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Barrientos-Lozano L.,Lnstituto Tecnologico de Cd | Rocha-Sanchez A.Y.,Lnstituto Tecnologico de Cd | Buzzetti F.M.,WBA World Biodiversity Association
Journal of Orthoptera Research

The genus Necaxacris Roberts, 1939 (Acrididae: Melanoplinae) is endemic to Mexico. Two species were previously known for this genus: N. micans (Hebard, 1932) and a species collected by Roberts in 1936, mentioned in litteris by Descamps(1975) as N. moctezumae Roberts, 1975, but never formally described. We here describe and assign the name of N. tamazunchale n. sp. for this taxon and describe three additional new species: N. azura n. sp., N. afurculae n. sp. and N. davidi n. sp. A revision, description and illustration of diagnostic characters to identify the species that make up the genus are provided for the first time. Information on distribution and habitat of the species treated is also provided herein. Source

Cianferoni F.,University of Florence | Buzzetti F.M.,WBA World Biodiversity Association

Hydrometra argentina Berg is reported for Ecuador for the first time. H. aequatoriana n. sp. is described from western Andean Ecuador. Male terminalia separate this species from other congeneric species. Four species of Hydrometra are now known to occur in Ecuador: H. argentina, Hydrometra caraiba Guérin-Méneville, Hydrometra williamsi Hungerford & Evans and H. aequatoriana n. sp. © 2012 Magnolia Press. Source

Buzzetti F.M.,WBA World Biodiversity Association | Barrientos-Lozano L.,Technological Institute of Ciudad Victoria

The songs of the following species are presented: Conocephalus (Xiphidion) cinereus Thunberg, 1815, C. (X.) ictus (Scudder, 1875), C. (X) magdalenae Nascrecki, 2000, C. (Anisoptera) strictus (Scudder, 1875), Dichopetala brevihastata Morse, 1902, D. castanea Rehn & Hebard, 1914, D. pollicifera Rehn & Hebard, 1914, Phyllophyllia guttulata Stå;l, 1863, Stilpnochlora azteca (Saussure, 1859), Boopedon gracile Rehn, 1904, Syrbula montezuma (Saussure, 1861) and Teniopoda tamaulipensis Rehn, 1904. Considerations on distribution, taxonomy, ethology, biodiversity and conservation are given. © 2011 AB Academic Publishers. Source

Fontana P.,Centro Trasferimento Tecnologico Fitoiatria | Buzzetti F.M.,WBA World Biodiversity Association | Marino-Perez R.,Laboratorio Of Protozoologia

Two new genera and seven new species, collected in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, are described. The genera Reyesacris (R. amedegnatoae) and Oaxaca (O. colorata and O. carinata) are new to science. Melanoplus mixes, M. oaxacae and M. ludivinae are new species for the genus Melanoplus Stål, 1873 and Cephalotettix chinantecus is new species for the genus Cephalotettix Scudder, 1897. Copyright © 2011 · Magnolia Press. Source

Fontana P.,Centro Trasferimento Tecnologico Fitoiatria | Buzzetti F.M.,WBA World Biodiversity Association | MarinO-Perez R.,Laboratorio Of Protozoologia | Garcia-Garcia P.L.,Institute Ecologia AC

Two new species of Pyrgomorphidae of the Mexican endemic genus Ichthyotettix Rehn, 1901, are described: Ichthyotettix stricticaudatus n. sp. (from Oaxaca) and Ichthyotettix inexpectatus n. sp. (from Morelos and Michoacan). The identity of the genus Ichthyotettix, to date considered monotypic, within the tribe Ichthyotettigini is discussed and the type locality of Ichthyotettix mexicanus (Saussure, 1859) is examined and restricted to Veracruz state. The two new species are well characterised both for their morphological external characters as well for male genitalia. © 2011 · Magnolia Press. Source

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