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An electrical rotating machine comprising a stator (

A rotor which includes a plurality of permanent magnets arranged in first recesses which extend axially and are regularly distributed between a circumferential portion and a central portion of the magnetic body of the rotor, such as to define a plurality of circumferential polar sections. The magnets each comprise a first portion close to the circumferential portion, wherein the first portion is adjacent to a second portion close to the central portion, the first portion having a first rectangular radial section with a first predetermined width in a circumferential direction and the second portion having a second rectangular radial section with a second predetermined width in a circumferential direction, the second width being smaller than the first width. According to the invention, the rotor also includes a plurality of second recesses which extend axially and are each arranged between two example consecutive magnets at the second portion thereof.

The control method according to the invention concerns a multiphase resonant DC/DC converter comprising a plurality of identical elementary DC/DC converters connected in parallel. Supply currents (IR1, IR2, . . . IRn) are measured in the elementary DC/DC converters in order to balance these same currents. According to the method, switching frequencies of the elementary DC/DC converters are controlled on the basis of the supply currents in such a way as to achieve the balance. Another feature involves setting the supply currents to a common reference intensity (Iref) determined on the basis of a difference between an output voltage (Vo) of the multiphase converter and a nominal voltage (Vref).

Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur | Date: 2015-04-28

An electrical connection unit for electrically interconnecting two electronic boards, is disclosed. The connection unit includes at least one electrical pin for electrically interconnecting the two boards, a mechanical link part for mechanically interlinking the two boards, where the electrical connection unit is disposed to enable concomitantly the electrical connection of the two boards via the pin and the mechanical link of the two boards via the link part, and a body which simultaneously carries the electrical pin and the mechanical link part, the body including a support portion for receiving and supporting one of the electronic boards, the support portion and the link part being disposed in such a way that the electronic board is held in place by being wedged between the support portion of the body and a point at which the mechanical link part is secured to the board.

Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur | Date: 2015-02-25

An electronic assembly for a rotary electric machine for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The electronic assembly includes electronic component blocks having different thermal dissipation needs, the blocks including a power block and a control block. The assembly also includes a device for cooling the blocks and having a protective cover suitable for covering the power and control blocks. The protective cover includes a first set of openings configured to be positioned opposite a first cooling element coupled to the power block, and opposite the control block, the first cooling element being a first dissipator provided with a base plate, the base plate protruding with respect to the power block to create a first radial flow of cooling air (F

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