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Arulmozhi K.S.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Karthikeyan R.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2011

The cloud computing is the dynamic provisioning of IT capabilities such as hardware, software or services, from third parties over a network. Resource sharing in the cloud Computing environment is the major issues that limited application of the cloud computing. The problem of enabling effective peer-to-peer resource sharing in this types of networks the availability of a wireless infrastructure and broadcast nature of wireless communication. Which bring to the notions of location awareness and MAC layer cross-layering. Through extensive packet-level simulations, I have investigated the separate effects of location awareness and MAC layer cross-layering, the performance of the P2P application. The combined protocol Optimizing Resource Sharing In Cloud Computing (ORSCC), reduces message overhead of as much as 40 percent with respect to the existing design, while at the same time improving the information retrieval performance. Notably, differently from the existing design, our proposed ORSCC specialization displays information retrieval performance resilient to the presence of both CBR and TCP background traffic. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Nithyakalyani K.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Kalpana R.,Rajalakshmi Engineering College | Sudhakar S.,Balaji Institute of Engineering and Technology | Vigneswaran N.,Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia | Year: 2015

Morphometric measurements such as volume, thickness and sulcal depth are used to provide valuable information about cortical characteristics in both healthy and diseased conditions of the brain. Relevantly, the focus of this paper is to illustrate the morphometric method of assessing the volume changes in the brain caused by aging and/or pathological condition. Using the T1-weighted magnetic resonance images of the brain, the clustering technique is adopted towards segmenting the image into separate compartments of white and gray matters (WM and GM) and the cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF). The clustering technique pursued includes the traditional K-means and fuzzy C-means algorithm by considering the Euclidean distance metric toward grouping of entities of similar pattern vectors. The method evolved allows the underlying volume measurement of clustered regions by pixel-counting technique. Comparison of volume measurement of segmented cerebral tissues among male and female subjects undergoing ageing process and with cerebral pathogenic states is exercised. The volumetric changes among the male and female subjects are also considered The results reveal distinct details thereof. Specifically, the volumetric assessment indicated proves to be a viable technique toward understanding the gender differences, geriatric changes in the brain as well as the conditions of brain tissues vis-à-vis neuro-related issues. Clinical data gathered and computed results on the proposed method are furnished to illustrate the efficacy of the method and its short comings.

Archana H.,Sathyabama University | Chellaram C.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Rajalakshmi M.,Sathyabama University
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia | Year: 2015

Currently, many researches has been carried to devise the navigation for blind people. Here, we propose an efficient system to aid the visually impaired in their navigation. User will be indicated about the nearing obustruction with closer ambiance. The basic concept behind this system is to detect the nearest hindarence through a stereoscopic sonar system and sends back vibro-Tactile feedback to inform the user about its localization through a beep sound provided with voice indication for a differentiation between three sensors imbibed. The proposed system aims in increasing the mobility for visually impaired by offering various sensing abilities. The device is light, portable, but range limited to its own size.

Jesu John Peter J.,KS Rangasamy College of Technology | Chellaram C.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Ponmurugan P.,KS Rangasamy College of Technology
Research Journal of Biotechnology | Year: 2015

Purification of recombinant bacteriorhodopsin (BR) from E.coli was achieved by two step process that includes the expression of Bacterio-opsin (BO, apoprotein) and renaturation with retinol. However, the expression of BO in E.coli was hampered by the extensive cytoplasmic proteolytic degradation. The usage of N-terminal signal sequence particularly, the Mistic sequence was efficient enough to avoid proteolysis and yields a maximum quantity of BO through E.coli expression system. The present investigation was designed to maximize the final yield of BO by optimizing the codons of Mistic and BO sequence according to the codon usage in E.coli expression system. Codon optimized Mistic-BO expression construct was developed and successfully expressed in E.coli, efficiently purified and renatured to obtain a functional BR to a maximum yield of 200 mg/l. The observed yield is highest among the existing reports of recombinant BR produced by overexpression in E.coli system.

Pandian A.S.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Koushik G.S.,RWPC gskgroups
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2016

Simulations using the k–epsilon model have been carried out to investigate the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in the Heat Exchanger with copper porous media. In designing heat exchanger, copper ridges are made on the surface in order to enhance the heat transfer. The parameters studied include the Reynolds number (Re<2000), pressure drop, temperature, thickness of the porous media used by maintaining the porosity e = 0.8. The comparison analysis is done between the computational work and existing heat exchanger with same boundary condition. Results show that newlydesigned heat exchanger enhance the heat transfer up to 15°C. © 2016, Sphinx Knowledge House. All rights reserved.

Vijayalakshmi C.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Chellaram C.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College | Kumar S.L.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrr Drsr Engineering College
Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia | Year: 2015

The development of technology provides a new way in all areas of living. Agriculture is considered as the oldest area which is highly essential for life of earth. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy. The importance of agriculture in a country is to provide a Source of Livelihood, Contribution to National Income, Supply of Food and Fodder, Importance in International Trade, Marketable Surplus, Source of Raw Material, Importance in Transport, Contribution to Foreign Exchange Resources, Vast Employment Opportunities, Overall Economic Development, Source of Saving, Source of Government Income and the Basis of Economic Development. As the population growth increases the land area for agriculture is reduced. To obtain the best yield from less space technology is combined with agriculture. Various education institutions for agricultural studies are developing (Mark Brock -Innovative Farmer of the Year 2012). The recent technology which finds a great leap in all the fields is 'nanotechnology'. This leads to the combination of the art of nano with agriculture.

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