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Amrāvati, India
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Sadashivrao B.P.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
International Journal of Applied Chemistry | Year: 2010

Some new substituted 3-aroyl flavanones (4a-i) were synthesized by condensation of substituted dibenzoyl methanes (3a-b) with aromatic aldehydes in ethanol containing small amount of piperidine. The structures of 13 compound few compounds were confirmed on the basis of LR., P.M.R.; C and Mass spectra and chemical analysis. The substituted 3-aroyl flavanones showed diverse biological activity. © Research India Publications.

Dhanbhar H.R.,P.A. College | Kalambe N.A.,P.A. College | Pokale A.W.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
Der Pharma Chemica | Year: 2016

Work presented is a preliminary investigation of water purification using clay filters. This work was carried out to determine the efficiency of clay pots (as a filter) in removing water impurities. Filters and the related parts were fabricated and its efficiency in removing EC, TDS, TSS, hardness, BOD, COD, and some ions like Ca, Mg, Na, K, chloride, sulphate, Oil and grease was measured by passing water through the clay filters. The clay filters showed excellent efficiency in removal of TSS, BOD, COD, Oil and grease, sodium and potassium and negligible potential to remove hardness, EC, TDS, chloride and sulphate of water.

Thakur S.D.,Rdik And Nkd College | Mahajan D.T.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya | Munot K.P.,P.A. College | Deshmukh R.D.,Rdik And Nkd College | Tihile M.S.,Rdik And Nkd College
Der Pharma Chemica | Year: 2011

The interaction between Th(III), Sm(III), Nd(III) and Pr(III) Metal Ions And 2-Mercapto-4-(4'-Aminophenyl)-6-(2'-Hydroxy-5'-Bromophenyl)Pyrimidine[M4AHBP](L1) and 2-Mercapto-4-(2'-Chlorophenyl)-6-(2'-Hydroxy-5'-Bromophenyl)Pyrimidine[M2CHBP](L2) have been studied at 0.1 M Ionic Strength in 70 % Dioxane-water mixture by Bjerrum method as adopted by Calvin and Wilson. It is observed that Th(III), Sm(III), Nd(III) and Pr(III) Metal ions form 1:1 and 1:2 complexes with ligands (L1 & L2). The data obtained were used to estimate and compare the values of proton-ligand stability constant (pK) and metal-ligand stability constants (log k). From estimated data (pK and log k), the effects of substituents were studied.

Meshram U.P.,Commerce and Science College | Khobragade B.G.,Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities | Narwade M.L.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya | Khobragade V.B.,Government Vidarbha Institute of Science and Humanities
Der Pharma Chemica | Year: 2011

Ultrasonic velocities and densities of 3-(2-hydroxyl-4-methyl phenyl)-5-phenyl isoxazoline (L1) and 1-phenyl-3-(2-hydroxyl-3-nitro-4-methyl phenyl)-5-phenyl pyrazoline (L2)) at different concentrations in dioxane. Different acoustic properties like partial molal volume, adiabatic compressibility, apparent molal compressibility, intermolecular free length, specific acoustic impedance and relative association etc., have been determined. These parameters obtained have been interpreted in terms of solute-solute interactions. Effect of L1) & L) ligand and its complexes on germination of seeds.

Gajbhiye A.V.,Mgvs Asc College | Rajput P.R.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2013

A Simple and convenient protocol is described for preparation of some new 5-(2'- hydroxy-3',5'-dichlorophenyl)-4-(4'-chlorobenzyl)-2-amino-1,3-thiazole and 5-(2'- hydroxy-3',5'-dichlorophenyl)-4-(4'-chlorobenzyl)-2-aminophenyl-1,3-thiazole, were synthesized by refluxing dibrominated chalcone with thiourea or N-phenyl thiourea in good yields. The newly synthesized titled compounds were screened for their antibacterial activities against pathogens such as staphylococcus aureus, p.aeruginosa, almonella typhi. Some of the compounds displayed pronounced biological activity. All these compounds have been characterized on the basis of their UV, IR and NMR spectral results.

Parihar R.T.,Vidnyan College | Rathod S.P.,G S G College | Rajput P.R.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2011

The synthesis, spectral analysis and effect on some crop plants by some 4-Aroylisoxazoles with 3-aroylflavone on treatment with NH2OH.HCl. We got two series while carried out in different aromatic acids. In series, we got 3-(2-hydroxy-3,5-dichlorophenyl)-4-anisoyl-5-(3-nitro phenyl) isoxazole and 3-(2-hydroxy-3,5-dichlorophenyl)-4-benzoyl-5-(3'-nitrophenyl) isoxazole. It has been revealed that, the use of piperidine in DMSO as the solvent in the above reaction influences the rate of the reaction and also the yield of the products.. All these compounds have been analyzed by UV, IR and NMR for structure. The newly synthesized chlorosubstituted isoxazoles were studied. © 2011 RASAYAN. All rights reserved.

Rathod S.P.,G S G College | Charjan A.P.,G S G College | Rajput P.R.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2010

The synthesis, spectral analysis and biological activities of some 4-phenyl-2-hydroxy-chlorosubstituted-2-imino-1, 3-thiazene with phenyl thiourea and diphenyl thiourea have been carried out in two series. In series I we got 4-(2-hydroxy-3,5-dichlorophenyl-6-(ethyl)-2-iminophenyl-1,3-thiazene and 4-(2-hydroxy-3,5-dichlorophenyl-6-(ethyl)-2-iminophenyl-3-phenyl-1,3-thiazene(3a-6a) from 2-hydroxy-3,5-dichloroacetophenone from phenyl thiourea and in series II 4-(2-hydroxy-3,5-dichlorophenyl)-6-(hexyl)-2-iminophenyl-1,3-thiazene and 4-(2-hydroxy-3,5-dichlorophenyl)-6-(hexyl)-2-iminophenyl-3-phenyl-1,3-thiazene(3b-6b) were synthesized from diphenyl thiourea. All these compounds have been analyzed by UV, IR and NMR for structure assignment. The Antibacterial activities of these compounds were studied.

Rathod S.P.,P.A. College | Parihar R.T.,Vidnyan college | Rajput P.R.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2012

As a part of systematic investigation of synthesis, spectral analysis of 4-phenyl-2-hydroxy chloro substituted 2- imino-1,3-thiazines with phenyl thiourea and diphenyl thiourea from chalcone gives series, 4-(2-hydroxy-3, 5-dichlorophenyl)-6-(hexyl)-2-iminophenyl-1, 3-thiazines and 4-(2-hydroxy-3, 5-dichlorophenyl)- 6-(hexyl)-2-iminophenyl-3-phenyl-1,3-thiazines (3a-6a) from phenyl thiourea and diphenyl thiourea and the interaction of transition metal ion (cobalt II) and (copper II) have been investigated by pH metric technique at 0.1M ionic strength and at 27 ± 0.5 °C in 70% DMF-water medium. © 2012 Rasāyan.

Mane V.D.,Sk College | Mahajan D.T.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya | Rajput P.R.,Vidyabharti Mahavidyalaya
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2015

In the present study the pyrazole have been synthesized by the reaction of chalcone dibromide with phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride to afford the yellow solids of pyrazoles. The synthesized compounds have been confirmed by their chemical, analytical and spectral study and these synthesized compounds have been screened for their antimicrobial activity against some kharip plant pathogens viz Xanthomonas Campestris, Alternari Macrospora, Fusarium Spp. Pseudomonas syringae.

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