Palo Alto, CA, United States
Palo Alto, CA, United States

VMware, Inc. is a U.S. software company that provides cloud and virtualization software and services, and claims to be the first to commercially successfully virtualize the x86 architecture. Founded in 1998, VMware is based in Palo Alto, California. In 2004 it was acquired by and became a subsidiary of EMC Corporation, then on August 14, 2007, EMC sold 15% of the company in a New York Stock Exchange IPO. The company trades under the symbol VMW.VMware's desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, while its enterprise software hypervisors for servers, VMware ESX and VMware ESXi, are bare-metal hypervisors that run directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying operating system. Wikipedia.

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VMware | Date: 2017-02-01

A method for reprovisioning a logical storage volume (151) for an application running in a computer system (100) that is connected to a storage system (130) via input-output command, IO, paths (601) and non-IO paths (602). The method comprises issuing (1716) a request to the storage system (130) via a said non-IO path (602) to increase a size of the logical storage volume (151) provisioned in a selected logical storage container (142); receiving acknowledgement of the increase in size from the storage system (130); and updating (1718) a metadata file associated with the logical storage volume (151) to indicate the increased size.

Managing virtual and real machines through a provisioning system. The provisioning system allows a user to create and manage machines through a self-service approach. The provisioning system interacts with one or more agents that manage the lifecycle of a machine. The system may provide templates that enable a user to readily create a virtual machine. The system may also include interfaces for administrators to manage virtual and real machine resources.

Techniques for surfacing host-side flash storage capacity to a plurality of VMs running on a host system are provided. In one embodiment, the host system creates, for each VM in the plurality of VMs, a flash storage space allocation in a flash storage device that is locally attached to the host system. The host system then causes the flash storage space allocation to be readable and writable by the VM as a virtual flash memory device.

Remote desktop servers include a display encoder that maintains a secondary framebuffer that contains display data to be encoded and transmitted to a remote client display and a list of display primitives effectuating updated display data in the secondary framebuffer. The display encoder submits requests to receive the list of drawing primitives to a video adapter driver that receives and tracks drawing primitives that, when executed, update a primary framebuffer.

VMware | Date: 2016-01-19

An artifact manager generates an abstraction for artifacts and repositories in a deployment platform such that the artifacts may be located uniformly and securely in each deployment environment during the deployment process. The described system includes a release automation platform having a release pipeline which is responsible for deploying build artifacts into multiple deployment environments, testing the build artifacts thoroughly in each environment, and follow organization-specific approval processes to promote the build artifacts to a next deployment environment.

Systems and techniques are described for using virtual machines to write parallel and distributed applications. One of the techniques includes receiving a job request, wherein the job request specifies a first job to be performed by a plurality of a special purpose virtual machines, wherein the first job includes a plurality of tasks; selecting a parent special purpose virtual machine from a plurality of parent special purpose virtual machines to perform the first job; instantiating a plurality of child special purpose virtual machines from the selected parent special purpose virtual machine; partitioning the plurality of tasks among the plurality of child special purpose virtual machines by assigning one or more of the plurality of tasks to each of the child special purpose virtual machines; and performing the first job by causing each of the child special purpose virtual machines to execute the tasks assigned to the child special purpose virtual machine.

Systems and methods described herein enable a residual error image to be added and rendered in an existing HTML canvas using native primitives. A current image and a residual error image containing pixel value differences between the current image and an updated image are received. A positive residual error image and a negative error image are generated from the residual error image. The positive residual error image is added to the current image to generate a partially updated image, and the partially updated image is xored to generate an inverse image. The negative residual error image is added to the inverse image to generate an updated inverse image, and xoring the inverse image to revert the inverse image to generate the updated image.

In a computer system with a disk array that has physical storage devices arranged as logical storage units and is capable of carrying out hardware storage operations on a per logical storage unit basis, data movement operations can be carried out on a per-file basis. A data mover software component for use in a computer or storage system enables cloning and initialization of data to provide high data throughput without moving the data between the kernel and application levels.

Systems and methods of executing and/or provisioning an application in an application specific runtime environment or general runtime environment are disclosed. The application specific runtime environment or general runtime environment are optionally defined by an application environment specification to include a minimal or reduced set of software resources required for execution of the application. These software resources are optionally stored in a resource repository that includes resources associated with a plurality of operating systems and/or executable applications. Various embodiments of the invention include the development of hierarchical resource metadata configured to characterize the various files, packages and file families included in the resource repository. In some embodiments this metadata is used to select between files when provisioning an application specific runtime environment. Various embodiments of the invention include use of an exclusion list to manage conflicts between same named files.

Methods and apparatus are disclosed to scale application deployments in cloud computing environments using virtual machine pools. An example method disclosed herein includes preparing a virtual machine pool including a virtual machine for use in a scaling operation, the virtual machine prepared in accordance with a blueprint of the application deployed in a deployment environment separate from the virtual machine pool, in response to receiving a request to scale the application, determining by executing an instruction with a processor, whether configuration information of the virtual machine pool satisfies a scaling requirement included in the request, and based on the determination, executing an instruction with the processor to transfer the virtual machine from the virtual machine pool to the deployment environment to perform the scaling operation in accordance with the request to scale.

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