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Valdosta State University, also referred to as VSU, or Valdosta State, is an American public university and is one of the three regional universities in the University System of Georgia. Valdosta State is located on a 168-acre campus at the heart of the city of Valdosta. VSU serves over 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students representing 157 Georgia counties, all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Washington, D.C. and hosts over 300 international students from 76 countries. VSU also offers classes at Moody Air Force Base north of Valdosta in Lowndes County, and Kings Bay Naval Base in Camden County.Degree levels offered at Valdosta State include: Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Education Specialist, and Doctoral. The university comprises the colleges of Arts and science, Business Administration, Education, Arts, and Nursing. The Graduate School also includes the Divisions of Social Work and Library Science.VSU is also home to the six-week residential Governor's Honors Program during the summer for academically and artistically oriented Georgia high school students. Wikipedia.

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News Article | April 29, 2017

John R. Wood Island Real Estate is proud to announce the following Realtors have joined our team of professional agents. --Originally from Chicago, Seonagh graduated from Columbia. Majored in business and psychology. Went on to a successful career in real estate which included, selling new construction, pre-owned homes, condo conversions and commercial real estate. While in commercial real estate, Seonagh sold multiple commercial properties and then as an added bonus for her clients she drew the design build outs to scale."My business is built on trust, motivation, action and follow through. With 20 years in the real estate industry, listening, caring and treating each buyer and seller like family is always a win. To be successful in real estate in Florida, there must be knowledge of the boating arena in SW Florida. Gulf access and water front properties are unique and each property offers different adventures.Living in Florida provides year round outside activities and boating excursions which my husband and I enjoy with our Yorkies!" says SeonaghContact Seonagh at:seonaghcrealtor@gmail.com239-560-6435Having known both scarcity and abundance, Craig is designated to do better. Where sports and a strong family taught him how to perform, his premature born son taught Craig the fragility and importance of life. With his priorities in the right place and a strong, caring personality, Craig loves what he does and takes his job very serious. Having worked on 2 full rehabs of local homes, he firmly believes there is no repair that cannot be made on a home, as difficult as it may appear.With multiple real estate awards to his name, Craig has proven he is more than just another real estate professional. There was a time in Craig's life where he was fixing roofs, windows, and installing siding. Now he is helping people sell, or buy their homes. Craig takes pride in his ability to help others, yet does so with a playful spirit and dedicated willingness to perform for you. Craig has known times that required him and his young family to get by on meager means. Today, he communicates with people from all walks of life and believes nothing is impossible.With nearly 5 decades of life experience and over a decade in the real estate industry, Craig finds his fulfillment in providing for his clients.Craig Cunha239-292-0440craigcunha68@gmail.comDana has over twenty years of experience in sales and customer service. A true southern belle, Dana grew up in South Georgia and fell into the family insurance business. One of her strengths is her great ability to connect with people. Dana has always had a passion for helping others and has been an active member of any community she's lived in. Her proudest accomplishments include being an active charter board member for Easter Seals of Southern Georgia and served as a board member for a therapeutic horseback riding program. Serving as treasurer for the Conference Center and Tourism Authority of Lowndes County. Dana had the honor of being appointed by Governor Sonny Perdue to the Space Management Task Force for the Commission for A New Georgia in Atlanta in 2004. She and others from around the state, mostly commercial Realtors, created one central repository for all owned and leased properties for the state which had never been accomplished before. In 2006 Dana moved to Canouan Island, West Indies. What an amazing, eye opening experience for a farm girl! Undeniably one of the best decisions she ever made. It was there Dana married and started raising a family. Several years later her family would call Key West home. After a couple of wonderful years living in yet another tropical paradise they decided that Sanibel would be the best fit for raising their family. Dana has been part of the Sanibel community for over 5 years and loves everything it has to offer. The people are some of the kindest in the world. She volunteers at the Sanibel Community Church and for the local Girl Scout troop as the cookie mom. She holds a property and casualty insurance license for the state of Georgia as well as a health and life insurance license for the state of Georgia. Dana studied at University of Florida but obtained her degree from Valdosta State University.Contact Dana at:danagfoster@gmail.com239-989-2136, RealtorGrowing up in Beaverton, Michigan, Matthew learned to love the outdoors and was always active. In 1992, he began attending Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Graduated in 1996 with a B.A. in Graphic  Design and Marketing. Over the next 20 years, he would design campaigns and produce marketing material for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, universities, non-profits and everything in between.When he and his wife moved to southwest Florida he knew we would love it. His two teenage boys were excited to be here full-time as well, and it's a great place to call home. Some of the best beaches in the country; dozens of festivals; car, boat and RV shows; unlimited shopping opportunities;and fantastic dining are just a few of the things they enjoy on a regular basis."I love new marketing challenges and truly enjoy working with different kinds of people to come up with solutions for their individual needs. I've been doing that for more than 20 years as a designer and marketing professional, and I look forward to bringing that experience and expertise to my real estate career. From the excitement of helping friends make the move to their fantastic new home or lending support to a couple who might be downsizing for their retirement years, it's all about my clients and our journey together." says MatthewContact Matthew

The International Nurses Association is pleased to welcome Gladys Epote Sone-Ebeloue, MBA, DNP, MSN, APRN, AGPCNP-BC, to their prestigious organization with her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. Gladys Epote Sone-Ebeloue is a Doctor of Nursing Practice with more than 16 years of experience in her field and an extensive expertise in all facets of nursing, especially geriatrics and post-acute care. Dr. Sone–Ebeloue is currently serving a Clinical & Regulatory Monitoring Manager for Formation Healthcare Group, a division of Formation Capital LLC with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Sone-Ebelouegained her Licensed Practical Nursing Diploma in 2001 from Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and then obtained her Associate Degree in Nursing from Georgia Highlands College in 2005. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing was later gained at the University of West Georgia. Dr. Sone-Ebeloue then proceeded to obtain her Master of Science Degree in Nursing at Valdosta State University, Georgia with concentration in Adult- Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. An advocate for continuing education, she also holds a Master of Business Administration Degree, and in 2014 graduated with her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree from Georgia College and State University. Dr. Sone-Ebeloue has occupied increasingly senior positions throughout her career, and she is a board certified Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. For her wealth of experience and knowledge, she has published her dissertation on Raising Awareness for Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers in Skilled Nursing Facilities. She attributes her success to her passion for knowledge acquisition and for becoming the best nurse she can be. When she is not working, Dr. Sone-Ebeloue enjoys reading, travelling and taking cruises. Learn more about Gladys Epote Sone-Ebeloue here: and be sure to read her upcoming publication in Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

--Victoria L. Collier, founder of The Elder & Disability Law Firm, has posted a new blog on her law firm's website entitled "." Ms. Collier discusses the need to address these issues sooner rather than later.According to Collier, "Many individuals and families tend to postpone, duck, ditch, and/or pretend they don't need to have certain important conversations.""These are the conversations,"says Collier, "about what would happen if something unthinkable happened.""What if you suddenly died, got into a serious accident and were left incapacitated or you were diagnosed with a serious illness," Collier asks. She continues adding, "You get the picture? No one really wants to consider these types of events, however, if they are not discussed and arrangements made, in the event something did occur, who will know what your wishes are?"Collier continues writing, "For instance do you know what aspects of your healthcare are important to you? Who would you want to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself? Do you want life support? Do you want to donate your organs or not?"The entire blog can be read at never-early- prepare-unexpe... Victoria L. Collier, CELA founded The Elder & Disability Law Firm of Victoria L. Collier, P.C. to serve the legal needs of seniors when their health care needs increase. Victoria is also Co-Founder of Collier Scott Financial Solutions, LLC. At both firms WE BELIEVE that people should not have to lose everything they've worked a lifetime to earn and that every person is an individual who deserves respect and the highest quality of life possible, regardless of age or ability.Victoria enlisted in the U.S. Air Force during Desert Storm, 1989-1995, and also served in the U.S. Army Reserves, 1Lt. 2001-2004, JAG Corps. Victoria is a national expert on the VA Wartime Pension for veterans and their widows who need additional assistance with activities of daily living and helping them qualify for and receive tax-free income from the VA to pay for it. Victoria graduated from Valdosta State University with a B.A. in Psychology and then University of Nebraska, College of Law. In 2014, Victoria was awarded with the Alumni Master Award from the University of Nebraska.Victoria is a Certified Elder Law Attorney through The National Elder Law Foundation and has been named as the only attorney in Georgia as "Fellow" of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). Victoria was appointed by Governor Perdue to the Georgia Council on Aging, 2010 - 2016 and was awarded Dekalb County Veteran of the Year, 2013. She is the author of. Victoria has co-authored several books:, and. Most notably, Victoria co-authored the National Best Seller,, with Jack Canfield, author ofseries.The Elder & Disability Law Firm was established to serve the legal needs of senior citizens when their healthcare needs increase. The Firm focuses its entire practice on Elder Law and Estate Planning matters, which encompasses the areas of Asset Protection, Medicaid Planning, VA Benefits planning, Estate and Special Needs Planning. Victoria Collier has grown her law practice through her personable nature and good management skills.

Valdosta State University | Date: 2014-11-13

Many types of artificial reefs have been deployed in the worlds oceans, bays and estuaries. These range from sinking ships to dispersing old building debris. In most approaches, the material placed in the marine environment lacks any nutrients needed for growth or concern regarding proper chemical conditions necessary to start and sustain life. In this discovery, concrete is made from both inorganic and organic components. The inorganic components are selected to include species that will be used to create a receptive surface to start and sustain life. Moreover, other conditions such as pH, chemical toxicity, nutrient levels and biodegradability are considered in the formulation. Additionally, there is an organic component that is part of the concentration mixture which provides trace nutrients and serves to weaken the structures so it will biodegrade over time. The biodegradable concrete slowly releases small quantities of resources (over months and years) providing a steady flux of essential nutrients.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: | Award Amount: 50.00K | Year: 2014

Artificial reefs serve a useful purpose to promote the growth of sessile marine organisms such as bacteria, algae, corals, and bryozoans as well as providing a habitat and food source for species such as fish, crabs, lobsters, and some marine invertebrates. This project applies the EPAs 12 Principles of Green Technology to a cellulose based surface that is coated in nutrients to promote the rapid growth of marine microbes, the base of the marine food chain. This rapid growth, which begins days after being submerged, starts the food chain. The mineral based substrate attached to the cellulose based material is denser than water to allow the entire structure to sink; both the cellulose and mineral based materials will degrade leaving behind nucleation sites for microbes, corals, invertebrate collections, and more. The reef is constructed entirely from biodegradable materials and production costs are economical.

The proposed approach combines cellulose with silicates and nutrients (CeNS) to provide a surface for marine life to nucleate and grow. This approach was developed in the PIs lab over the past decade raising marine bacteria that produced marine natural products. The team intends to build on the preliminary results involving carbonate based organisms (i.e. oysters, coral), a place for larvae to grow (i.e. fish, shrimp and octopus), and to provide a food source and shelter for schools of fish. This team has started testing its green technology approach in the Florida panhandle and the Florida Keys. While the use of wood as a growth and shelter medium for marine life has been practiced since ancient times, the use of a nutrient mix with cellulose to selectively encourage and accelerate certain species is unique.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Continuing grant | Program: | Phase: Physiolg Mechansms&Biomechancs | Award Amount: 420.08K | Year: 2014

Many fish feed by using their jaws to scissor away pieces of flesh and often generate movements with their rigid body skeletons to remove the piece. The poorly understood hagfish can also effectively accomplish this task despite lacking jaws or even a spine. Hagfish rely on complex arrangements of soft muscle and connective tissues to coordinate forceful and dynamic movements of 1) a unique toothplate that can shear off large chunks of food, and 2) flexible bodies with loose skins that can be tied into knots. Body knots are pressed against the surface of the carcass so that hagfish can gain leverage to support toothplate function. This study attempts to describe principles of function associated with generation of force and precision movements using soft tissue mechanisms. In addition, this research will provide training for four undergraduates and one Master of Science student and initiate national and international collaborations. The PIs and their students will work with three local public aquaria to develop exhibits that showcase unique hagfish biomechanics and behaviors. Finally, hagfish body models and simulations may result in the development of practical applications, such as safety ropes with dynamic knotting capabilities and bio-inspiration for deformable material mechanisms.

This project encompasses a three-part analysis. First, the biomechanical analysis of toothplate movement will begin with a morphological analysis based on dissections and two- & three-dimensional X-ray imaging. Resulting postulates of how forces are produced and transmitted will be tested using analyses of high-speed video and muscle activity recordings during feeding bouts. Second, the morphology and material properties of the loose hagfish skin are likely very important to body knot manipulations. Skin morphology will be described using histological reconstructions and material properties will be measured using biaxial tensile tests. These data may then be used as input into a simplified model of the hagfish body, based on a flexible rope model of a sheath/core design, upon which to simulate knot formation and slippage. Third, in order to assess the contribution of body knotting behavior to hagfish bite strength, a custom underwater force platform, to which food will be tethered, will record the magnitude and direction of shearing and body knot reaction forces. Results from the studies will be disseminated through publication in peer-reviewed journals and at scientific meetings.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH COLLECTION | Award Amount: 176.92K | Year: 2015

In the number of vascular plant species, Georgia ranks seventh among the states. Much of this biodiversity resides in the fire-dependent longleaf pine-wiregrass communities and associated seepage slopes and pitcher-plant bogs, sand hills, barrier islands, Carolina bays, tupelo swamps, mesic slopes with Appalachian affinities, and blackland prairies of the Coastal Plain. Georgia is the fourth most rapidly growing state in the U.S. and the fastest in the Southeast, and its native plants and ecosystems are threatened by land development and invasive exotic plants. A collection of more than 70,000 museum-quality specimens, the Valdosta State University Herbarium has major strength and focus on plant diversity of the Georgia Coastal Plain. It is the primary resource for scientific research about plants of this region. The online availability of digital photographs and the data from biological collections greatly increases access to specimens and the potential for using these biodiversity resources in diverse ways, including the assessment of the ecological and conservation status of species and ecosystems, and changing trends in populations of plant species, related to climate change, habitat degradation, and the introduction of exotic species. The virtual access enabled by this project will promote knowledge, use, and recognition of the valuable biodiversity data in the Valdosta State University Herbarium.

This project will enhance infrastructure of the Valdosta State University Herbarium through the installation of a high-density storage system that will increase its specimen holding capacity by about 30%. The new compactor system will provide secure and safe storage of this irreplaceable biodiversity resource and will sustain its growth for the next 15 years. This project will provide funds to mount and digitize 5,000 specimens and provide precise geographical coordinates for nearly 15,000 specimen records, making vitally important specimens and their associated digital photographs and data available to the community of biodiversity researchers and others online. This project will also secure and revitalize the extensive and currently dormant Vanderbilt University Teaching Collections by bringing them to Valdosta State University where they will be used to train future generations of students and biodiversity researchers. The specialized learning promoted through the direct involvement of undergraduate students in curating and digitizing biological collections and in biodiversity research will bring new perspectives on potential careers in science. Students will present their work at scientific meetings, and opportunities provided through this project will enable the participation of under-represented groups. Outreach programs targeting young people at an impressionable age, their teachers, and others will bring issues of biological collections and biodiversity before a large and diverse audience through herbarium tours, informal presentations, and a summer workshop for teachers. All data resulting from this project will be posted online ( and shared with iDigBio (, ensuring accessibility to researchers and educators. Additional information is available at

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: I-Corps | Award Amount: 50.00K | Year: 2015

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that has infected approximately one third of the planets human population. The current pharmaceutical regiment used to treat the disease is a series of front line antibiotics. The microbe responsible for this malady, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is building up a resistance to these drugs. These drug resistance strains of bacterium are emerging around the world. The pharmaceutical industry can produce the front line drugs economically on a large scale, so having to develop new drugs and new production methods would prove costly and likely result in an immunity situation again. Rather than attempting to discover new antibiotics, the proposed technology is focused on not only delivering known antibiotics to the bacterium more efficiently, but also hiding the drug from being recognized by the bodys immune system.

The proposed technology is focused on drug delivery associated with antibiotics for tuberculosis. Over the past forty years little work has been done in terms of developing new antibiotics. This team?s approach uses between one and three components that accelerates some biological action, such as the cells metabolism or a proteins task. As the activity of the cell increases, the teams theorem is that the antibiotic can go undetected by the bodys immune system and have a more efficient uptake once its normal physiological processes are accelerated. Most drugs, such as antibiotics or cancer drugs have a mechanism of action that serve a singular mission, to stop some part of the cell from functioning. This research team has developed a delivery system for first and second line antibiotics used in the treatment of tuberculosis. It has been demonstrated to improve the efficacy of antibiotics such as capreomycin, amikacin, isoniazid and rifampici1-4.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: ROBERT NOYCE SCHOLARSHIP PGM | Award Amount: 1.15M | Year: 2012

Valdosta State University is providing 20 scholarships to academically talented but financially needy science majors who commit to teaching at high-needs school districts including Valdosta City School (VCS) system. The program assists worthy students in obtaining teaching certification though a post-baccalaureate program designed to prepare future teachers for high-needs school districts in Georgia. In part, the project manifests this by reducing professional isolation through collaborative learning, enhanced mentoring and involvement in professional science education societies, and by enhancing STEM and pedagogy content competencies by providing enhanced information dissemination, content delivery, field experiences at VCS, and by including an induction budget for new scholars entering the teaching profession. The project also provides professional development opportunities including a summer research project internship where mentors from the discipline and master high school teachers collaborate with pre-service teachers to provide guidance and support through the induction period. The project also addresses the challenge of attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers in a geographic region where recruiting new teachers has been difficult. The programs intentional design of integrating research with educational experiences enables new STEM teachers to adopt similar models in their own classrooms, infusing education with the excitement of discovery and sparking their students interest in STEM.

Valdosta State University | Date: 2015-08-03

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing worldwide creating a global threat. Tuberculosis (TB), caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is a bacterial infectious disease that results in over one million deaths annually. The discovery outlined here involves a tablet composition for patient administration and subsequently a new paradigm in drug delivery vehicles in vivo and in vitro and is applied to existing TB antibiotics in order to increase their efficacy. The drug delivery system is a three component complex that is administered with the TB antibiotic or a combination of TB antibiotics. The components are a saccharide or saccharides, a transition metal ion or a combination of metal ions that can bind a nitrogen and/or oxygen atom(s), and a water soluble polymer capable of aggregating and enclosing the other constituents. The three component molecular delivery approach has demonstrated ability to overcome M. tuberculosis bacterial resistance to an existing antibiotic.

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