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Linz, Austria

voestalpine AG is an international steel based technology and capital goods group based in Linz, Austria. The company is active in steel, automotive, railway systems, profilform and tool steel industries.47 per cent of its workforce is based in Austria. The Linz hot strip mill is a "fully integrated steel works" operated by voestalpine Stahl GmbH, a part of the steel division of voestalpine AG. In addition to Linz the most important plants are in Leoben in Styria and in Krems in Lower Austria. It had a large plant at Liezen in Styria which closed in the 1990s.The name of the company amalgamates its two principal components, the VÖEST in Upper Austria, established through nationalization in July 1946, and the ÖAMG in Styria, established in 1881. Wikipedia.

Voestalpine AG | Date: 2014-07-25

A method for producing partially hardened steel components in which a blank composed of a hardenable sheet steel is subjected to a temperature increase and shaped into a component; the component is transferred to a tool in which the heated component is cooled and thus quench hardened; during the heating of the blank or component in order to achieve the temperature increase to a temperature required for the hardening in regions that are to have a lower hardness and/or higher ductility, cooling elements are spaced apart from the surface by a small gap; the cooling element is dimensioned so that the thermal energy acting on the region that remains ductile flows through the component into the cooling element, characterized in that in order to space the cooling element apart from the component, micro-nubs or knobs are used, which are distributed over the area of the cooling element.

Disclosed is a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for stamping, which has excellent cold workability, has such satisfactory surface quality as to be free from unplating and other defects even in the absence of dedicated facilities, and ensures a strength of 1370 MPa or more after quenching even when cooled at a low rate. Also disclosed is a method effective for the produce of the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for stamping. The hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for stamping comprises a base steel sheet and a hot-dip galvanized layer on a surface of the base steel sheet, in which the base steel sheet has a predetermined chemical composition and has a microstructure comprising equiaxed ferrite having an average aspect ratio of 4.0 or less and cementite and/or pearlite having an average major axis of grains of 20 m or less.

The present invention relates to high strength cold rolled steel sheet suitable for applications in automobiles, construction materials and the like, specifically high strength steel excellent in formability. In particular, the invention relates to cold rolled steel sheets having a tensile strength of at least 780 MPa.

Voestalpine AG | Date: 2014-01-21

An interface pad for a concrete tie includes a resilient contact pad to cushion the tie from any overlying parts in a railway application, such as panels in a grade crossing or rails in a turnout. The pad may be flat or a cupped shape and may be of varying size to accommodate varying tie widths. The invention further comprises means and methods to correctly secure such an interface pad to a concrete railroad tie and minimize the possibility that the interface pad will be forcibly removed from the tie during installation of the tie.

A lance and a method determine reaction data of the course of a reaction, in which a reaction gas is top-blown by at least one lance onto a metallic melt in a metallurgical vessel and measured data are determined in this way, reaction data for the course of the reaction are determined as a function of these, where the lance for determining measured data blows out a gas which is conveyed separately from the reaction gas through at least one outlet opening of at least one measuring conduit. The lance for determining measured data blows out the gas which is conveyed separately from the reaction gas laterally through at least one outlet opening of at least one measuring conduit and the internal pressure of at least one gas bubble of this gas formed at this outlet opening of the respective measuring conduit is measured.

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