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Wakayama, Japan

Wakayama University , or Wadai , is a national university located in Wakayama, Japan. It was founded in 1949 and is organized in four faculties. Wikipedia.

Performance of a single-channel fiber-optic transmission system in which signal regenerators are periodically inserted is analyzed in terms of information rate (IR) considering channel memory. Limitations in using regenerators in a system having non-zero residual dispersion between the regenerators are discussed. It is shown that a type of signal impairment caused by the interaction between the transmission-fiber dispersion and the regenerator nonlinearity is pattern-dependent and will be mitigated by the use of sequence estimation after detection at the receiver. ©2013 Optical Society of America. Source

Kuzuoka S.,Wakayama University
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings | Year: 2012

A simple technique for bounding the redundancy of Slepian-Wolf coding is given. We demonstrate that our simple technique gives the tight bound established by He et al. Our proof is so simple that it can be easily extended to the case where the source (X n, Y n) has an n-fold product distribution (i.e., (X 1, Y 1), ..., (X n, Y n) are independent but not necessarily identically distributed). It can be also applied to Wyner-Ahlswede-Körner coding and gives novel bounds of the redundancies of the coding rates of the encoder and the helper. © 2012 IEEE. Source

Sakama C.,Wakayama University
IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence | Year: 2011

This paper studies a computational logic for dishonest reasoning. We introduce logic programs with disinformation to represent and reason with dishonesty. We then consider two different cases of dishonesty: deductive dishonesty and abductive dishonesty. The former misleads another agent to deduce wrong conclusions, while the latter interrupts another agent to abduce correct explanations. In deductive or abductive dishonesty, an agent can perform different types of dishonest reasoning such as lying, bullshitting, and withholding information. We show that these different types of dishonest reasoning are characterized by extended abduction, and address their computational methods using abductive logic programming. Source

Wakayama University | Date: 2012-09-11

The present invention provides a novel sialo-sugar chain, a process for producing the sialo-sugar chain, and a device for producing the sialo-sugar chain. A sialo-sugar chain can be easily and efficiently mass-produced by reacting a sugar wherein a hydroxy groups is substituted with an alkynyl group (herein sometimes referred to as alkynylated sugar) with a specific sialic acid donor in the presence of a sialic acid-introducing enzyme.

Wakayama University | Date: 2012-09-06

A power assist robot apparatus is disclosed which is capable of assisting heavy-object lifting action and walking movement with fewer driving sources, and a method is disclosed for controlling the power assist robot apparatus. Two power-assist electric motors are located near opposite lateral sides in a right-left direction of the wearers waist, respectively. Each lower-limb assist arm has one end fixed to a rotary shaft of the power-assist electric motor and the other end to which a lateral side of the thigh is attached. An upper-body assist arm placed at the wearers chest and a main frame that holds the two power-assist electric motors at both ends thereof and is placed at the wearers waist are connected by a driven rotary shaft which is rotatable about a vertical axis and a driven rotary shaft which is rotatable about a right-left axis.

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