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Walsin Lihwa | Date: 2013-05-02

A light emitting diode unit comprising a light emitting diode chip, a reflecting unit, and a light condenser is provided in this invention. The light emitting diode chip is disposed on a substrate for providing a plurality of first light beams. The reflecting unit is installed on the substrate, surrounding the light emitting diode chip for reflecting the first light beams emitted from the light emitting diode chip, and sufficiently directing the first light beams upward. The light condenser is provided above the light emitting diode chip, having a light-incident pattern and a light-emitting flat plane, wherein the light-incident pattern faces to the light emitting diode chip for sufficiently receiving and guiding the first light beams upward via the light-emitting flat plane.

A light source module comprising a substrate and a light-emitting diode (LED) array is provided. The LED array comprises a first LED sub-array, a second LED sub-array, and a third LED sub-array disposed on the substrate along a horizontal axis. The first LED sub-array is configured to emit a first light beam. The second LED sub-array is configured to emit a second light beam. The third LED sub-array disposed between the first and second LED sub-arrays is configured to emit a third light beam. The first, second, and third light beams jointly forms a light area. Luminance of the third light beam is less than luminance of the first light beam or luminance of the second light beam.

Walsin Lihwa | Date: 2015-03-20

An illumination device comprising a reflector and a light source module is provided. The light source module comprises a column, a first light-emitting diode (LED) light source, and a second LED light source. The column has a front end and a side. The first LED light source fixed to the front end of the column is configured to emit a first light beam for forming a first illumination area on a projection plane. The second LED light source fixed to the side of the column is configured to emit a second light beam for forming a second illumination area partly overlapping the first illumination area on the projection plane.

Walsin Lihwa | Date: 2013-12-16

A light emitting diode device is provided. The light emitting diode device comprises a light emitting diode element, an encapsulation layer, and a plurality of pillars. The encapsulation layer is disposed on the light emitting diode element, and the pillars are disposed on the encapsulation layer. The pillars are formed by a light transmissible material.

A method of manufacturing light emitting diode packaging lens and packages made by using the method are disclosed in the present invention. By using electrophoretic deposition, one or more layers of phosphors are coated onto one surface of a cup which has a curved portion. The cup is used for the packaging lens. Thickness of phosphor layer can be controlled and distribution of phosphor particles is uniform. Therefore, light emitting diode packages with the lens can be a uniform light source.

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