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Volkova S.,Vologda State University
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2015

In this paper a modified algorithm of localization of a face features based on the Viola-Jones method which is characterized by several classification stages is considered. Experiments show the improvement of the method performance that provides 98 % of correct localizations. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.

Bogdanov D.S.,Vologda State University
Power Technology and Engineering | Year: 2015

The purposes and tasks of emergency control in electrical supply grids with small power plants are analyzed. A method for controlling the dynamic stability of a synchronous generator based on synchronous vector measurements is introduced. © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York

GOST R 54257-2010 recommends calculating the reliability of the earth foundations of structures by probabilistic methods with full statistical information about random quantities. Currently, there are no guidelines for calculating the reliabilityof earth foundations by the settlement with limited information about the parameters. The earth foundation (foundation bed) is a part of a mechanical system also including the foundation itself and the above-foundation construction. One of the indicators of the safety of this system is the probability of non-failure, where the probability of non-failure of an earth foundation is included. In this article, we discussed a new method for calculating the reliability of earth foundations of buildings and structures during the operation stage according to the deformation criterion with limited information on the soil and loads by using Zadeh's extension principle from fuzzy sets theory. The article presents formulas and an example of an algorithm for calculating earth foundation reliability by the settlement criterion.

Kulakov A.A.,Vologda State University
Water and Ecology | Year: 2015

The article presents the performance assessment of waste water treatment plants of small populated areas. The main technological link at the investigated objects is biological treatment in biofilters, aerotanks, package units and bioreactors. The information about technological schemes of waste water treatment and sludge treatment, content of incoming and treated waste waters, design capacity and actual water disposal volume and approved environmental regulations for output is analyzed. The survey of objects presents the high degree of their obsolescence and physical deterioration as a result of their many years service without major reconstruction. The majority of structures and equipments require repair or replacement; production and auxiliary buildings are in emergency conditions. Planned technologies do not meet modern environmental standards: the standard for nitrogen ammonia is met only by 5%, for phosphate-phosphorus — by 3%. Current decisions on deep waste water treatment are difficult to adapt at small facilities just by their scaling. Such approach do not take into account the specific nature of small water disposal systems, economic and technological capacity and professional skills of workers of the housing services and utilities of small residential areas. In the study factors that have a negative effect on small treatment plants operation such as technological (hydraulic underload, operation disturbance, high scale of deterioration), organizational (low capacity of plants, lack of equipment required for fault-free performance, unskilled level of staff, spatial distance of facilities) and economic (high specific capital and operating costs, unprofitability of small water utilities) are detected and classified. The interaction among them is noted and ways to solve these factors are suggested. The complex of measures based on enlargement of water utilities, staff retraining and prioritization of modernization for development of small plants of the housing services and utilities is presented. © 2015 (publisher). All rights reserved.

An experimental theoretical method was considered for estimating the residual load-bearing capacity of an individual reinforced concrete beam at the operational stage according to the criteria of the working strength and durability of concrete reinforcement compressed zone of the beam. Integrated methods of beam testing and probabilistic methods of random variables definition were used. Ultimate load in the form of interval during the operational phase was accepted as the measure of carrying capacity, discussion is presented on the choice of its value obtained from the interval boundary that has been obtained. Transition from the experimentally obtained value of the ultimate load to the maximum operational load was studied. Examples of design models of beams with operational load and guidelines on how to determine their limit values were given.

Tomanov V.P.,Vologda State University
Solar System Research | Year: 2016

An overview is given of close encounters of nearly parabolic comets (NPCs; with periods of P > 200 years and perihelion distances of q > 0.1 AU; the number of the comets is N = 1041) with planets. The minimum distances Δmin between the cometary and planetary orbits are calculated to select comets whose Δmin are less than the radius of the planet’s sphere of influence. Close encounters of these comets with planets are identified by numerical integration of the comets’ equations of motion over an interval of ±50 years from the time of passing the perihelion. Close encounters of NPCs with Jupiter in 1663–2011 are reported for seven comets. An encounter with Saturn is reported for comet 2004 F2 (in 2001). © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Shishigin S.L.,Vologda State University | Meshcheryakov V.E.,Vologda State University
Technical Physics Letters | Year: 2015

A new method of lightning protection has been developed in which the lightning leader is attracted to ground objects as a result of the electrostatic interaction between the leader charge and induced charges on ground objects. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Aleksandrov I.K.,Vologda State University
Russian Engineering Research | Year: 2015

A modernized method for energy calculation of mechanical transmissions is outlined. In contrast to the approach proposed in classic texts, this method takes account of idling of the transmission. A correct model is proposed for determining the energy-efficient load of a mechanical transmission. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

Kurtasov A.,Vologda State University
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2014

This paper overviews the problem of automated generation of assessment test items from natural-language text. In a previously published article, an experimental system aimed at generating fill-in-the-blank test items from Russian text was decribed. In this paper, some aspects of the system's quality are analyzed. Main directions for future work are defined, including evaluation of the system and development of methods for filtering text fragments and selecting words to blank out.

Sablin V.A.,Vologda State University
Bylye Gody | Year: 2015

The article analyzes the main directions of the food policy of the white governments in Arkhangelsk-the Supreme Management and the Provisional government of the Northern area, which replaced it in 1918-1920. The food situation in the region after overthrow of the Bolshevist power in August, 1918 is designated. The emphasis is placed on the analysis of the efforts of the authorities on maintenance of food supply of the population of the northern village. The role of the former allies of Russia in questions of cooperation with the regional white power in questions of supply of the population with food, forms and methods of distribution of the food is shown. The problem of change of a food course of the white power after evacuation of interventionists from Arkhangelsk is studied. The procuring policy of the authorities in providing white army is analysed for the first time. Factors of impact of food policy on the peasant economy of the region are noted, social and economic consequences of this policy in region economy after the end of Civil war are designated. Copyright © 2015 by Sochi State University.

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