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News Article | October 4, 2016
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Electric Road Systems (ERS) are already being demonstrated on public roads in Sweden. (Earlier post.) Now, a new project in Sweden, “Research and Innovation Platform for Electric Roads”, will explore how to make the step to large-scale operation along with the supporting business ecosystem as well as technical issues such as the standardization of interfaces. Viktoria Swedish ICT is coordinating the project and us working together with the research partners Chalmers University of Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI); with the industry partners Fortum, Profu, Scania, Vattenfall, and Volvo Group; as well as with the deployment proposals managed by Airport City Stockholm, Region Gävleborg, and Region Kalmar. Swedish ICT is a group of research institutes engaged in information and communications technology research and development. The institutes within Swedish ICT conduct research and development in several key areas, ranging from sensors and actuators, communication networks and data analytics to visualization, interaction design and service development. Viktoria Swedish ICT is the institute focused on sustainable mobility. The various parts of electric road systems have been developed in several research projects over quite some time. Technology demonstrations are ongoing along the E16 road at Sandviken and being prepared between Arlanda Airport and Rosersberg Logistics area. Our goal is to gather and build knowledge about ERS in order to answer some of the considerable questions that remain. The project has been granted SEK19 million (US$2.2 million) in funding from the Swedish Program for Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation (FFI) and the Swedish Transport Administration. An industry contribution of SEK8 million ($930,000) gives a total investment of SEK27 million (US$3.1 million) for a term ending in 2019. Successful introduction of ERS will require a supporting and strong innovation system. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the Swedish and Nordic research and innovation resources by building a joint knowledge base in cooperation between institutes, universities, authorities, industry, and demonstration sites. The result will include clarification of the socio-economic conditions, benefits and other effects of ERS from different actors’ perspectives. Various implementation strategies will be evaluated and success factors will be identified. The project will establish an international cooperation and provide a basis for dialogue on future standards and regulations. The project will work closely with ongoing ERS demonstrations in Sweden. The industry is participating as partners in the project and as members of an extensive reference group. We are about to secure the technical solutions needed for electric roads and electric vehicles. In order to reach a full scale implementation a series of other questions needs to be solved, e.g. on business models and electrical infrastructure. This research and innovation platform is important since it unites actors from different fields in order to find the needed solutions.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), announced that Brian Atkinson has joined their sales organization as Territory Manager. Atkinson will be responsible for introducing the unique, patented technology of the NaturalVue® (etafilcon A) Multifocal Contact Lenses and other NaturalVue® Brand products to greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area. “Brian brings an energy to the VTI team that is fun to see,” said Tony Sommer, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing for VTI. “His natural approach to his job makes his customers comfortable immediately. As a lifelong resident of the DFW area, and with over 5 years’ experience in the industry, I am sure that Brian will contribute to VTI’s growth in Texas in a big way.” Atkinson brings solid sales experience in the eyecare industry with such companies as Transition Optical and Essilor of America. A graduate of the University of North Texas, Brian has a BS in Kinesiology. Said Atkinson, “I am so excited to be a part of the VTI family as I get to help redefine vision through advanced engineering and commitment to excellence every day while supporting private practice exclusively.” Brian may be reached at batkinson@vtivision.com or 1-844-VTI-LENS (1-844-884-5367), ext. 118. About Visioneering Technologies, Inc. Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), headquartered in northern Atlanta, Georgia, is an innovative company dedicated to developing products that improve vision. With a portfolio of technologies, the company uses creative and differentiated design approaches to develop products that enhance practitioner and patient experiences. VTI optical designs have been awarded fourteen patents worldwide, and additional patents are pending. Strength in science, an entrepreneurial culture, and the ability to bring technology to life make Visioneering Technologies, Inc. a company to watch. For more information, visit www.vtivision.com/ or call 844-884-5367, ext. 104.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), announces that it has recently hired Ken Gold as Executive Territory Manager in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area. Gold will be responsible for introducing the unique, patented technology of the NaturalVue® (etafilcon A) Multifocal Contact Lenses and other NaturalVue® Brand products to doctors in the market. “Ken has enjoyed an incredible career in the eye care industry starting as an apprentice in his grandfather’s optical shop,” said Tony Sommer, Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing for VTI. “He is extremely well respected by the eye care community in the Baltimore-Washington, DC area. We are pleased to have him join our team.” Gold has spent almost 42 years in the optical industry in various sales leadership roles at companies such as Fullsite Contact Lenses, CIBA Vision / Alcon and Optos. He attended Queens College and New York Technical College where he trained as an optician. Said Gold, “After learning of the exciting new technology from VTI, I became re-energized about the possibilities for doctors and patients. I am thrilled to be back in the industry that I love working with products that could revolutionize the way we look at presbyopia and myopia.” Ken may be reached at kgold@vtivision.com or 1-844-VTI-LENS (1-844-884-5367), ext. 117. Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), headquartered in northern Atlanta, Georgia, is an innovative company dedicated to developing products that improve vision. With a portfolio of technologies, the company uses creative and differentiated design approaches to develop products that enhance practitioner and patient experiences. VTI optical designs have been awarded fourteen patents worldwide, and additional patents are pending. Strength in science, an entrepreneurial culture, and the ability to bring technology to life make Visioneering Technologies, Inc. a company to watch. For more information, visit www.vtivision.com/ or call 844-884-5367, ext. 104.

ALPHARETTA, Georgia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), a US based medical device company, is pleased to announce the opening of its fully underwritten Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise A$33.3 million. The IPO proceeds will provide capital as VTI broadens its US launch of its NaturalVue Multifocal (MF) daily disposable contact lenses for adults with presbyopia (age-related loss of near vision) and children with myopia (near-sightedness). VTI is offering for issue approximately 79.4 million CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs), each representing an interest in one share of VTI’s Class A common stock. The offer is priced at A$0.42/CDI, with an indicative market capitalisation of approximately A$88.2 million (on a fully-diluted basis). The CDIs will be quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange following the IPO. The NaturalVue MF contact lens has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a pilot launch in the US market commenced in 2015 generated strong interest. Within 12 months of the pilot launch commencing, demand for the NaturalVue MF contact lenses far outpaced VTI’s ability to supply product with its then limited infrastructure, and 90% of patients who had been using the lenses long enough to use up their supplies reordered, indicating strong repeat purchasing. This led to a raise of US$10.3 million from US, Asian, and Australian institutional and sophisticated investors to prepare VTI for a rapid post-IPO expansion of sales, including expansion of its sales team and building up its inventory. The sales team expansion included the addition of Tony Sommer, who will spearhead the growth of the sales force. Mr. Sommer was the head of sales for the US Vision Care division at Bausch & Lomb, one of the largest multi-national contact lens companies. The funds raised in the IPO are intended to further build out the US sales force to approximately 45 direct sales representatives over the 12 months following listing, and to further build inventory that will support the expanded sales effort. VTI believes its NaturalVue MF contact lenses represent one of the most significant innovations in the optical design of multifocal contact lenses in over 20 years. The revolutionary optical design overcomes some of the major challenges associated with several existing presbyopia solutions by providing superior near, intermediate, and distance vision, and is easy for eye care professionals to fit to their patients. Clinical trials have shown NaturalVue MF to be strongly preferred over other widely used presbyopia solutions. “NaturalVue MF delivers clear benefits to patients and eye care professionals, which has resulted in a very strong pilot launch in the US. A successful IPO will provide the capital needed to deliver our products to more patients and to rapidly build on our current momentum by expanding the US sales team. We also intend to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and enter into distribution agreements in additional geographies, including Australia,” said VTI’s CEO, Dr. Stephen Snowdy. Additionally, NaturalVue MF contact lenses are being used by some eye care professionals in the US to treat children with myopia. NaturalVue MF has been shown in clinical trials to simultaneously correct vision in myopic children and address generally recognised optical risk factors thought to be related to progressive worsening of myopia in children. Whilst the degree of myopia that a child develops correlates to a 2- to 16- times higher lifetime risk of serious eye diseases, there is no broadly available and adopted treatment to address the progressive worsening of myopia in children. The IPO is fully underwritten by Canaccord Genuity (Australia) Limited. The offer of CDIs for issue by Visioneering Technologies, Inc. is made under a prospectus lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on 24 February, 2017. Copies of the prospectus are available on the IPO website at www.vtivisioninvestors.com. For further information about Visioneering Technologies, Inc., and the IPO, please refer to the prospectus. Potential investors should consider the prospectus in its entirety before deciding whether to apply for CDIs. If you have any questions in relation to the IPO, please contact: Visioneering Technologies, Inc. is a US-based medical device company primarily engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and distribution of a revolutionary new contact lens: the NaturalVue™ Multifocal (MF) contact lens. The characteristics of the NaturalVue MF contact lens allow it to be used in two of the largest eye-care markets globally: adults with presbyopia (age-related difficulty in seeing close objects) and children with myopia (near-sightedness, or difficulty seeing distant objects). The NaturalVue MF contact lens employs Visioneering’s Neurofocus Optics™ technology, which was developed, refined and tested over many years. NaturalVue lenses were cleared by the FDA in late 2014 for the correction of refractive errors and Visioneering commenced a pilot US market launch of NaturalVue MF contact lenses from 2015 that gave way to a broader US launch in 2016 and 2017. Visioneering sells and plans additional products. VTI’s CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs) are issued in reliance on the exemption from registration contained in Regulation S of the US Securities Act of 1933 (Securities Act) for offers which are made outside the US. Accordingly, the CDIs have not been, and will not be, registered under the Securities Act or the laws of any state or other jurisdiction in the US. As a result of relying on the Regulation S exemption, the CDIs are ‘restricted securities’ under Rule 144 of the Securities Act. This means that you are unable to sell the CDIs into the US or to a US person for the foreseeable future except in very limited circumstances after the expiration of a restricted period, unless the re-sale of the CDIs is registered under the Securities Act or an exemption is available. To enforce the above transfer restrictions, all CDIs issued bear a ‘FOR US’ designation on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This designation restricts any CDIs from being sold on ASX to US persons. However, you are still able to freely transfer your CDIs on ASX to any person other than a US person. In addition, hedging transactions with regard to the CDIs may only be conducted in accordance with the Securities Act.

ALPHARETTA, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), has named Rosa Lee to the position of Executive Director of Manufacturing & Engineering. Lee will direct the manufacturing and product optimization efforts for the company. “I’m very excited to join the VTI team. Visioneering Technologies is a growing and energetic company, with a unique lens design that provides real benefits for patients. The company has a focus on the private practitioner that I really respect.” “Rosa is a seasoned, passionate, and detail oriented professional with extensive experience in optical design, manufacturing, research and development,” said Dr. Sally M. Dillehay, Chief Medical Officer, Vice President, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, CEO of Visioneering Technologies. “Her expertise in contact lens design optimization will be a significant addition to the VTI Team, and help us to accelerate our new product development efforts.” Lee received her B.S. and M.S. from the University of Rochester in Optics and Biomedical Engineering and is Six Sigma certified. She brings over 16 years of product development and optimization experience with companies such as Bausch + Lomb, Synergeyes and Corning where she helped develop innovative technologies and improvements in design. Lee will be based at VTI’s headquarters in the Atlanta area. About Visioneering Technologies, Inc. Visioneering Technologies, Inc. (VTI), headquartered outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is an innovative company dedicated to developing products that improve vision. With a portfolio of technologies, the company uses creative and differentiated design approaches to develop products that enhance practitioner and patient experiences. VTI optical designs have been awarded fourteen patents worldwide, and additional patents are pending. Strength in science, an entrepreneurial culture, and the ability to bring technology to life make Visioneering Technologies, Inc. a company to watch. For more information, visit www.vtivision.com/ or call 844-884-5367, ext. 104.

News Article | November 14, 2016
Site: www.forbes.com

The markets have reacted. World leaders have expressed their views. The mainstream U.S. media is still stunned. But what should you do? You still need to save for retirement, college and many other things. There is one strategy that works during a high-uncertainty period: Stay the course and keep on investing for the future. Yes, despite what the markets are doing and all of the most dire forecasts, you should be investing in the global stock markets. Stay in the market to find bargains and keep on funding your 401(k). Yet doesn't this fly in the face of so much anxiety and fear? Shouldn't I be stocking up on gold and hedging by buying the Canadian dollar (or moving there)? Gold still doesn't pay any dividends. It's the currency of fear. Unless you know exactly when to get out and profit, don't go near it. Currencies are even more dangerous. Few, if any, time them successfully. More trouble if you even try. Here's the bedrock of my premise: Capitalism isn't going away. They said that in the 1930s and again in 2008. It's the driving force of the industrialized world, not ideology. Although I stated in an earlier post that Trump's win would "crater your 401(k)," that will only happen if Trump's policies cut off free trade, fail to create new revenue for his projects and cause both the bond and stock market to lose confidence in global economic growth, triggering a recession. I don't believe that any U.S. president has been able to stop or boost economic trends. And Trump won't have his finger on how to control an $18 trillion economy, nor will he have any influence over China, Europe or the developing world. He won't control the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan or Bank of England. Nor will global capitalism somehow suffer a fatal blow. Companies will continue to pay dividends and produce profits. Moreover, president-elect Trump loves to build lots of buildings. He's said that he wants to invest in U.S. infrastructure like roads, bridges and hospitals. He also wants to invest in the military. Do you think that a GOP-led Congress and White House will turn down a massive spending plan that greenlights hundreds of billions of dollars of public spending? It's political insanity to think otherwise. And it's good for every community that benefits from federal dollars. Look, I'm not on board with most of Trump said during the campaign. I'm repulsed by what he said and how he said it. He must know, though, that governing and campaigning are different animals. If he wants to unite the country, he has to govern in the center. My advice for the next four years is the same for the Obama, Bush and Clinton presidencies: Invest globally and know your own financial goals. Try to beat inflation. Keep your costs low and avoid brokers. Save for emergencies, college and out-of-pocket insurance expenses. Invest in yourself and your family's education. I like the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI), which passively holds more than 3,600 stocks. Note: I hold Vanguard funds in my retirement portfolio because they are cheap and passively managed. As far as trading goes, my advice remains firm: Forget the headlines, buy and hold onto global stocks. Profits trump politics, most of the time anyway. John F. Wasik is the author of  "Lightning Strikes," "The Debt-Free Degree," "Keynes's Way to Wealth"and 13 other books on innovation, money and life. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

News Article | November 8, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

SpotterRF, the leader in low cost compact surveillance radar (CSR), has been selected by VTI Security, one of the largest independently owned security systems integrators in the U.S., as a sole source radar standard. After rigorous testing, VTI Security now uses SpotterRF compact surveillance radar (CSR) for all CIP-014 electrical substation protection projects as defined by the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA). “When we came across the SpotterRF solution it really fit everything that we were looking for,“ states Jerry Klapak, Senior Account Manager for VTI Security. “It gave us the ability to use existing structures to mount the system while achieving improved perimeter protection over traditional systems. In addition to protecting the perimeter we could also be notified of imminent intrusions or casing of substations.” One of VTI’s clients is a large electrical utility who was looking for a perimeter solution to meet the CIPA CIP-014 standards, a federal mandate that requires utilities to protect the perimeter of their critical substations. They sought to augment or replace traditional fence protection systems such as fiber optics, microwave barriers, and video analytics, due to the tremendous amount of infrastructure and deployment costs of these existing traditional systems. VTI did a cost analysis of several different technologies and solutions, and in just about every scenario SpotterRF was about a third or a quarter of the cost. “It was such a substantial savings that, quite honestly, we looked at this as maybe too good to be true,” says Klapak. The CSR system was put through a series of field deployment tests in an environment similar to a substation to test the range and responsiveness in different weather conditions. Given high marks, it was moved into an actual substation where it passed all tests with “flying colors.” It is now being rolled out to substations across the U.S. “We are pleased to work with such an exceptional partner to provide protection for electric utility substations,” states SpotterRF CEO, Logan Harris. “Utility companies appreciate our ability to rapidly address this challenge with a reliable, low cost solution for wide area threat mitigation.” SpotterRF delivers its award-winning compact surveillance radar (CSR) systems through more than 60 strategic integrators to a global marketplace in 24 countries on six continents. SpotterRF’s award-winning radar will be demonstrated at the upcoming MISPYCON (VTI booth #406). For over 35 years, VTI has been called upon to design, install, and support a full range of advanced security technologies. Built upon our core values of Trust, Mutual Respect, and Accountability, our colleagues are committed to earning status as your Trusted Business Partner. Our company has been recognized by our industry as a Top Integrator consistently for years. Our colleagues deliver creativity, flexibility, and cost-effective methodologies to system design, project management, engineering, installation and lifecycle management of your investments. Our market experience affords you an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of your colleagues, facilities, the information you manage, and regulation impacting your operations. Our solutions and service in the utility, power, and energy arena have crossed all aspects of exploration, production, transportation, refining, and critical infrastructure. Client engagements include operations in the Bakken, Powder River, Denver Basin, Niobrara, Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, and both regionally & nationally for our power clients. Safety qualifications and performance ratings are a key performance indicator of the kind of Trusted Business Partner our company is. Documentation and program outlines supporting our performance are available through PIC Auditing, ISNetworld, the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). About SpotterRF SpotterRF provides protection beyond fences with the world’s most advanced Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) system for perimeter security and force protection. Made in the USA and engineered for extreme conditions, SpotterRF technology is the most compact, lightweight, energy efficient, and cost-effective radar for elite warfighters and critical infrastructure requirements, such as electrical utilities. For a more information visit https://spotterrf.com/commercial-products/ .

News Article | November 11, 2016
Site: www.businesswire.com

STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Autoliv, Inc. (NYSE:ALV) (STO:ALIVSDB), the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, joins international research program about human user’s interaction with autonomous vehicles. The program, called ADAS&ME, involves 30 partners from 11 different countries and is led by Sweden’s National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). Human errors are claimed to cause up to 95% of all fatal crashes. The introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

News Article | October 29, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

After more than 30 years of existence, the Validation Training Institute (VTI) recently launched its first fundraising and advocacy campaign. The “I Validate to Connect” campaign (#IValidate2Connect) will run from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 with the goal of raising awareness and $20,000 to support the expansion of the organization’s work. The nonprofit—founded in 1984 by gerontologist Naomi Feil—promotes the use of the Validation Method, a communication practice developed by Feil that helps improve the connection between caregivers and older adults experiencing dementia. To date, individuals at more than 10,000 dementia care communities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia practice Validation and more than 88,000 people have attended Validation workshops. The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that every 66 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s disease. Approximately 39,273 people will develop Alzheimer’s disease between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, 2016. If every one of those people has just one caregiver, the number of people impacted by Alzheimer’s disease during that month jumps to 78,546. While the Validation Method isn’t a cure, it is a proven communication practice that helps improve the connection between caregivers and older adults experiencing cognitive decline. Stronger connection means less anxiety and stress; more trust and understanding, and improved quality of life for caregivers and older adults. “While Validation is commonly practiced in other regions of the world, we felt it was time to focus our efforts on more deliberately sharing Validation in the U.S.,” said VTI Executive Director Vicki de Klerk-Rubin. “This campaign will help us do that. Caregivers everywhere need tools to best care for the rising number of older adults with dementia, and Validation can help.” For more information on the campaign, visit vfvalidation.org/ivalidate About the Validation Training Institute, Inc. VTI is a United States-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1984 by social worker and gerontologist Naomi Feil, one of the originators of ‘person-centered care’ for older adults with various forms of dementia, also known as age-related cognitive decline or disorientation. VTI’s mission is to enrich the lives of older adults experiencing age-related cognitive decline and their caregivers through education and support services. The Validation Method has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and CNN.

News Article | February 16, 2017
Site: www.prweb.com

Vertebral Technologies, Inc. a MIS spinal implant medical device company based in Minneapolis, MN, has successfully moved their facilities from Minnetonka, MN to Minneapolis, MN. Brian Thron Director of Marketing says “the contemporary space compliments the company’s latest rebrand, with its simplistic design and modern color scheme. I’m pleased to call this space VTI’s new home”. “VTI’s new ISO Class 8 Controlled Environment is fully operational post the certification and validation testing process. In addition, the new facility allows VTI to take advantage of increased efficiency across multiple departments with a new office layout that encourages collaboration to everyday operations. We are looking forward to these operative advantages moving forward as VTI grows in 2017”. says Director of Manufacturing Brian Holmberg. President & CEO Matt Kyle stated "We are excited to be in our new space. The VTI team did a tremendous job of executing the move without disruption. The new space helps everyone align with our organizational objectives and growth focused culture. The feedback we have received, both internal and external, has been very positive." ABOUT VTI - VERTEBRAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. VTI - Vertebral Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. VTI is dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices to address painful conditions of the spine through less-invasive surgical approaches. VTI’s products utilize its unique modular-assembly technology to deliver solutions optimized for both surgeons and their patients. VTI sells its InterFuse® modular interbody fusion devices worldwide. For more information, visit: http://www.vti-spine.com or contact Brian Thron at marketing(at)vti-spine(dot)com or + 1.877.912.5401.

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