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Cambridge, ME, United States

Verenium Corporation is a San Diego, California-based industrial biotechnology company that specializes in the development of high performance enzymes. Verenium's tailored enzymes are environmentally friendly, making products and processes greener and more cost-effective for industries including the global food and fuel markets. Using proprietary and patented genomic technologies, Verenium extracts microbial DNA directly from collected samples to avoid the slow and often impossible task of growing microbes in the laboratory. Verenium then mines its collection of microbial genes, numbering in the billions, using high-throughput screening technologies designed to identify unique enzymes as product candidates. As required, these enzymes can then be further optimized for commercial use through the Company's patented DirectEvolution® technologies. By combining discovery and laboratory evolution technologies, Verenium has successfully developed and commercialized a suite of highly differentiated enzyme products tailored to meet the specific needs of companies in various markets, including grain processing, biofuels, animal health and nutrition and other industries.On September 20, 2013, Verenium entered an agreement to be acquired by BASF. Wikipedia.

A method for using a thermostable phytase for eliminating or reducing phytic acid or salts of phytic acid in an alcohol production process is disclosed. The phytase can be added anywhere in the alcohol production process including a feedstock, a hammer mill, a slurry tank, a jet cooker, a liquefaction, a mash cooker, a fermentation, a beer, a distillation system, a whole stillage, a centrifuge, a thin stillage, an evaporator, a condensate, a syrup, a wet grain, a drum dryer, a distillers dried grain, distillers solubles, distillers wet grain, condensed distillers solubles distillers dried grains with solubles a molecular sieves, or any combination thereof. The alcohol production process can be in an ethanol production plant; a spirit or a drinkable alcohol production plant; or a fuel ethanol plant.

Verenium and British Petroleum | Date: 2013-03-15

The invention relates to xylanases and to polynucleotides encoding the xylanases. In addition, methods of designing new xylanases and methods of use thereof are also provided. The xylanases have increased activity and stability at increased pH and temperature.

This invention provides polypeptides having lyase activity, polynucleotides encoding these polypeptides, and methods of making and using these polynucleotides and polypeptides. In one aspect, the invention is directed to polypeptides having ammonia lyase activity, e.g., phenylalanine ammonia lyase, tyrosine ammonia lyase and/or histidine ammonia lyase activity, including thermostable and thermotolerant activity, and polynucleotides encoding these enzymes, and making and using these polynucleotides and polypeptides. The polypeptides of the invention can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial contexts.

Polynucleotide sequences encoding a thermostable cellulase and directing its increased expression are provided, and hydraulic fracturing compositions comprising such thermostable cellulase.

This invention relates generally to enzymes, polynucleotides encoding the enzymes having isomerase activity, e.g., racemase activity, e.g., amino acid racemase activity, alanine racemase activity, and/or epimerase activity, and/or catalyze the re-arrangement of atoms within a molecule, catalyze the conversion of one isomer into another, catalyze the conversion of an optically active substrate into a raceme, which is optically inactive, catalyze the interconversion of substrate enantiomers, catalyze the stereochemical inversion around the asymmetric carbon atom in a substrate having only one center of asymmetry, catalyze the stereochemical inversion of the configuration around an asymmetric carbon atom in a substrate having more than one asymmetric center, and/or catalyze the racemization of amino acids.

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