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Varaždin, Croatia

Systems and methods of visual communication, which the processes of graphic reproduction are based on, are developed on a daily basis with new ideas related to the research results of certain psychophysical visual effects. Consequently, modern trends in this area are directed towards determining the difference in the quality of graphic reproductions in case of events of different psychophysical visual effects. This paper presents a conducted research of the influence of visual effects of spreading and simultaneous contrast which cause shift in the colour appearance (different combinations of primary colours of additive and subtractive synthesis) of the stimulus in the White's effect (Groundal dotted illusion) on the test patterns printed by using four standard methods of rendering. The evaluation was conducted using visual assessment technique, simultaneous binocular teaming.

Jurica K.,Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova | Ursulin-Trstenjak N.,Veleuciliste u Varazdinu | Vukic Lusic D.,Nastavni zavod za javno zdravstvo | Lusic D.,Medicinski fakultet Sveucilista u Rijeci | Smit Z.,Zavod za javno zdravstvo Dr. Andrija Stampar
Arhiv za Higijenu Rada i Toksikologiju | Year: 2013

Phthalates are phthalic acid and aliphatic alcohol esters used as additives to plastic in order to improve its softness, flexibility, and elongation. Phthalates are highly mobile and migrate easily from plastic products into the environment due to their physical and chemical properties. This study briefly describes the characteristics and distribution of phthalates in the environment, their toxic effects on human health, the legislation regarding the maximum allowed concentration of phthalates in drinking water and products intended for infants, as well as the tolerable daily intake. Special attention is given to the methods of determining phthalates and their levels in alcoholic beverages, with an overview of phthalate occurrences and concentrations in plum brandy made in Croatia. A segment on denatured alcohol and illegally marketed alcohol is also included, as well as guidelines for the effective monitoring of the routes of human exposure to phthalates.

Milkovic M.,Veleuciliste u Varazdinu | Mrvac N.,University of Zagreb | Matijevic M.,University of Zagreb
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2010

In everyday communication it is common that a particular wavelength of visible light spectrum or physical object is identified with its color. Determination of color as a physical phenomenon belongs to the area of spectrophotometry or spectrum-diometry. It can be said that, under certain conditions of viewing, a particular wavelength is perceived as their color. Occurrence of color of viewed pictures depends on the change of the viewing conditions. Such a phenomenon is a challenge to communication technologies which use information about the color for the transmission of information. Systems of parallel lines of various colors that with their shape are similar to the classic Munker-White samples are used daily in a variety of design solutions. The use of such line systems may potentially, due to the manifestation of certain psychophysical visual effects, cause deviation in color perception of individual elements. Therefore, the researches in this paper are focused on determining the impact of certain standard methods of rendering on the magnitude of the most intensive effect that is manifested in different types of Munker-White pattern, or the chromatic assimilation effect.

Cikic A.,Visoka tehnicka skola u Bjelovaru | Kondic Z.,Veleuciliste u Varazdinu
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2010

Aprecise establishing of quantity, share, structure and place where wood waste appears considerably influences the speed and direction of technological and energy development of wood processing plants. Technical and economic value of waste biomass projects energy usage and efficiency of a production plant. Lack of experimental studies and usage of general empirical relations are often reasons of inadequate practical compatibility and connection of waste biomass with total efficiency of the plant. Based on studies carried out in eight plants in the Republic of Croatia, it was possible to determine quantity, type, share, structure and place of wood residue/waste appearance in relation to annual raw material processing. Thermal and electrical energy consumption wasmeasured during the thermal processing of sawn timber. Numerical values expressed the fuel and economic value, depending on the quantity and structure of waste biomass. The research suggests a new diagram for determination of existing efficiency and parameters for technical and economic values of waste biomass as one of the criteria for technological and energy development of wood processing plants.

Ghose J.,Birla Institute of Technology | Sharma V.,Birla Institute of Technology | Kumar N.,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Krishnamurthy A.,Development Wing Maruti Suzuki India Ltd | And 2 more authors.
Tehnicki Vjesnik | Year: 2011

Conventional machining of aluminium foams is a difficult task because of the fact that their cells and cell edges are damaged and/or collapsed during the machining processes and thereby their original properties deteriorated. This problem can be overcome to a certain extent by machining this material by Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) process. The present paper deals with identifying the various control parameters responsible for effective machining of aluminium foam. Taguchi-Fuzzy Logic based technique is used for parameter design of performance characteristics to determine optimal machining parameters for maximum Material Removal Rate (MRR) and minimum Tool Wear Rate (TWR) in EDM. Taguchi-fuzzy based mapping of MRR and TWR with productivity revealed that in order to achieve higher productivity while machining aluminium foam, the two parameters, pulse current and pulse-On time are required to be set high in combination with the low setting of duty cycle.

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