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Rancho Cordova, CA, United States

Volcano Corporation | Date: 2015-06-12

An integrated therapeutic and imaging catheter includes an imaging device and drug eluting balloon (DEB) assembly. The DEB assembly is a balloon assembly having its outer surface coated with a drug eluting coating. In operation, the DEB catheter is inserted into a patients vessel, whereby the vessel walls are imaged by the imaging device. After identification of a treatment area within the vessel, the DEB assembly is inflated to apply the drug eluting coating to the treatment area. After application, the treatment area and the drug eluting coating may be re-imaged in order to determine if the treatment area was sufficiently coated. If the treatment area is found to be insufficiently coated, the DEB assembly may be re-inflated to thereby sufficiently coat the treatment area.

Devices, systems, and methods for visually depicting a vessel and evaluating treatment options are disclosed. The methods can include obtaining pressure measurements from first and second instruments positioned within a vessel of a patient while the second instrument is moved longitudinally through the vessel from a first position to a second position and the first instrument remains stationary within the vessel; and outputting a visual representation of the pressure measurements obtained by the first and second instruments on a display, the output visual representation including a graphical display of a pressure ratio of the obtained pressure measurements and at least a portion of a pressure waveform of the obtained pressure measurements identifying a diagnostic period utilized in calculating the pressure ratio.

Volcano Corporation | Date: 2015-08-07

A method and system is provided for using backscattered data and known parameters to characterize vascular tissue. Specifically, methods and devices for identifying information about the imaging element used to gather the backscattered data are provided in order to permit an operation console having a plurality of Virtual Histology classification trees to select the appropriate VH classification tree for analyzing data gathered using that imaging element. In order to select the appropriate VH database for analyzing data from a specific imaging catheter, it is advantageous to know information regarding the function and performance of the catheter, such as the operating frequency of the catheter and whether it is a rotational or phased-array catheter. The present invention provides a device and method for storing this information on the imaging catheter and communicating the information to the operation console. In addition, information related to additional functions of the catheter may also be stored on the catheter and used to further optimize catheter performance and/or select the appropriate Virtual Histology classification tree for analyzing data from the catheter imaging element.

The invention relates to evaluation of maturity of arteriovenous (AV) fistula using guidewires that measure intravascular blood flow and/or pressure. The invention provides methods of evaluating AV fistula maturation using an instrumented guidewire to measure intravascular flow and/or pressure. By using a small diameter guidewire that does not interfere substantially with the flow, an accurate measurement can be made that is useful for identifying when a fistula is mature and therefore ready to be used for hemodialysis. The flow of blood through the fistula is measured using the guidewire and the measured flow and/or pressure of blood is used to determine if the fistula is mature.

Volcano Corporation | Date: 2015-01-16

Embodiments of the present disclosure are configured to visualize severe blockages in a vessel and, in particular, chronic total occlusions in blood vessels. In some particular embodiments, the devices, systems, and methods of the present disclosure are configured to visualize the blockage to facilitate safe crossing of the blockage.

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