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Vladimir, Russia

Mosin S.,Vladimir State University
Proceedings - 2015 4th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing, MECO 2015 - Including ECyPS 2015, BioEMIS 2015, BioICT 2015, MECO-Student Challenge 2015 | Year: 2015

Testing and diagnosis of analog circuits are very important tasks at the quality assurance of integrated circuits and electronic devices. Faults detection and identification are realized using fault dictionary. The architecture of fault dictionary has an essential influence on time and efficiency of diagnosis at whole. An approach to the construction of fault dictionary as the neuromorphic classifier for analog fault testing and diagnosis is proposed. The approach takes into account the component tolerances, includes the faults clustering as the preprocessing and selection the essential characteristics of CUT's output responses providing the maximum distinguishability between all fault clusters. The experimental results were obtained for second-order bandpass filter and are presented in the paper for demonstrating the proposed approach. © 2015 IEEE.

Attia A.M.A.,Benha University | Kulchitskiy A.R.,Vladimir State University
Fuel | Year: 2014

In this work the effect of the structure of water-in-diesel fuel emulsion (WFE) on a three cylinder diesel engine performance has been investigated. Based on membrane emulsification, two different membranes of pore sizes of 0.2 μm and 0.45 μm has been individually used to change the emulsion structure while keeping the same WFE volumetric content (at 17% water volumetric content and 0.5% mixing emulsifier content). The Results showed that emulsions with large size of water droplets resulted in greater reduction in NOx emissions up to 25%. While, emulsions with finer droplets not only gave reductions in engine smoke and unburned hydrocarbons of values greater than 80% and 35% respectively, but also resulted in an increase of the engine effective efficiency up to 20%. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mosin S.,Vladimir State University
Information Technology and Control | Year: 2011

Application of built-in self-test circuitries allows to improve the testing quality and reliability of complex analog and mixed-signal IC. BIST-circuitry is integrated to original circuit for the purpose of test signal generation, measurement of output responses and decision-making about correctness of circuit under test functioning. The most part of BIST-circuitries for analog and mixed-signal IC uses generators of sine wave or multifrequency wave for test signal generation, but it is not applicable for majority of practical implementations because of crucial in-creasing the chip area required for in-circuit realization of generator. The built-in self test circuitry for analog and mixed-signal IC based on reconfiguring original circuit in oscillator, which does not need the generator of input test signals, has been proposed. The principles of functioning and main components of the solution have been considered. The correct and incorrect behaviour of analog subcircuit is reflected in digital way by logical 0 or 1. The proposed circuitry provides possibility for joint testing analog and digital subcircuits of mixed-signal IC. The experimental results for benchmark second-order active filter demonstrating high efficiency of proposed BIST-circuitry have been represented. The fault coverage obtained by application of proposed BIST-circuitry is not inferior to results of other authors for the same filter, but measuring and estimation of output responses are performed in-circuit.

Makarov R.I.,Vladimir State University
Glass and Ceramics (English translation of Steklo i Keramika) | Year: 2013

The stability of the automotive glass manufacturing process with conventional quality control and axiomatic analysis is analyzed. It is shown that conventional quality control can distort the results of analysis. Axiomatic analysis of quality control examines the process on the basis of individual measurements, thereby guaranteeing reliable results. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Balakin A.B.,Kazan Federal University | Grunskaya L.V.,Vladimir State University
Reports on Mathematical Physics | Year: 2013

We consider mathematical aspects of axion electrodynamics in application to the problem of evolution of geomagnetic and terrestrial electric fields, which are coupled by relic axions born in the early Universe and (hypothetically) forming now the cold dark matter. We find axionic analogs of the Debye potentials, well known in the standard Faraday-Maxwell electrodynamics, and discuss exact solutions to the equations of axion electrodynamics describing the state of axionically coupled electric and magnetic fields in a spherical resonator Earth-Ionosphere. We focus on the properties of the specific electric and magnetic oscillations, which appeared as a result of the axion-photon coupling in the dark matter environment. We indicate such electric and magnetic field configurations as longitudinal electro-magnetic clusters. © 2013 Polish Scientific Publishers.

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