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Prakash P.,Sweetha Engineering College | Deny J.,Bharath University | Sankaranarayanan S.,Vel Technology Engineering College
International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2016

Exudates are one of the earliest and most prevalent symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy(DR), which is a serious complication of diabetes mellitus and a major cause of blindness worldwide. Certain areas of the retina with such conditions are to be photocoagulated by laser to stop the disease progress and prevent blindness. Outlining these areas is dependent on outlining the exudates, the blood vessels, the optic disc and the macula and the region between them. The earlier the detection of exudates in fundus images, the stronger the kept sight level. So, early detection of exudates in fundus images is of great importance for early diagnosis and proper treatment. In this paper, a robust and computationally efficient approach for the localization of the different features and lesions in a fundus retinal image is presented. Since many features have common intensity properties, geometric features and correlations are used to distinguish between them. First, the blood vessels are removed based on Mathematical Morphology and the exudates are segmented by using column wise neighborhood filter. We proposed a new constraint for optic disk detection by using circular fitting method based on brightest point. After filtering the optic disc, the borders are removed to detect the exudates. We also show that many of the features such as the blood vessels, exudates and microaneurysms can be detected quite accurately using this technique. The performance of the proposed system is carried out on DRIVE Database. © 2016, International Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. All rights reserved.

Srikaran V.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Venkatachalam C.T.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Vairamani M.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Arun S.,Vel Technology Engineering College
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology | Year: 2017

The present industrial scenario calls for good quality product, with appreciable price, on-time delivery and better services. It is important for any management to increase manufacturing with minimum loss. Any management will not be ready to invest over its resources unless the current resources are delivering with its rated output. Lesser the effectiveness of production, higher is the product cost. Customers are not and ready to compromise with any of these aspects. To satisfy the customer with these aspects the organization has to take all effective measures through plant improvement by total employee involvement. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the one of the industrial engineering techniques to eliminate down time, rejection, improve safety and increase productivity. The project is concerned with improve in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by implementing TPM approach in a shop floor. © IAEME Publication.

Vinayagamoorthy R.,Tamil University | Rajeswari N.,Veltech Multitech Dr Rangarajan Dr Sakunthala Engineering College | Vijayshankar S.,SCSVMV University | Balasubramanian K.,Vel Technology Engineering College
International Review of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2014

The present study is carried out to study the damage observed at entrance and exit of the hole during drilling and surface quality of drilled hole on newly developed natural hybrid composites. Hybrid composite samples are prepared by using vinyl ester resin and three types of reinforcements namely, randomly oriented vetiveria zizanioides, woven jute and woven glass. The natural fibers are pre-treated with alkali and furnace heating in order to improve its surface properties. Three samples are developed by varying the composition of fibers in each one. Machinability study is done by drilling a series of 28 holes based on D-optimal design. Three output responses namely, damage factor at entrance and at exit and surface roughness are measured and optimized with an objective of minimizing the damages. Confirmatory runs are conducted and the responses are measured. The results are validated by calculating the average percentage of error between the model and confirmatory runs. The error was found to be minimal and hence the optimization is highly satisfactory. © 2014 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

Saravanan N.,Tata Motors | Puhan S.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Nagarajan G.,Anna University | Vedaraman N.,CSIR - Central Leather Research Institute
Biomass and Bioenergy | Year: 2010

Vegetable oils and animal fats in their raw form have high viscosities that makes them unsuitable as fuels for diesel engines. Transesterification is one of the well-known processes by which fats and oils are converted into biodiesel. The reaction often makes use of acid/base catalyst. If the material possesses high free fatty acid then acid catalyst gives better results. In the present investigation, Mahua oil having 14% free fatty acid was transesterifed to obtain biodiesel using acid catalysts with different alcohols. The alcohols used were Methanol, Ethanol and Butanol. The objective of using higher alcohol is to find their effect on ester yield. The process optimization was made based on the maximum ester yield. The results show that transesterification with butanol gives a better yield compared to methanol and ethanol. The transesterification results show that higher catalyst concentration by 6-10% Vol. produces biodiesel with lower viscosity, lower specific gravity with a higher yield (short reaction time of 5. hours). The best process condition with butanol was found to be 6% Vol. of sulfuric acid with 150% excess butanol, which gave an yield of around 95.4% in a reaction time of 5. hours. The prepared biodiesels were tested as per the standard and were found to be satisfactory. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Lakshmi R.,Vel Technology Drrr And Drsr Technical University | Rajan K.,Vel Technology Engineering College
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2014

This paper deals with comparison of closed loop controlled two switch and the three switch interleaved forward converter fed DC drives systems. The above systems are designed, modeled and simulated using MATLAB simulink. Interleaved forward converter is proposed for the control of the DC motor. Closed loop systems are modeled and simulated. The transient responses are compared to identify the best converter system. Closed loop system are compared in terms of rise time, settling time, peak overshoot and steady state error. © Research India Publications.

Joseph D.,HIGH-TECH | Kalaiarasi N.,k-Technology | Rajan K.,Vel Technology Engineering College
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2015

Reference current generation algorithms for shunt active power filters have always been associated with increased computational tasks. In this paper we present a method to reduce the computational task and thereby increase the processing speed of the filter. We suggest a new fundamental current extraction method which involves peak value calculation of the distorted signal. The method is achieving the same compensation level as that of the conventional method which has been verified by MATLAB/SIMULINK software. © Springer India 2015.

Subalakshmi R.,Vel Technology Multi Technology Drrangarajan Drsakunthala Engineering College | Manikandan C.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Renganathan T.,Vel Technology Engineering College
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Year: 2015

Water plays an indispensable role in our life and it is said that without water there would not be any survival of human being. With this great importance, the conservation and treatment of water becomes necessary in order to use this scarce resource in an efficient manner. The water gets polluted due to the presence and actions of various inorganic and organic substances and waste water treatment is a good practice to reuse the sewage water for different purposes especially for Irrigation in Agriculture. In that, Reed Bed System is an economically viable technology to treat the sewage using subsurface flow technique.

Vinayagamoorthy R.,Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute | Rajeswari N.,Veltech Multitech Dr Rangarajan Dr Sakunthala Engineering College | Karuppiah B.,Vel Technology Engineering College
Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering | Year: 2014

This research is carried out to investigate thrust force and torque during drilling on the developed bio-degradable sandwich composites. Two natural fibers, namely vetiveria zizaniodes (vetiver) and jute, and one synthetic fiber, namely E-glass, are used as reinforcements with vinyl ester resin to form three composite specimens. The fiber compositions in each specimen are varied while the resin composition is kept as a constant. The vetiver fibers are pre-treated with alkali and followed by furnace heating in order to improve its surface properties. The specimens are subjected to a set of 28 drilling operations during which the machining parameters, like speed, feed rate, tool point angle and work sample, are varied between four levels to form a four-factor mixed level D-optimal factorial design. During each drilling operation, the thrust force and torque are measured as responses by using a kistler make drill dynamometer with an accuracy level of 0.01N. The responses are analyzed by using response surface method, and non-linear regression equations are developed. Optimization on the experimental data resulted in selection of a high level of speed of 2000 rpm, low level feed of 0.1 mm/rev, tool angle between 600 to 900 and selection of sample level I as optimized values with a thrust force of 82.47 N and torque of 4.4 Nm. Confirmatory runs are conducted and the responses are again measured. The average error between the developed model and the confirmatory runs is found to be minimal and hence the optimization is highly satisfactory. © 2014 Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Venkadesh R.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Nehru V.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Rajan K.,Vel Technology Engineering College
2013 4th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies, ICCCNT 2013 | Year: 2013

This paper we propose if access routers in future all wireless networks are restricted to perform network layer functions only, we investigate the design of intelligent routers, called Mobility Anchor Points in Dynamic(MAPD), to implement peruser regional management in IP wireless networks. We investigate a proxy-based Service Management with Integrated Mobility Architecture (SIMA) under which a client-side proxy is created on a per-user basis to serve as a gateway between a MN and all services engaged by the MN. we analyze per-user regional registration schemes extending from Mobile IP Regional Registration and Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 for integrated mobility and service management with the goal to minimize the web traffic, network signaling and packet delivery cost in future all wireless networks. We show that there is an optimal 'service area' under which the overall cost due to query processing, cache consistency management and mobility management is minimized. © 2013 IEEE.

Baskar S.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Madavaraj M.,Vel Technology Engineering College | Theja Murthy K.M.,Vel Technology Engineering College
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Year: 2015

The concept of primary health care emerged in the 20thcentry as a strategy to comprehensive, effective health services for populations. Many forces and historic events shaped the evolution of primary health care. The duty of a civil is not only the building but also to design of aesthic appearance and interior decoration. The design of landscaping and interior rendering is the most important aspect of the design to give good appearance of the building. The architectural effect improves the elevation of the structure. Proper design of interior decoration depending on the actual use of different rooms and areas inside the building is very important in the space planning and building We have chosen this project specially to follow the principles of interiors decoration and landscaping for the design of a "Planning, Designing Of Primary Health Centre".

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