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Belleville, MI, United States

Visteon Corporation is an American global automotive parts supply company spun off from the Ford Motor Company in 2000. Visteon is composed of multiple businesses that design, engineer, and manufacture systems for various clients, including BMW, Daimler, Ford, and General Motors. Wikipedia.

Visteon | Date: 2015-06-26

A method of passively suppressing noise within a heat exchanger comprises the steps of preselecting a plurality of sound wave travel distances formed between a plurality of surfaces within the heat exchanger to cause destructive interference of a preselected set of sound waves as the sound waves travel the preselected sound wave travel distances and assembling the heat exchanger to have the preselected plurality of sound wave travel distances formed between the plurality of surfaces formed within the heat exchanger.

Visteon | Date: 2015-04-10

A valve block assembly for multiple valves, in particular expansion valves and/or shut-off valves, includes a valve block having a plurality of flow paths for fluids and a plurality of adjustment units with assigned drive units, wherein the valve block is designed as comprising two parts, these being a flow path element with the flow paths and a limiting element.

The invention relates to a motor vehicle air conditioning system having a plurality of control dampers, the control dampers being designed as at least one cold air damper and at least one warm air damper for controlling a cold air path and a warm air path, which system is characterized in that a passage for a partial air flow can be formed between the control dampers depending on the damper position, and in that the passage forms additional air flow resistance for the cold air flow, thereby increasing the linearity of flow control of the cold air flow and the warm air flow.

A drainage system for draining water from an air intake and from an air distribution housing of an air conditioning system into the environment. The drainage system including a drainage opening or the drainage of water into the environment, wherein the drainage opening is formed on a lower shell of the air distribution housing and is divided into a drainage area for water from the air intake housing on the one hand, and a drainage area for water from the air distribution housing on the other hand, and wherein the drainage area for water from the air intake housing is formed by the terminus of a separate duct for the drainage of water from the air intake. In this way, the reciprocal effect between the different pressure levels is avoided or reduced to the extent possible.

A housing including at least one flow path in fluid communication with a mixing chamber, a windshield air outlet, a windshield air flap, a dashboard air outlet, and a dashboard air flap. A bypass is in fluid communication with the dashboard outlet and configured to conduct a cool air flow around the at least one flow path and the mixing chamber. A flow conduit extends from the mixing chamber to the windshield air outlet. The flow conduit is constructed as one part and comprises a wall enclosing a circumference thereof. The flow conduit extends through the bypass, wherein the warm air flow is separated from a warm air flow through the flow conduit by the wall of the flow conduit. The bypass is formed in a bipartite manner around the flow conduit.

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