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Or Yehuda, Israel

Vidisco Inc. | Date: 1988-06-07


Pincu R.,Vidisco Ltd. | Kleinberger O.,Vidisco Ltd.
Materials Evaluation | Year: 2010

A portable digital radiography system offers high quality imaging that allows for effective examination without compromise. The mobility of these systems allows the flexibility of conducting efficient and effective x-ray examination anywhere. The system provides images upon request and onsite results, enabling immediate analysis. The image is immediately available on the screen and the inspector can continue to work already knowing what the image contains. Portable digital radiography systems are safe to work with for the operator and require minimal evacuation of the location when conducting an examination. The Brooklyn Museum in New York owns and uses a portable digital radiography system in combination with a commercial x-ray source. Portable digital radiography was used to examine a mummy, as the system can be set up around the examined artifact, allowing for minimal moving of the object. The systems are safe to work with for the operator and require minimal evacuation of the location when conducting an examination. Source

Pincu R.,Vidisco Ltd. | Pick L.,Vidisco Ltd. | Kleinberger O.,Vidisco Ltd.
Non-Destructive Testing Conference 2010, NDT 2010 | Year: 2010

Portable Digital Radiography (DR) surpasses film/ film replacements by providing many additional benefits to users. This advanced technology, currently also recognized via new NDT standards, enables super detailed results and provides the basis for high level of NDT analysis. Yet the detectors available with this kind of technology are usually limited to working with limited levels of energy. Vidisco's portable amorphous Silicon flat panel systems are especially designed so that one can work with high energy levels and Isotopes. The special structure of the thin panel, in which electronic components are not placed behind the imaging area, allows for almost no back scattering and working in high levels of energy with a minimal external shield only. The systems are small, can be conveyed to the inspection site and operated by one person. The systems can operate on batteries for an entire working day, so there is no need for external power (AC) in the inspection area. As film dyes out and NDT providers must seek a new solution, Vidisco offers cutting edge technology, the thinnest panel in the world and the best portable X-ray inspection tools out there. Fast images upon request for immediate analysis mean there is no compromise on image quality and no repositioning. Vidisco systems enable reduction of working time and costs while enlarging the profits of NDT service providers. This article presents case studies of working with Vidisco systems combined with high energy levels from various locations around the world. For applications such as small bore pipes, welding, boilers and shipyard NDT, Vidisco's systems are a true laboratory in the field, enabling immediate high quality results for analysis on site, and offering mobility and efficient inspection anywhere. © (2010) by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing All rights reserved. Source

Pick L.,Vidisco Ltd. | Pincu R.,Vidisco Ltd. | Lieberman R.,Vidisco Ltd.
52nd Annual Conference of the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing 2013, NDT 2013 | Year: 2013

Frequent NDT inspection in pipes seeks to assess if the pipe wall thickness has been altered (eroded/corroded) over time. Even the slightest change can affect the pipes' ability to withstand pressures and meet relevant operation requirements. In this article we review various complications regarding wall thickness measurement when using Digital Radiography. We discuss the amount of material to be penetrated for good inspection, the Blooming Effect (penetration vs. saturation), the implications of magnification (distortion and Unsharpness) and more. Methods to counter problematic aspects of the wall thickness measurement are suggested. © (2013) by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing. All rights reserved. Source

Pick L.,Vidisco Ltd. | Pincu R.,Vidisco Ltd. | Kleinberger O.,Vidisco Ltd.
Materials Evaluation | Year: 2011

The digital radiography technology is making new inroads into the high-energy nondestructive testing (NDT) applications. Digital radiography offers several advantages that include the ability to produce images in nearly real-time and provide a high-quality image on the computer screen. The X-ray source can also be controlled by the system, enabling the best synchronization between the actual shooting of X-rays and the time the digital imager reads the data stored in the a-Si plate. The operator can immediately reposition the X-ray source, correct the distance from the imager, change exposure time, or place the imager in a better location to create the perfect image depending on the previous results that appear immediately on the screen. It eliminates the need to go back to a laboratory to develop or scan results. The applications that require high-energy levels usually require penetration of thick metallic components and such NDT inspections include pipe welding and erosion tests and quality control inspections in casting facilities. Source

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