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VT Systems, also known as Vision Technologies Systems, is an integrated engineering group providing solutions and services in the aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors. It has 6,300 professional and technical employees. VT Systems is the United States corporate entity of ST Engineering, a global defense contractor. Wikipedia.

A computerized system mountable on a vehicle operable to detect an object by processing first image frames from a first camera and second image frames from a second camera. A first range is determined to said detected object using the first image frames. An image location is projected of the detected object in the first image frames onto an image location in the second image frames. A second range is determined to the detected object based on both the first and second image frames. The detected object is tracked in both the first and second image frames When the detected object leaves a field of view of the first camera, a third range is determined responsive to the second range and the second image frames.

Vision Technologies | Date: 2015-02-06

Digital image processing is described that enables live prevention of recording and/or displaying of unwanted images. A device for processing a time sequence of images is provided. The device is configured to: retrieve an image of the time sequence of images from a memory; perform scene recognition on the retrieved image; and perform an action on the retrieved image, based upon the result of the scene recognition, before the images of the time sequence of images are recorded, displayed, and/or stored. The retrieval of the image, the performance of the scene recognition, and the performance of the action can be performed in real-time. The action can include at least one of adapting at least a part of retrieved image, modifying the retrieved image, preventing storage of the retrieved image, preventing a display of the retrieved image, erasing the retrieved image, or encrypting the retrieved image.

Vision Technologies | Date: 2015-02-20

A navigation system for a vehicle may include at least one image capture device configured to acquire a plurality of images of an environment of a vehicle and a radar sensor to detect an object in the environment of the vehicle and to provide and output including range information indicative of at least one of a range or range rate between the vehicle and the object. The system may also include at least one processing device programmed to: receive the plurality of images from the at least one image capture device; receive the output from the radar sensor; determine, for each of a plurality of image segments in a first image, from among the plurality of images, and corresponding image segments in a second image, from among the plurality of images, an indicator of optical flow; use range information determined based on the output of the radar sensor together with the indicators of optical flow determined for each of the plurality of image segments in the first image and the corresponding image segments in the second image to calculate for each of a plurality of imaged regions at least one value indicative of a focus of expansion; identify a target object region, including at least a subset of the plurality of imaged regions that share a substantially similar focus of expansion; and cause a system response based on the identified target object region.

A method for monitoring headway to an object performable in a computerized system including a camera mounted in a moving vehicle. The camera acquires in real time multiple image frames including respectively multiple images of the object within a field of view of the camera. An edge is detected in in the images of the object. A smoothed measurement is performed of a dimension the edge. Range to the object is calculated in real time, based on the smoothed measurement.

Vision Technologies | Date: 2015-06-01

A system and method for capturing images of a game space, detecting word or letter tiles added to the game space by a player, calculating a value of the added words or letters and adding the value to the score of the player during whose turn the letters or words were added.

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