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Mountain View, CA, United States

A vertical hydraulic tank includes an upper cylindrical section and a lower conical section, with an outlet in the lower conical section. A lower multi-path manifold is attached to the outlet, the manifold including a vertical conduit in fluid communication with the outlet and a plurality of horizontal conduits in fluid communication with the vertical conduit. An upper multi-path manifold can also be attached to the tank with a plurality of upper horizontal conduits and a vertical conduit in fluid communication with the upper cylindrical section of the tank. Valves may be provided along the vertical conduit and the horizontal conduits to regulate flow of material through the conduits. A pump may be connected to either the upper manifold or the lower manifold, or both by way of a pump conduit. Multiple tanks can be connected together by way of tubing between the manifolds of each tank.

The present invention relates to dietary and nutritional supplements comprising various vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including an omega-3 fatty acid of plant-based origin and a folate derivative.

Vertical | Date: 2015-06-29

An industrial tank transport system used to transport an industrial tank without the use of a trailer. The industrial tank transport system is comprised of four components; a semi-tractor truck, a removable lift system, a dolly, and a tank. When these four components are combined together, the tank can be transported without the use of a conventional semi-tractor trailer. Various combinations of these four components are used to practice the various methods of raising and lowering the tank between a horizontal position and vertical position using the semi-tractor truck, transporting the dolly using the removable lift system and semi-tractor truck, attaching and removing the removable lift system to the semi-tractor truck, and attaching and removing the dolly to and from the tank using the removable lift system and semi-tractor truck.

A collective vertical tank has a plurality of tanks and stabilizing and weight-distributing connectors. The connectors are adjustable to provide an adjustable footprint of the collective tank. A stabilizing and weight-distributing connector for vertical hydraulic tanks includes a first connecting member attached to a first vertical tank and extending away therefrom, and a second connecting member attached to a second vertical tank and extending away therefrom. The second connecting member defines a central passage adapted to receive the first connecting member therein. A locking mechanism secures the first connecting member within the second connecting member.

A system for plant cultivation in containers located in a vertical or sloping arrangement on different levels includes a module. The module includes an internal volume for receiving at least one nutritive substrate and at least one plant. The internal volume is delimited by a front wall having at least one opening for the plants to pass through for exposure to light, and a rear wall joined to the front wall. The rear wall has a fixing area for fixing the module to a mounting, and the rear wall includes a partitioning rib projecting into the internal volume to slow flow of water flowing between the levels.

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