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Das S.,VSSUT Burla | Pani S.R.,KIIT University | Modi P.K.,VSSUT Burla
2016 National Power Systems Conference, NPSC 2016 | Year: 2016

Wind energy will become important source for power generation in the near future followed by solar energy. However, these sources are unstable and variable energy, and behave in a different way to conventional sources. This paper incorporates wind and solar energy in reliability evaluation of generation system as renewable power penetration become increasingly significant. Suitable techniques are used for modeling of wind turbine generator and solar cell generator. The effect of increasing power penetration level on their respective model is studied. Comparative results for wind and solar generation model are presented at different penetration level. Capacity credit is also calculated for each source. The effects of increasing power penetration on the capacity credit values are analyzed. The analysis states that capacity benefit from renewable energy sources (RES) are relatively reducing at higher penetration level. © 2016 IEEE.

Panda B.,KIIT University | Hota P.K.,VSSUT Burla
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2017

The photovoltaic cell produces pollution less electricity. It requires almost no maintenance and has long lifespan. Nowadays, the photovoltaic is one of the most promising markets in the world because of these advantages. This paper demonstrates the dynamic model of single-stage three-phase impedance source inverter or Z-source inverter connected to grid. Here ZSI connected to PV is analyzed and designed. As the output of the PV array is very low, in order to commercialize and utilize this, the output voltage must be increased. So to boost up the voltage, Z-source inverter (ZSI) is used instead of VSI or CSI. Different pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques are used to provide pulses for PV connected Z-source converter (ZSI). After this, the final model is simulated using MATLAB/SIMULINK, and THD related to different output waveforms are analyzed for different parameters used. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2017.

Sahoo H.K.,VSSUT Burla | Mohanty B.,Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar
2016 IEEE Annual India Conference, INDICON 2016 | Year: 2016

In this paper, an adaptive nonlinear decision feedback equalizer(DFE) is designed using three blocks that is feed forward filter, feedback filter and single layer neural network architecture with functional expansions of input patterns. Fast Block Least Mean Square (FBLMS) is used to update coefficients of all filters used in the design and the algorithm is based on block processing using FFT and IFFT which substantially reduces Bit Error. Thus the adaptive DFE as a part of the demodulator will improve the error performance of the receiver. The performance of the DFE is evaluated in terms of BER and eye diagrams for the BPSK modulated transmitted data sequence. Non-linear minimum phase time invariant channel model is used for Single Input Single Output (SISO) communication systems which introduces ISI in the modulated data stream. The comparison results are obtained by using other coefficients update algorithms like LMS and Block LMS in presence of additive white Gaussian noise. © 2016 IEEE.

Nayak T.,VSSUT Burla | Swain R.R.,National Institute of Technology Rourkela
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2015

Automated control of mobile robot navigation is a challenging area in the field of robotics research. In this work, an attempt is made to use a new neural network training algorithm based on gravitational search (GS) and feed forward neural network (FFNN) for automatic robot navigation of wall following mobile robots. The GS strategy is used for setting the optimal weight set of the FFNN so as to increase the performance of the neural network. The algorithm is tested with three large datasets obtained from UCI machine learning repository, containing a sequence of sensor readings where sensors are arranged around the waist of the SCITOS G5 robot. The proposed method shows promising results for all the datasets. Copyright 2015 ACM.

Parida R.,Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar | Dash P.,VSSUT Burla
International Journal of Acoustics and Vibrations | Year: 2016

The dynamic stability of a circularly tapered rotating beam subjected to a pulsating axial external excitation with thermal gradient was studied for all possible combinations of clamped, guided, pinned, fixed, and free boundary conditions. The equations of motion and associated boundary conditions were obtained using the extended Hamilton's principle. Then these equations of motion and the associated boundary conditions were non-dimensionalised. A set of Hill's equations were obtained from the non-dimensional equations of motion by the application of the extended Galerkin method. The zones of parametric instability were obtained using Saito-Otomi conditions. The effects of various boundary conditions, thermal gradient, taper, and rotational speed on the regions of parametric instability were investigated and presented through a series of graphs. The results reveal that increasing rotational speed and taper have stabilizing effects, whereas increasing thermal gradient has a destabilizing effect for all boundary conditions of the beam.

Lakra A.V.,VSSUT Burla | Kumar Yadav D.,Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology
Procedia Computer Science | Year: 2015

In cloud computing datacentersexert server unification to enhance the efficiency of resources. Many Vms (virtual machine) are running on each datacenter to utilize the resources efficiently. Most of the time cloud resources are underutilized due to poor scheduling of task (or application) in datacenter. In this paper, we propose a multi-objective task scheduling algorithm formappingtasks to a Vms in order to improve the throughput of the datacenter and reduce the cost without violating the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for an application in cloud SaaS environment. The proposed algorithm provides an optimal scheduling method. Most of the algorithms schedule tasks based on single criteria (i.e execution time). But in cloud environment it is required to consider various criteria like execution time, cost, bandwidth of user etc. This algorithm is simulated using CloudSim simulator and the result shows better performance and improved throughput. © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.

Sarangi S.K.,VSSUT Burla | Chattopadhyay A.,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur | Chattopadhyay A.K.,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials | Year: 2012

The synthesis of diamond at low pressure using Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition (HFCVD) method has received significant attention in recent years for the unique characteristics of diamond. Among various input parameters, chamber pressure plays an important role in controlling nucleation, growth and morphology of coating. In this investigation, the morphology of diamond was analyzed after (1) pretreatment with acid, (2) pretreatment with acid and without diamond seeding and (3) pretreatment with acid and seeding. Keeping other input parameters constant the chamber pressure varied from low pressure (0.133 kPa) to high pressure (6.666 kPa). The variation of the crystal size with different input parameters were studied with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) micrographs and Raman spectroscopy. It was observed that cobalt inhibited diamond growth on the received carbide insert. Pretreatment with acid without seeding has improved diamond morphology. The pretreatment with acid and diamond powder seeding has improved diamond coating significantly. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Dwivedy B.,National Institute of Technology Rourkela | Behera S.K.,National Institute of Technology Rourkela | Mishra D.,VSSUT Burla
2015 IEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference, AEMC 2015 | Year: 2015

A frequency reconfigurable 180° hybrid ring having wide tunability within 1.7 GHz - 3.2 GHz range is presented. Equivalent low-pass structures of transmission lines are used for original circuit modification and capacitors are replaced by varactor diodes for continuous tuning purpose. The proposed circuit can provide equal power division with 0°, 180° phase difference at different operating frequencies by simultaneously tuning six varactors. The circuit is designed on low cost FR-4 substrate and has also compact dimension (0.17λ×0.27λ×0.127λ) at 2.5 GHz, 50% less than conventional configuration. © 2015 IEEE.

Mohapatra S.,VSSUT Burla | Jena M.R.,VSSUT Burla | Panda A.K.,NIST Berhampur
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems, ICDCS 2016 | Year: 2016

Modern day bipolar transistors are based on a drift based current transport in the base region in addition to a diffusion based current transport. These type of transistors are called as drift transistors. Whereas early bipolar transistors which were mainly diffusion transistors were based on a diffusion based current transport across the base. In this paper a detailed theoretical analysis of the physics behind a drift and a diffusion transistors are presented which are validated practically by using ATLAS module of SILVACO software tool. This review though short yet gives an overall description of the various properties associated with a diffusion and a drift transistor which are highly essential since all modern day bipolar and heterojunction bipolar transistors use non uniform doping. © 2016 IEEE.

Dwivedy B.,National Institute of Technology Rourkela | Behera S.K.,National Institute of Technology Rourkela | Mishra D.,VSSUT Burla
2015 International Conference on Microwave, Optical and Communication Engineering, ICMOCE 2015 | Year: 2015

A frequency reconfigurable antenna using two monopoles integrated on a single ground plane is proposed. One of the monopoles is loaded with ring shaped dielectric resonator for wide-band performance along with frequency agility. The antenna is excited by a switching network consisting of a low loss GaAs SPDT switch for independent operation at different frequencies of 4.53 GHz and 4.82 GHz. Different modes are excited in the DRA for switching conditions of the monopoles which result 23% and 29% of impedance bandwidth, confirming the bandwidth varying characteristic of the antenna. The antenna exhibits stable monopole type omnidirectional radiation pattern with realized gain varying from 1.1 dB-4.6 dB throughout the band which makes suitable for many C-band wireless applications. © 2015 IEEE.

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