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Mukilteo, WA, United States

Vista Clara Inc. | Date: 2014-05-23

Technologies applicable to noise canceling in-situ NMR detection and imaging are disclosed. An example noise canceling in-situ NMR detection apparatus may comprise one or more of a static magnetic field generator, an alternating magnetic field generator, an in-situ NMR detection device, an auxiliary noise detection device, and a computer.

Vista Clara Inc. | Date: 2013-01-25

Technologies including NMR relaxation time estimation methods and corresponding apparatus are disclosed. Example techniques may generate two or more alternating current transmit pulses with arbitrary amplitudes, time delays, and relative phases; apply a surface NMR acquisition scheme in which initial preparatory pulses, the properties of which may be fixed across a set of multiple acquisition sequence, are transmitted at the start of each acquisition sequence and are followed by one or more depth sensitive pulses, the pulse moments of which are varied across the set of multiple acquisition sequences; and apply processing techniques in which recorded NMR response data are used to estimate NMR properties and the relaxation times T

Vista Clara Inc. | Date: 2013-10-15

Technologies including NMR logging apparatus and methods are disclosed. Example NMR logging apparatus may include surface instrumentation and one or more downhole probes configured to fit within an earth borehole. The surface instrumentation may comprise a power amplifier, which may be coupled to the downhole probes via one or more transmission lines, and a controller configured to cause the power amplifier to generate a NMR activating pulse or sequence of pulses. Impedance matching means may be configured to match an output impedance of the power amplifier through a transmission line to a load impedance of a downhole probe. Methods may include deploying the various elements of disclosed NMR logging apparatus and using the apparatus to perform NMR measurements.

Vista Clara Inc. | Date: 2013-09-23

Technologies applicable to surface-based NMR measurement are disclosed. A surface probe is positionable at or above a surface of the Earth and adapted to make NMR measurements of shallow or very shallow subsurface volumes. NMR spectrometer components connected to the surface probe are configured to control electromagnetic pulses produced by the surface probe and to record resulting detected NMR signals from the subsurface volume.

Technologies applicable to NMR detection of water and hydrocarbons during induced alteration: processes are disclosed. NMR measurements may be used to monitor properties of subsurface fluids within a subsurface formation. NMR measurement devices may be deployed proximal to or within a subsurface formation that contains hydrocarbons. Multiple NMR measurements may be performed during an induced alteration process applied, to the subsurface formation to determine properties of the subsurface formation or fluid as the induced alteration process progresses. Changes in properties of the subsurface formation or fluid may be determined and may be used to determine efficacy of optimize, or otherwise modify the induced alteration process.

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