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Shori Ghadeer B.O.,Taif University | Mohamed S.H.,Taif University | Mohamed S.H.,Water and Environmental Research Institute | Abdel-Salam S.M.,Ain Shams University | And 2 more authors.
Pakistan Journal of Biotechnology | Year: 2012

In this study we are focused on the color groups of actinomycetes, in particularly streptomyctes, in soil of western region of KSA. Therefore, we collected soil samples from different climate locations in KSA (Taif Makah and Jeddah). The color groups of the isolated actinomycete isolates were determined. The antagonistic activities of the isolated actinomycetes were also tested against seven microorganisms including, bacteria and fungi. The highest active isolates were identified as strains of S. polychromogenes (isolate 08), S. chattanoogensis (isolate 14), S. lucensis (isolate 20), S. violaceus (isolate 21), S. violans (isolate 32), S. griseorubiginosus (isolate 34), and S. antibioticus (isolate 35). It was show that the 7 selected streptomycete isolates were able to grow in the presence of 7% NaCl in the starch nitrate agar medium. At concentration of 10.5% NaCl, four isolates grew with weak growth (+) and three isolates showed in-doubt growth (±).

Abo-Basha D.M.R.,National Research Center of Egypt | Marzouk N.M.,National Research Center of Egypt | Helal R.G.M.,Water and Environmental Research Institute
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2015

Two pots experiments were conducted for two successive seasons under sandy soil conditions to study the response of lettuce plants to the foliar spraying and soil application of potassium . potassium applied at a rate of 50-100-150 Kg/fed and sprayed at the rate of 1-2-3 % . Data reported that the vegetative growth characters of Lettuce plants were increased by increased the rate of potassium fertilizer. The highest vegetative growth characters were recorded with soil application of 150Kg potassium sulfate/Fed. In two seasons. Potassium foliar application had a significant effect on leaf number, leaf fresh weight and leaf dry weight, but had no significant effect on leaf number per plant. Foliar spraying of lettuce plants had astatically significant on pigments (chlorophyll a,chlorophyll b and carotenoids) compared to control plants. The highest value of lettuce root content (N, P, K, Ca and Mg contents) was recorded in 3% in two study seasons. © 2015, Sphinx Knowledge House. All Rights Reserved.

El-Gizawy E.,Water and Environmental Research Institute | Shalaby G.,Sugar Crops Research Institute | Mahmoud E.,Tanta University
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis | Year: 2014

A field experiment was carried out during two successive seasons of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 at Sakha Agriculture Reseach Station, Egypt, to study the effects of different applications of compost tea (C) under three mineral nitrogen (N) levels and their interaction effects on sugar yield and juice quality characteristics of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.), and soil available nutrients. Results indicated that the sugar yield and juice quality characteristics of sugar beet were significantly increased with compost tea treatments, especially in the plots treated with compost tea foliar application in three batches. A quality percentage of sugar beet was increased about 8.0% in the plots treated with compost tea or interaction between N mineral N and compost tea treatments above the control treatment. The interaction between mineral N and compost tea treatments had a significant effect on sugar yield, sugar percentage, purity, and quality of sugar beet and soil fertility. © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Saleh M.E.,Alexandria University | Mahmoud A.H.,Water and Environmental Research Institute | El-Refaey A.A.,Alexandria University
Advances in Environmental Biology | Year: 2014

The scope of this study was the examining of biochar of peanut hull (PHB) and wheat straw (WSB) in removing cadmium ions (Cd2+) from wastewater. The feedstock of peanut hull (PHF) and wheat straw (WSF) were pyrolized at 450 °C for 15 min. The properties of these adsorbents were characterized scanning electron microscopy, fourier transform IR, N2 adsorption/desorption isotherms, and particle size distribution. Adsorption isotherm of Cd2+ onto feedstock and biochar, using batch experiments, was studied for periods extended to 120 hours. Kinetic adsorption data were analyzed using Lagergren pseudo-first-order kinetic model and the pseudo-second-order model. Results showed that biochar was efficient than feedstock in Cd2+ removal from aqueous solutions throughout the reaction time. About 94.9 and 98.0% of Cd2+ was removed within the first 15 min of adsorption by PHB and WSB, respectively, and the maximum adsorption was observed after 6 hours of reaction with both biochars. Significant increases in pH values to about 2.24 (PHF) and 1.42 (WSF) unites were observed during the reaction with Cd2+ and about 0.17 and 0.24 unit were observed with corresponded biochar sorbents. Measured values of pH in all systems were not exceeding than 8.0 and support the speculation that ion exchange, complex formation and/or diffusion are possible mechanisms controlling the removal process. Values of constants and regression coefficients of kinetic models suggested that pseudo secondorder equation can be considered in the present adsorption system and was well fitted in description of removal kinetics of Cd2+ by PHB and WSB. © 2014 AENSI Publisher All rights reserved.

Al-Yami M.,Taif University | Mohamed S.H.,Taif University | Mohamed S.H.,Water and Environmental Research Institute | Sadik A.,Taif University | Sadik A.,Ain Shams University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

The present study aims to diagnose both of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) in some blood samples of different areas (Jeddah, Riyadh, Hafer El-Baten and Taif) at KSA and to focus on the genetic variability of the polymerase (poly) gene. Both of HBV and HCV were detected in the collected blood samples using the BIO-ELISA as well as real-time PCR kits specific to both of them. The nucleotide sequences of poly gene of HBV was determined using the DNA extracts of a positive-ELISA sample. Results concluded that three (representing 6.66%) and five (representing 11.11%) blood samples out of the 45 samples were infected with both of HBV and HCV, respectively. Both of HBV-DNA and HCV-RNA were not detected in 100% of blood samples of Hafr El-Batten. Detection of HCV in blood samples via ELISA showed that five blood samples (representing 11.11%) and 40 samples (representing 88.89%) out of the 45 were positive and negative, respectively. Data showed that a total number of three (6.67%) out of the 45 blood samples were positive via PCR detection of HBV-DNA. On the other hand, HBV-DNA was not detected in 93.33%. Results confirmed that the male was more available to be infected with hepatitis viruses than female. Correlation between age and HBV & HCV infection based on real-time PCR in blood samples was discussed. The partial nucleotide sequences of poly gene of HBV-isolate 8 (from Taif) was 676 nucleotides (Accession number LC101676.1) and its analysis gave an open reading frame (ORF) encoding 224 amino acids. Genetic variability between the obtained ORF and those similar strains, recorded in GenBank was addressed.

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