Belleville, MI, United States
Belleville, MI, United States

Visteon Corporation is an American global automotive parts supply company spun off from the Ford Motor Company in 2000. Visteon is composed of multiple businesses that design, engineer, and manufacture systems for various clients, including BMW, Daimler, Ford, and General Motors. Wikipedia.

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A method, system, and display assembly are disclosed herein. The methods and system are directed to operating the multiple display assemblies included herein. The methods and system receive information, and based on the received information, engage at least a second display of the multiple display assembly. Also included herein is a multiple display assembly that incorporates an engager function to receive instruction instigate modes where a first display and a second display are provided.

A system and method for synchronizing a vehicular with a secondary device is provided herein. The systems and methods disclosed herein include receiving current time information, receiving new information from the secondary device, and comparing the information to perform an automatic update of the vehicular clock. Also disclosed herein is a clock electronic system for integration into a vehicle.

Visteon | Date: 2014-02-28

The present invention relates to a heads up display system for a vehicle interior that includes a light modifying panel configured to cyclically transition between a substantially light transmissive state that facilitates light passage through the light modifying panel and a partially reflective state that facilitates light reflection toward a occupant of a vehicle. The heads up display system also includes a pulsating light source configured to cyclically project an image onto the light modifying panel, and a controller configured to control the pulsating light source and the light modifying panel so that the image is projected onto the light modifying panel while the light modifying panel is in the partially reflective state.

A vehicle display assembly includes a three-dimensional (3D) display and a display control system configured to control a first output direction of a left-eye portion of an image and a second output direction of a right-eye portion of the image. In addition, the vehicle display assembly includes a camera assembly configured to monitor a position of a head of a vehicle occupant and a visual output of the 3D display. The vehicle display assembly further includes a 3D control system communicatively coupled to the camera assembly and to the display control system. The 3D control system is configured to determine an alignment calibration based on the position of the head of the vehicle occupant and the visual output, and to instruct the display control system to control the first and second output directions based on the position of the head of the vehicle occupant and the alignment calibration.

A charge air cooler includes a plurality of plate assemblies. Each of the plate assemblies includes a unitary first plate and a unitary second plate. The first plate and the second plate each have a channel forming surface. The channel forming surface of the first plate cooperating with the channel forming surface of the second plate to form a first flow channel for receiving a first coolant and a second flow channel for receiving a second coolant. A plurality of fins is interposed between the plate assemblies.

Visteon | Date: 2015-08-21

An extruded multi-port tube for use in a heat exchanger comprises a main body including an outer wall and a plurality of ports formed therein, each of the ports extending longitudinally from a first end of the main body to a second end thereof and configured to convey a first fluid therethrough. The outer wall of the main body includes at least one indentation formed therein. Each of the indentations is a portion of the outer wall deformed inwardly into a hollow interior of one of the ports and configured to increase a turbulence of the first fluid as it flows from the first end to the second end of the main body to increase a heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger having the tube.

Visteon | Date: 2015-08-26

A rotor for an electromagnetic clutch assembly includes a substantially cylindrical main body extending from a first end to a second end. The first end of the main body is configured to engage an armature of the electromagnetic clutch assembly and includes a first flange formed around a circumference thereof. The second end of the main body includes a second flange formed around a circumference thereof. One of the first flange or the second flange has a non-uniform cross-sectional shape as the one of the first flange or the second flange extends circumferentially around the main body, wherein the cross-sectional shape of the one of the first flange or the second flange taken through a plane extending parallel to an axis of rotation of the main body.

The invention relates to an image generating unit for a head-up display comprising: a fixed light module comprising at least one light source adapted to emit light and an optical element adapted to direct the emitted light towards a display module, the display module adapted to form an image based on the incident light from the light module and to project the image into a view field of a user, wherein the display module is rotatable around a transversal axis with respect to the light module so as to adjust the position of the projected image, and wherein, the light module and the display module are mechanically coupled by at least one connecting element. Furthermore, the invention relates to a head-up display.

The present invention relates to a lubricating coating composition and a compressor including a sliding member coated with the lubricating coating composition. The lubricating coating composition comprises a thermosetting or thermoplastic polyimide-based resin as a binder, a solid lubricant, various solvents and other additives at a controlled ratio so as to improve the abrasion resistance, seizure resistance, lubricating ability, heat resistance, adhesion to a substrate, and flexibility of the composition, and thus does not cause seizure even when CO_(2) gas is used as a refrigerant.

Agency: GTR | Branch: Innovate UK | Program: | Phase: Collaborative Research & Development | Award Amount: 3.41M | Year: 2016

The UK Connected and Intelligent Transport Environment (UK CITE) creates a real-world-lab for companies to test how connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) can interact with communications infrastructure (so called V2X). The project will install the relevant infrastructure along sections of the M42, M40, A45, A46 and Coventry city centre. This test environment will be available to other vehicle manufacturers or fleet users who wish to test V2X technologies. It will act as a world class research asset to attract R&D to the UK. CAV test vehicles will examine the impact of V2X on road safety, traffic flow and the ability to provide other services like WiFi. Cyber-security will also be included from the outset. V2X will improve a vehicles journey through the road network. E.g. in case of an accident instead of an expensive gantry on the motorway a connected car could provide warnings and guidance to the driver, or an autonomous vehicle could respond automatically. The impact on the UK road network will be simulated based on these trials - enabling the UK to get the most benefits from CAV for the least infrastructure cost.

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