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Lebedynets N.P.,VNIIneft OAO
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2014

The increased interest in the possible anthropogenic changes in reservoir properties of productive deposits in the process of well operation and oil fields development is recently observed. At the same time the decrease of permeability of fractured reservoir rocks at formation pressure drop is primarily implied. Some results of modern and earlier research with respect to Yurubcheno- Tokhomskoye and other fields with fractured reservoirs are considered. The conclusion on the feasibility of realization in many cases of elastic capacity of oiland- water bearing systems with no concern about productive deposits permeability is made. It seems that a certain restraint at the interpretation of results of any research and development on their basis practical recommendations for real fields is necessary. In many cases, the elastic capacity of deposits with fractured reservoirs (of their oil-and-water bearing systems) can be used for oil recovery with little concern about the layers conductivity and wells productivity and at a big savings for reservoir pressure maintenance. At the same time it is impossible to exclude and some possible negative technological changes of reservoir properties by individual objects, primarily shallow lying, with increased bed shaliness. In each case a comprehensive analysis of available data and a possibly fuller account of the know-how are needed.

Starkovsky A.V.,VNIIneft OAO
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2011

An integrated use of the technologies for the redistribution of injected water and produced oil flows for enhanced oil recovery, as well as technologies to increase the intake capacity of injection wells and stimulation of producing ones is considered. A set of technologies based on gel-forming compositions (GOS-SN) and various surfactants is developed. The results of Introducing technologies of redistribution of filtration flows and intensification of oil recovery are presented.

Lebedinets N.P.,VNIIneft OAO
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2011

The features of fluid filtration in cavernous fractured reservoirs are considered. It is shown that very small volumes of reservoir as compared to the total drainage area in the near well zones are characterized by nonlinear filtration regime. It is concluded that the processes of oil displacement from cavernous fractured reservoirs in real well-reservoir systems with sufficient accuracy can be characterized (and evaluated) on the basis of dependencies, obtained under the assumption of a linear filtration law observance. At the same time the deviations from Darcy's law must be considered at calculation of filtration resistance and wells interaction.

Kuznetsov A.M.,Rosneft | Kuznetsov V.V.,VNIIneft OAO | Bogdanovich N.N.,Schlumberger
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2011

Processes of change in the nature of pore space surface wettability of the core at its taking from the layer, rising to the surface and preparing for petrophysical studies are considered. It is shown that at application of modern core technology to preserve the natural characteristics of wettability Is not possible. Methodical techniques to restore the natural characteristics of wettability during seepage studies are described.

Lebedinets N.P.,VNIIneft OAO
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2013

Massive-bedded deposits with carbonate fractured reservoirs are considered. Some of the characteristic features of the applied systems of development of two objects (Upper Devonian and Carboniferous) are marked. The possibilities of an additional optimization of the reserve recovery processes are considered. Some recommendations for improving the considered objects development, based on the analysis of project documents, the actual state of operation of some fields deposits, are systematized.

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