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Cranbury, NJ, United States

VaxInnate | Date: 2014-04-29

The present invention relates to improved vaccines and the design and making of such vaccines that enhance immunogenicity of the vaccine and/or reduce reactogenicity to the vaccine when administered. In particular the vaccines and immunogenic compositions of the present invention relate to flagellin-antigen fusion proteins in which the spatial orientation of the flagellin to antigen and the charge distribution of the antigen is optimized to enhance immunogenicity and/or reduce reactogenicity and/or improve folding of the protein.

VaxInnate | Date: 2014-12-15

Compositions that include at least three fusion proteins comprising flagellin and influenza antigens. In embodiments, the influenza antigens can include influenza A and influenza B antigens. The composition can further include at least one adjuvant.

VaxInnate | Date: 2014-12-16

Compositions that include Toll-like Receptor 5 agonists and at least a portion of at least one viral antigen can be employed in methods that stimulate an immune response in a subject, in particular, a protective immune response in a subject. Compositions can be associated with particles and employed in the methods in relatively low doses to provide protective immunity to viral infection.

VaxInnate | Date: 2015-04-30

Methods of making a protein that stimulates a protective immune response in a subject include separating a portion of a protein from a naturally occurring influenza viral hemagglutinin to form a protein portion. The protein portion includes at least a portion of a globular head, and at least a portion of at least one secondary structure having at least one -sheet at a bottom of the globular head that causes the globular head to essentially retain its tertiary structure. The protein portion made by the methods of the invention lacks a transmembrane domain, a cytoplasmic domain and an HA2 subunit. A nucleic acid sequence encoding the protein portion is transformed into a prokaryotic host cell.

VaxInnate | Date: 2013-06-28

Compositions that include a fusion protein comprising flagellin and at least one antigen that has an isoelectric point greater than about 7.0 and that is fused to at least one domain 3 of the flagellin activate Toll-like Receptor 5. Methods of stimulating an immune response, in particular, a protective immune response include administering a composition that includes an antigen fused to a loop of domain 3 of flagellin.

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