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Kolodezhnov V.N.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology
Fluid Dynamics

Five basic flow regimes between coaxial cylinders are analyzed for a fluid with solidification effect. The dependences of the angular velocity of the inner cylinder on the torque applied to it are obtained. It is shown that this dependence does not increase monotonically. As the torque exceeds a certain critical value, the angular velocity decreases. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Klepikov O.V.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology
Voprosy Pitaniia

This monograph summarizes the domestic and foreign experience in scientific justification for prophylactic and therapeutic nutrition of women before and during pregnancy, and the solution to the problem of prevention of communicable and noncommunicable diseases typical for women in this period. The material on preventive normalization of body weight of women before and during pregnancy, prevention of iodine deficiency disorders and iron deficiency during pregnancy, nutrition during early toxicosis, nutrition in gestosis, nutritional prevention of complications of diabetes in pregnancy, epidemiology of the alimentary dependent pathology incidence of women in the period before and after pregnancy are presented and classified. The materials presented in the monograph are of great importance to improve the knowledge of health professionals on the prevention of alimentary-dependent diseases in pregnant women. Source

Zueva S.B.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology | Macolino P.,University of LAquila | Manciulea A.L.,Babes - Bolyai University | Veglio F.,University of LAquila
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Processing of spent household batteries to recover manganese and zinc involves grinding of the inner part of battery cells so as to obtain a black powder (BP) with average particle size of less than 2 mm. This is followed by washing the BP with plain water to eliminate soluble chemicals. A subsequent step consists in separating the BP from the aqueous suspension. This operation has proven to be a difficult one. This research showed that adding epichlorohydrin–dimethylamine (EPI–DMA) enhanced greatly the separation process while not inducing unwanted alterations in the chemical composition of the BP. Flocculation efficiency was determined by measuring the solution turbidity. Combining different analytical techniques [X-ray diffraction analysis, scanning electron microscopy, backscattered electrons and zeta potential measurements (Zetasizer Nano)], the research also assessed the effect of EPI–DMA on the solutes, defined the resulting chemical composition of BP and offered an insight into the flocculation mechanism. Central composite design was used to optimize the values of most important operating variables, i.e., EPI–DMA dosage and agitation time of the suspension at different BP/washing water ratios. Analysis of variance was used to study interactions among the process variables and define the conditions of highest separation efficiency. © 2014, Springer Japan. Source

Altayuly S.,Eurasian University | Magomedov G.O.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology | Ponomareva E.I.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology | Iztaev A.I.,Almaty Technological University | And 2 more authors.
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia

The article is devoted to the topic today, a healthy diet, to be more precise, it describes a method of removing moisture from the phospholipids emulsion safflower oils, and subsequent usage of phospholipids concentrate in the production of dietary bakery products whole grain and malted milk. Source

Kuchmenko T.A.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology | Umarkhanov R.U.,Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology
Journal of Analytical Chemistry

The development of various devices with sensing elements operating on the basis of quartz crystal microbalance technique for the determination of ammonia and volatile amines in air have been considered. The results on the formation of selective layers of piezoelectric sensors with the specified properties have been presented. The influence of the nature of modifier, solvent, sorbate, and method of their formation on the piezo element on the sorption properties of thin films has been considered. The mechanism of interaction in the studied systems has been discussed relying on the results of quartz crystal microbalance measurement and microstructural studies at different stages of sorption. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

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