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Leninaul, Russia

Vologda State Technical University , is the largest technical university of the Vologda oblast in Russia. Wikipedia.

Aleksandrov I.K.,Vologda State Technical University
Russian Engineering Research | Year: 2010

Methods of calculating frictional losses in machines need to be modernized. Models are proposed for the energy calculation of multilink and branched kinematic chains. © 2010 Allerton Press, Inc. Source

Utkin V.S.,Vologda State Technical University
Russian Engineering Research | Year: 2012

A method is proposed for calculating the reliability of machine parts when statistical information regarding the parameters of the model is limited. In this method, the parameters are described by distribution functions, on the basis of the Chebyshev inequality. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc. Source

Sokolov L.I.,Vologda State Technical University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

Wet dispersed wastes are classified in terms of rheological properties and textural features. Rheological models of non-Newtonian liquids by Newton, Bingham, Ostwald, Herschel-Bulkley are presented. On example of suspensions of grinding sludge using viscometric studies complete rheological curves have been obtained, rheological properties of sludges have been studied, and rheological constants have been determined: yield point, flow index and consistency index. It has been established that strength, yield point, viscosity, stability of sludges are determined by dispersity, bonding energy between solid particles and interaction of disperse phase of sludge with its disperse medium. On the basis of tube viscometer design a commercial facility has been developed for determination of pressure loss within pipeline transportation of sludges and their suspensions. Pressure loss as a function of flow velocity of slurries in 150 mm pipeline has been established. Critical flow velocity of sludge suspensions in commercial pipelines have been determined. Source

Sinitsyn A.A.,Vologda State Technical University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

The article examines the efficiency of the use of radiation and convective method applied to the creation of a new mobile device for thawing of frozen soils. We present a study sets the existing devices, methods and techniques used for thawing of frozen soil, elicit their disadvantages. The requirements for a new device are defined, for example the time for thawing of 1 m2 of frozen soils should be no more than 3 hours. The requisite thermal power of the device is defined (15 kW), as well as the relation of the depth of freezing and time based on the proposed mathematical model and the results of natural and laboratory tests. The article also reviews the technical characteristics, principle of function, general form and the main advantages of the new mobile radiation and convective device. It gives an assessment of the device efficiency based on the comparative characteristics of technical means. The fulfilled work and studies have shown the expediency of radiation-convective method for thawing frozen soils. Source

Sinitsyn A.A.,Vologda State Technical University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2013

The paper presents the main results of the effectiveness of the device to create high-quality indoor climate developed by scientific-educational center "Teploengeretika" of Vologda State Technical University. Brief information is given about the device, which can be applied in the standard window unit with minimum energy consumption providing the required ventilation of premises with preservation of up to 50% of the heat energy lost from the airing, as well as reduced consumption of electrical energy for ventilation. It describes the main problems of maintaining the microclimate in modern buildings and structures both in Russia and abroad. Device test in actual practice shows its efficiency, moreover, air, that entered the room, has been heated at a temperature above ambient temperature, which favorably acts on the person and does not create discomfort. Research has social and public importance, ensuring the health of people living and working in buildings with plastic windows and absence of ventilation as such. Source

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