periphery. These results are highly robust to alternative measures of fiscal austerity. Improved labour market institutions help mitigate the negative effects of fiscal austerity on suicide mortality. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. Source

Amster R.,Webster University, Vienna | Bohm C.,University of Vienna
Procedia Computer Science | Year: 2015

The success or failure of global IT projects is highly influenced by culture-based behaviors. But, research has primarily focused on belief and value systems which are more abstract than behaviors. This paper presents a study that analyzed cultural behavioral differences between Indian project managers and their counterparts in other countries. The conducted qualitative, semi-structured interviews revealed insights into cross-cultural challenges and shed light on the complex ways that culture-based behaviors impact IT projects. The study identified 127 behaviors that significantly affected project success and cross-cultural cooperation between Indian managers and managers from all over the world. These behaviors were grouped into 19 behavior clusters. Understanding these behavior clusters can help to improve project collaboration, and inform cross-cultural training strategies. Finally, based on the study's results, the paper suggests four important components that should be added to cross-cultural training programs for international project managers. © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V. Source

Lehenbauer M.,Research Team | Kothgassner O.D.,Research Team | Kryspin-Exner I.,Research Team | Stetina B.U.,Webster University, Vienna
Computers and Education | Year: 2013

Up to 95% of teens and young adults in western societies are online, and research shows striking evidence that users suffering from social fears use the Internet more frequently. Social phobia (SP) is one of the most common anxiety disorders, characterized by early onset and more frequent histories of childhood and adolescent shyness. SP is often untreated because adolescent sufferers hesitate to talk to teachers or attend any face-to-face treatment. Furthermore, teachers and caregivers, responsible for educating these young adults, often lack the clinical-psychological knowledge to help. Therefore, we developed an online training for providing educative knowledge about social skills, social fears and body relaxation methods (including evidence-based cognitive- behavioural therapy (CBT) elements combined with elements from social skills trainings (SST)). Until now, no such online tool was readily available for teachers and caregivers in Europe's German-speaking areas. In addition, the transformation of a well-evaluated (offline) SST with CBT elements into an attractive online form rendered a definite challenge. To assist teachers and caregivers, we developed an online-based self-administered SST with CBT elements especially for adolescents and young adults. The novelty of the project was its development in close cooperation with target groups to ensure usability and acceptance. This multi-stage program for the prevention of social fears and social phobia includes the promotion of social skills moreover cognitive restructuring. Fourteen text- and comic-based sessions (one session per week, each session takes 30-40 min) provide knowledge about social fears and social skills. The effectiveness was evaluated using pre- and post-tests with 61 training participants and 47 control group students. Preliminary results showed promising and significant effects in the intervention group: a decrease of social fears as well as an increase of social skills. These findings suggest that our self-administered online training is effective preventing social fears, and may be considered as an educative tool for teachers and caregivers (providing evidence-based information about social fears, social skills and body relaxation methods). © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Madlberger M.,Webster University, Vienna
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing | Year: 2015

Since the emergence of electronic commerce the tourism industry has undergone a substantial transformation. Especially travel agencies that are faced with growing online competition are increasingly dependent on achieving online sales. This study investigates antecedents of consumers’ intention to book trips online on travel agencies’ websites. The research draws on an integrated research model based on the technology acceptance model and customer satisfaction as introduced in the DeLone and McLean model on information system success. Two alternative models were tested: A parsimonious basic model includes information quality and system quality as object-based beliefs that influence satisfaction as an object-based attitude. The second model is extended and includes a third object-based belief, that is, service quality. Satisfaction is hypothesized to impact perceived usefulness that is a driver of perceived ease of use and online booking intention. Both models were tested with survey data from 292 consumers. The study provides several scholarly and managerial implications for the online distribution of tourism services. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015. Source

Madlberger M.,Webster University, Vienna
ECIS 2012 - Proceedings of the 20th European Conference on Information Systems | Year: 2012

Firms frequently apply more than one information system for their processes and data exchange. This variety is often due to the existence of legacy systems and can cause large inefficiencies. At present, most consumer goods firms aim at replacing non-integrated information flows with electronic data interchange. In doing so, firms constantly increase their level of information systems (IS) integration. However, firms have to decide whether they replace non-integrated legacy systems incrementally or radically. The paper investigates this issue from a conceptual viewpoint that combines the information technology (IT) substitution perspective with the concept of levels of IS integration. An empirical case study investigates two alternative IT substitution approaches, i.e., an incremental and a complete IT substitution, in respect of their impacts on process efficiency improvement. The results indicate that the complete IT substitution achieves significantly larger efficiency gains due to the impact of IS integration levels. Source

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