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Ryabtsev S.V.,Voronezh State University | Shaposhnik A.V.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Samoylov A.M.,Voronezh State University | Sinelnikov A.A.,Voronezh State University | And 3 more authors.
Doklady Physical Chemistry | Year: 2016

Thin films of PdO obtained by thermal oxidation of Pd films in air in the temperature range of 240–800°C were characterized using fast electron diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and optical spectroscopy. The PdO films were found to be non-stoichiometric. With increasing oxidation temperature, the deviation of the PdO film composition from the stoichiometric component ratio becomes less pronounced. The resistivity response of PdO films to the presence of ozone in air was studied for the first time and good prospects for using this material for gas sensors are demonstrated. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Dobrynin N.D.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Colombo M.,University of Milan | Eordegh F.R.,University of Milan
Acarina | Year: 2013

The main methods for detection of infestation level of parasitic mite Varroa destructor in honey bee colonies were studied. The methods using vivo evaluation are more sparing for bees but less precise; those using evaluation with the killing of bees or brood are the most precise but less sparing for bees. The indirect method of evaluation of mite infestation by sampling the natural mortality of mite is the most sparing but not as precise as the previous ones, though the correlation between the rate of infestation of adult bees and natural mortality of mites is strong. The natural mortality of 1mite/24-hours corresponds to the presence of about 160 mites on bees per colony. © Acarina 2013.

Sokolenko G.G.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Karpechenko N.A.,Voronezh State University
Microbiology (Russian Federation) | Year: 2015

Expression of the genes encoding the enzymes involved in inulin, sucrose, and glucose metabolism in the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Kluyveromyces marxianus was studied. The exon-intron structure of the relevant genes was identified and the primers for quantitative PCR were optimized. Expression of the genes was found to depend on the carbon source. Glucose was shown to exhibit a repressive effect on inulinase synthesis by K. marxianus, while sucrose induced it, and in S. cerevisiae glucose and sucrose were inulinase inducer and repressor, respectively. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Nezhdanov A.G.,Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations | Mikhalev V.I.,Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations | Lozovaya E.G.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Lobodin K.A.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Safonov V.A.,RAS Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Sel'skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya | Year: 2017

Early embryonic mortality and its high frequency in lactating cows are among the causes for a decrease of animal performance, reproduction, and the effectiveness of modern dairy cattle industry as a whole. The aim of this research was to reveal pathogenic significance of maternal endocrine, metabolic and immune risk factors for occurrence of this pathology. The surveys involved black-motley cows with average annual productivity of 6.4-7.6 ths. kg. Pregnancy and embryonic mortality were diagnosed on days 19 to 23, 28 to 32, and 38 to 45 after artificial insemination by transrectal ultrasound examination with the use of an ultrasonic scanner Easi-Scan-3 (Great Britain). Venous blood samples were collected during the same periods. Blood progesterone, estradiol-17β, testosterone, proteins, common immunoglobulins, circulating immune complexes, urea, creatinine, cholesterol, glucose, vitamins E and C, total calcium, inorganic phosphorus, protein-bound iodine, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, middle molecular peptides, malonic dialdehyde, alkaline phosphatase activity, alanine aminotransferase, asparate aminotransferase, gamma-glutamyl transferase, catalase, bactericidal and lysozyme activity of blood serum, morphological blood composition were assessed with the use of a biochemical analyzer Hitahi-902 (Japan), a spectrophotometer UV 1700 (Japan), an atomic adsorptive spectrometer Perkin Elmer-703 (USA), a hematology analyzer ABX Micros60 (France), and spectrum analyzer Uniplan (Russia). The blood parameters were tested in 18 animals, 9 ones with physiological embryo formation (control) and 9 ones with embryo death. It was found out that embryonic death is firstly associated with an endocrine insufficiency of sex glands of the mother cows, as reflected by blood progesterone and estradiol-17β level which at various stages of gestation was lower by 12.0-43.3 % and 45.0-85.5 %, respectively, when compared to the animals of control group. Under embryonic death, the mother cows' metabolic profile was characterized by an increase in blood concentration of protein (by 3.2-5.4 %), urea (by 9.8-23.6 %), creatinine (by 10.1-13.5 %), cholesterol (by 10.9-17, 1 %), middle molecular peptides (by 6.1-34.7 %). Blood alkaline phosphatase activity was higher by 12.8-36.2 %, alanine aminotransferase - by 3.6-13.2 %, asparate aminotransferase - by 13.8-30.8 %, gamma-glutamyltransferase - by 45.4-77.5 %, and endogenous intoxication index increased by 13.0-40.0 % that was a reflection of liver and kidney insufficiency, cholestasis syndrome manifestation and endogenous intoxication. The pathology was related to the deficiency of essential bioelements, increased lipid peroxidation (LPO), decreased function of antioxidant protection (AOP) system, accumulation of LPO toxic products and oxidative stress development. Under embryo death, blood zinc concentration was 9.7-27.2 % less, copper concentration - 17.6-23.3 % less, manganese - 10.8-15.2 % less, selenium - 16.3-29.1 % less, protein-bound iodine amount - 7.3-33.4 % less, magnesium - 9.7-27.4 % less, glutathione peroxidase activity - 25.8-31.2 % lower, catalase - 26.5-51.2 % lower, Vitamin E - 26.3-31.6 % lower, and Vitamin C - 25.1-57.1 % lower, as compared to the control animals. The changes in immune status of mother cows with embryonic mortality manifested themselves by an increase in the number of blood leukocytes, their neutrophilic and eosinophilic forms, monocytes, by a decrease in phagocytic activity, the number of lymphocytes, immunoglobulins, bactericidal activity and lysozyme activity in blood serum, and also by vaginal dysbiosis. The conclusion is that diselementosis, oxidative stress and endogenous intoxication, endocrine and immune insufficiency are determinant pathophysiological factors in multiple-factor etiology of early embryonic mortality.

Savchenko T.V.,Belgorod State University | Ulez'ko A.V.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Tyutyunikov A.A.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Bonda D.G.,Far East State Agrarian University | Prosyannikova Y.A.,Belgorod State University
International Business Management | Year: 2015

The study discusses the issues, concerning an economical category "local food market", describes specific character and main principles of local food markets area organization in Russia. The research offer a methodological approach to die determination of local food markets economical boundaries judging by the territory where the group of economic entities can satisfy their requirements and sell the goods with transaction and logistical costs. The research also provide regional food market development forecast in Amur Region, Russia. © Medwell Journals, 2015.

Shuvaeva G.P.,Voronezh State Technical University | Sysoeva M.G.,Voronezh State Agricultural University
Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology | Year: 2010

Procedures for the production of endo-1,4-β-xylanase have been developed. An active producer-Rhizopus var. microsporus BKMF-595-has been chosen, and the conditions of surface and submerged cultivation, as well as the composition of the culture medium for this strain, have been optimized to ensure maximum yield of the target enzyme. Activity of xylomicrosporin Px equaled 123 U/g, while the activity of xylomicrosporin Gx equaled 25 U/cm3. Homogeneous enzyme preparations, purified 59.44-fold and 72.6-fold, have been obtained. The dependence of endo-1,4-β-xylanase catalytic activity on temperature and pH of the reaction medium has been studied. The enzyme has been shown to be most stable in the pH range 5.0-6.0 and to be thermostable. Amino acid composition and subunit structure of the enzyme were determined; the molecular masses of the subunits equaled 50 and 56 kDa. Carboxyl groups of glutamic and aspartic acid residues of the active center were experimentally shown to play an important role in catalysis. The potential of this enzyme for beer production has been demonstrated. © 2010 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Savchenko T.V.,Belgorod State University | Ulez'ko A.V.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Kravchenko N.N.,Belgorod State University | Tyutyunikov A.A.,Voronezh State Agricultural University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

This paper presents the issues of formation of the agro-industrial clusters as a method of restoring the manageability of the integrated development of the agricultural sector in different regions and improvement of the system of production communication between the economic entities within the agro-food complex. The classification of cluster within the agricultural sector is represented, the specifics of the agro-industrial clusters formation is described. The conclusion on the clusters prospects as a form of the agro-industrial integration development is drawn.

Melnikova E.I.,Voronezh State University | Stanislavskaya E.B.,Voronezh State University | Korotkov E.G.,Voronezh State Agricultural University
Foods and Raw Materials | Year: 2015

A crucial task of the dairy industry is the modification of the composition and properties of cheese whey to level its organoleptic characteristics for use of qualitatively new food products in technology, including the one of functional use. The work purpose is the optimization of technological parameters of the microparticulation process of ultrafiltration cheese whey concentrate for its use in the production of low-calorie synbiotic drinks. The research objects are cheese whey, food composition based on it (whey protein microparticulate) and synbiotic drink. When performing work, the standard and commonly used in research practice physical and physical and chemical, chemical and biochemical, microbiological, physiological and technological methods of research were used. For mathematical support of experimental results different methods of statistics and optimization, including the method for artificial neural networks were used. The technology of producing milk fat simulator provides pre-cleaning of whey from casein particles and fat, fractionation and concentration of whey proteins using ultrafiltration, as well as thermomechanical processing of the obtained concentrate. The whey protein microparticulate is close to skimmed milk by physical and chemical properties and chemical composition, and its organoleptic properties simulate drinking cream. The new food composition is characterized by a pronounced prebiotic activity. During the development of synbiotic drink formulation the great importance was given to the selection of probiotic cultures able to synthesis of exopolysaccharides. The research results suggested the formulation and component solution of the synbiotic drink, which involves the replacement of 27% skimmed milk by the new food composition, with the exception of cream, stabilizer and skimmed milk powder. The main advantages of the new technology solution are the implementation of a closed cycle of production, the expansion of low-calorie products of high biological value and the reduction of economic costs. © 2015, KemIFST.

Lipatov D.N.,Moscow State University | Shcheglov A.I.,Moscow State University | Manakhov D.V.,Moscow State University | Zavgorodnyaya Y.A.,Moscow State University | Brekhov P.T.,Voronezh State Agricultural University
Eurasian Soil Science | Year: 2015

The spatial variability of the density, moisture, pH, humus, and benzo[a]pyrene contamination in a structural-metamorphic agrozem within the impact zone of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk thermal power plant has been considered. The correlation of the benzo[a]pyrene content with the humus and density in the plow horizon has been revealed. The necessary numbers of sampling points for different problems of ecological monitoring have been planned. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Kotov V.V.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Nenakhov D.V.,Voronezh State Agricultural University | Stekol'Nikov K.E.,Voronezh State Agricultural University
Russian Journal of Electrochemistry | Year: 2010

Characteristics of mass transport of the anions of pyrophosphoric acid are investigated during electrodialysis through MA-40 and MA-41 anion-exchange membranes. It is established that the rate of mass transport for counterions is greater through the MA-41 membrane than the MA-40 membrane, and thus the former can be used for demineralizing solutions with salts of pyrophosphoric acid. Higher selectivity to pyrophosphate ions is found for the MA-40 membrane compared to the MA-41 membrane in the electrodialysis of mixtures of pyrophosphate and hydropyrophosphate ions, and thus the MA-40 membrane can be regarded as promising for the separation of such mixtures. © 2010 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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