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A coordinate transformation is used to take the domain of the rod cross-section to a rectangular domain for which the spectra of eigenfunctions and eigenvalues are known. The torsion function is represented as a generalized Fourier series to reduce the problem to solving a closed linear system of algebraic equations for the expansion coefficients. It is shown that these Fourier series converge absolutely, because the expansion coefficients decrease by a cubic law depending on the term number. We prove that the approximate solution in the form of a finite sum of the Fourier series converges to the exact solution. This theorem is generalized to the case of a rod cross-section of arbitrary shape. © 2014 Allerton Press, Inc.

Kravets O.Ya.,Voronezh State Technical University
Automation and Remote Control | Year: 2013

Specific features in mathematical modeling of the parameterized TCP Reno protocol based on Markov chains are discussed. Explicit formulas for transition rates are derived. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Kozenkov O.D.,Voronezh State Technical University
Inorganic Materials | Year: 2016

Experimental data are presented on the taper of silicon whiskers grown in an open chloride system. The whisker taper is shown to depend on the crystal growth rate, whisker radius and length, and process parameters. The experimental data are analyzed under the assumption that the size of the liquid droplet on the whisker tip decreases because of the heterogeneous chemical reaction responsible for the etching of the metallic component of the alloy. The influence of the crystal radius and vapor phase composition on the flux that leads to a decrease in the size of the liquid droplet. A model is proposed for whisker tapering as a result of the heterogeneous chemical reaction responsible for the etching of the metal on the surface of the liquid phase, and conditions for the growth of zero-taper whiskers are discussed. © 2016 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Moskalev E.A.,German Cancer Research Center | Zavgorodnij M.G.,Voronezh State University | Majorova S.P.,Voronezh State Technical University | Vorobjev I.A.,Russian Academy of Medical Sciences | And 3 more authors.
Nucleic Acids Research | Year: 2011

DNA methylation profiling has become an important aspect of biomedical molecular analysis. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of bisulphite-treated DNA is a processing step that is common to many currently used methods of quantitative methylation analysis. Preferential amplification of unmethylated alleles - known as PCR-bias - may significantly affect the accuracy of quantification. To date, no universal experimental approach has been reported to overcome the problem. This study presents an effective method of correcting biased methylation data. The procedure includes a calibration performed in parallel to the analysis of the samples under investigation. DNA samples with defined degrees of methylation are analysed. The observed deviation of the experimental results from the expected values is used for calculating a regression curve. The equation of the best-fitting curve is then used for correction of the data obtained from the samples of interest. The process can be applied irrespective of the locus interrogated and the number of sites analysed, avoiding an optimization of the amplification conditions for each individual locus. © 2011 The Author(s).

Borshch N.A.,Voronezh State Technical University
Semiconductors | Year: 2016

The results of calculation of the electronic structure of Si-based Pt-substituted clathrates are reported. Calculation is carried out by the linearized-augmented-plane-wave method. The effect of the number of substitutions and their crystallographic position in the unit cell on the electron-energy spectrum and the electronic properties of Pt-substituted clathrates is analyzed. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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