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Valencia, CA, United States

Wavien Inc. | Date: 2014-06-20

A method for retrofitting a billboard system illuminated by an arc lamp which includes a reflector with reflector features and an output lens includes the steps of removing the lens from the arc lamp housing, mapping the light pattern output of the arc lamp, and then removing the arc lamp and reflector from the housing. Next, a plurality of LEDs is mounted on an LED circuit board in a pattern so that light output by the LEDs replicates the light pattern of the arc lamp, including the reflected light. The circuit board is then installed inside the housing, and the lens is reattached. Preferably, the LEDs include a central LED cluster of densely packed LEDs to replicate the original output of the arc and a pair of LED groups of less densely packed LEDs, located on either side of the LED cluster, to replicate the output from the reflector. If desired, some of the LEDs may be oriented at an angle relative to the circuit board to help replicate more precisely the original output of the arc lamp which may include light that is reflected by interior surfaces of the arc lamp housing and not directly emitted from the arc or reflector.

A billboard or other large display for displaying information has a billboard frame, an artwork layer, and either a plurality of columns of LED light plates or vertical strips of LED lights. The LED plates are small backlight panels formed in an array covering large areas suitable for standard billboards. The LED plates are secured to one another to hang from the billboard frame in separate columns. The columns are situated between the artwork layer and the billboard frame to provide a backlight for the artwork layer. The artwork layer can include two or more layers such that different artwork is displayed depending on the ambient lighting conditions as well as the backlight operation. The LEDs are preferably controlled by a controller to provide desired backlight conditions as well as to display content.

A projector includes a laser for forming blue or UV light and a rotatable color wheel having at least one sector coated with a phosphor for converting such blue or UV light into green light. The projector further includes a source of red light and a source of blue light which, in certain embodiments, is the color wheel. At least one imaging device is positioned to receive, directly or indirectly, the green, red and blue light for forming a green, red, and blue portions of an image to be projected. The projector further has projection optics for receiving the green, red, and blue portions for projecting the image. The projection optics may receive sequential green, red, and blue portions of the image to be projected or the green, red, and blue portions can be formed by separate light sources and combined into the final image and projected.

Spot On Networks and Wavien Inc. | Date: 2014-03-06

A network comprises a plurality of modules, wherein each module comprises a communications circuit with an antenna for sending information signals to and receiving control signals from a remote base over a wifi connection. Each module includes either a lighting element or a security camera for providing images. Each module may further include sensors to provide information to the base concerning operating conditions. Preferably, each module is programmed to receive signals from other modules and to relay such signals to the remote base, and similarly route control signals from the remote base intended for a different module to the intended module. In one embodiment, the network is a lighting network in which each module includes a light source controlled by the remote base or by a control terminal connected to the remote base.

Wavien Inc. | Date: 2014-04-17

An LCD monitor comprises an LCD panel and a backlight for providing illumination to the LCD panel. The backlight includes a light box having a reflective bottom and sides and an open top for allowing light to flow outwardly toward the LCD panel. The light box includes a light source preferably comprising a plurality of LED elements for generating light either from said edge or from said bottom, or from both said bottom and said edge. The light box further preferably comprises a plurality of wave plates interspersed with the LED elements for intercepting light and changing the polarity of such intercepted light. Preferably, the backlight includes a polarizer for transmitting light from the light box of a first polarization towards the LCD panel and reflecting light of a second polarization back towards the light box. At least some of the reflected light of the second polarization passes through the wave plates, is converted to the first polarization, and is reflected back towards said polarizer. Thus, the wave plates act as secondary light sources and assist in producing a uniform light output.

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