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News Article | May 23, 2017
Site: www.prlog.org

-- Raven Golf Club at Snowshoe Resort is more than excited to have started the golf season early this year, despite the unanticipated snow they received in early May.They kicked off their early pre-season on May 1 - 11 and the official golf season began on May 12. The whole team at Raven has been working hard at restoring the conditioning and overall feel of the golf course this year. Challenging weather brought on extra work, but it was nothing they could not handle and use to their advantage."We are very pleased to have hired Brian Brewbaker as our Golf Course Superintendent. The course has already shown the positive effects of having a full-time superintendent on site," said Seth VanHall, Account Manager for Up to Par Management. With Brian leading the grounds crew, there is no question about the success Raven will see throughout the rest of the season.""We're excited and looking forward to the great possibilities of course conditions as the year goes on," said Miles Loughlin, Director of Golf at the Raven Golf Club. The Raven has also introduced new weekly golf leagues and golf tournaments for those folks interested in competing against other area golfers.For more information on upcoming events and activities at the resort, please visit https://www.snowshoemtn.com/ things-to-do/ activities/raven... Located in Snowshoe, W.Va., the Gary Player Signature Raven Golf Club at Snowshoe Mountain Resort provides an impeccable course with gorgeous scenery every step of the way. Raven's course has garnered recognition from GolfWeek magazine, which ranked it as the #2 public course in the state of West Virginia and the #30 public course in the U.S. With long fairways taking advantage of the rolling terrain and trees framed by beautiful vistas, each hole is unique and offers an unmatched golf experience. In addition to an outstanding course, Raven offers several dining facilities, all featuring stunning views of the surrounding mountain rangeAbout Up to Par Management:Based in Lexington, Va., Up to Par manages golf courses, country clubs, and hotels throughout the United States. The Up to Par portfolio includes golf and country clubs in Virginia, resort golf courses in Virginia and West Virginia, and the historic Robert E. Lee Hotel in Lexington, Va. To learn more about Up to Par Management, visit uptoparmanagement.com.

News Article | June 27, 2017
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Rival IQ, the leader in social marketing analytics and insights, and Up&Up, a leading marketing agency for higher education, today announced the results of their second annual report on the effectiveness of social media across leading Division I universities in the United States through the “2017 Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report.” The study of 338 Division I colleges and universities reveals key insights and industry performance benchmarks across popular social media channels–including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram–and who is driving the most social media engagement. The report also ranks universities based on rates of engagement, illustrating which schools are most successful at engaging their audiences via social. To create the report, Rival IQ leveraged their software to analyze 316k tweets, 170k Facebook posts, 79k Instagram posts from 338 Division I colleges and universities between August 2016 through May 2017. Using their expertise in marketing for higher education, Up&Up provided higher ed industry averages, ranked colleges and universities for social media engagement, and highlighted social media best practices in higher ed. The top 5 overall colleges and universities for social media engagement are: Northern Arizona University University of South Carolina James Madison University University of Dayton U.S. Military Academy “Our social media presence is an extension of Lumberjack life,” said Maria DeCabooter, social media strategist at Northern Arizona University. “Social media changes all the time, but great content remains the core element of our social strategy. We listen, respond, and engage with our audience in efforts to match the enthusiasm of our campus, community, and the Lumberjack spirit on social media. We’re honored to be recognized as the top performing university for social media engagement. It’s a testament to all the people with whom we work who help share the Lumberjack story.” “The report shows that clear best practices exist for higher ed social media,” said John Gallagher, head of marketing at Rival IQ. “Driving engagement with alumni, students, fans, and the community can be done effectively regardless of a school’s size. A good social strategy can yield immediate and positive results.” The complete list of 338 colleges and universities is available in the full report along with real, detailed examples of top-performing content from higher ed institutions illustrating social media best practices for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in higher ed. James Madison University, ranked #8 on Facebook and #3 overall, is highlighted for a willingness to not take themselves too seriously. Their social marketing mantra is exemplified by a video post featuring the President and Senior VP of Student Affairs doing an episode of Car Karaoke for fundraising efforts. Colleges, universities, students, alumni, fans and supporters looking to check their universities’ ranking may download the whitepaper at https://www.rivaliq.com/resources/2017-higher-ed-social-media-engagement-report/. Rival IQ’s powerful software helps digital marketers boost performance, strengthen strategy, make better informed content decisions, and improve their social media engagement using clear analytics and competitive insights. For more information, visit http://www.rivaliq.com, call +1.206.395.8572, or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Up&Up is a higher education marketing agency in Greenville, SC. We create brand experiences, marketing strategies, and creative to lift colleges & universities above the noise. Our work helps the perfect student find you, engages alumni like never before, and drives giving to new heights. We believe connecting the right student to the right school not only provides a perfect college experience, it makes them fans for life. This isn’t marketing for the next four years, it’s marketing for the next forty.

News Article | August 11, 2017
Site: www.prlog.org

-- It's never too late to get in a round of golf at one of the most beautiful courses around! Raven Golf Club at Snowshoe Mountain Resort is inviting all players to help celebrate a top notch season with them out on the course. With cool weather expected to stick around this fall, late summer is the perfect time to get in a round of golf at the Raven.The grounds crew has been hard at work ensuring each hole played is worthy of the #2 Golf Course in W.Va. title and the Audubon Certification we hold."We're excited to continue this season at Raven. The current and upcoming weather for August, September, and October looks to be one of the best we've had, which makes being out on the course that much better. If the cool weather isn't enough, add in the stunning fall foliage you'll encounter later this fall and we guarantee you'll leave ready to return for more," said Miles Loughlin, general manager at Raven.For more information on upcoming events and activities at the Raven Golf Club and the resort in general, please visit https://www.snowshoemtn.com/ things-to-do/ activities/raven... Located in Snowshoe, W.Va., the Gary Player Signature Raven Golf Club at Snowshoe Mountain Resort provides an impeccable course with gorgeous scenery every step of the way. Raven's course has garnered recognition from GolfWeek magazine, which ranked it as the #2 public course in the state of West Virginia and the #30 public course in the U.S. With long fairways taking advantage of the rolling terrain and tees framed by beautiful vistas, each hole is unique and offers an unmatched golf experience. In addition to an outstanding course, Raven offers several dining facilities, all featuring stunning views of the surrounding mountain range######About Up to Par Management:Up To Par Management, LLC is a leading club and hospitality management and consulting company specializing in golf, country club and hospitality operations. Currently, Up to Par Management oversees operations for golf clubs, resort golf courses, and, through its Taylor Hospitality brand, hotels, restaurants, banquet facilities, and bars. Up To Par is a growth-oriented company providing opportunities for its partner properties and associates. For more information, please visit http://uptoparmanagement.com

Barbier M.,French Institute of Petroleum | Lepretre R.,French Institute of Petroleum | Lepretre R.,CNRS Paris Institute of Earth Sciences | Callot J.-P.,Avenue Of Luniversite Bp 1155 | And 5 more authors.
Tectonophysics | Year: 2012

Based on the study of the Madison Limestone at Sheep Mountain and Rattlesnake Mountain, a unique outcrop dataset including (1) facies and diagenetic analyses, (2) vertical persistence and cement stratigraphy of vein sets and (3) fluid inclusions thermometry are used to demonstrate the impact of folding and fracturing on paleo-hydrogeology. Quantification of the vertical persistence of fractures shows that Sheep Mountain and Rattlesnake Mountain differ by the vertical persistence of the pre-folding Laramide vein sets, which are strictly bed-confined in Sheep Mountain but cut across bedding at Rattlesnake Mountain, whereas the syn-folding veins are through-going in both. The emplacement chronology and the various sources of the fluids responsible for the paragenetic sequence are based on isotope chemistry and fluid inclusions analysis of the matrix and vein cements. At Sheep Mountain and Rattlesnake Mountain, the cements related to the burial are characterized by isotopic signatures of marine formation waters that were diluted during the karstification of the Madison Platform at the end of Mississippian. Meteoric fluids, presumably migrating during the Cenomanian from Wind River Range and Teton Range, recharge zones located in the south-west of the Bighorn Basin, were remobilized in the early bed-confined and through-going syn-folding veins of the Sheep Mountain Anticline. The former vein set drained only local fluids whose isotopic signature relates to an increase of temperature of the meteoric fluids during their migration, whereas the latter set allowed quick drainage of basinal fluids. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Berndsen R.S.,UP | Klitzke R.J.,Federal University of Paraná | Batista D.C.,UFES | Do Nascimento E.M.,Federal Technological University of Paraná | Ostapiv F.,Federal Technological University of Paraná
Floresta | Year: 2013

The aim of this study was to determine the mechanical properties of bending and compression parallel to grain of Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) and analyze the effect of stem position and age on these properties. It was also studied the correlation between the bulk density and mechanical properties. The tests used specimens produced in glued laminated material, adapted according to ASTM D143 solid wood-96 norm, following proportions maintained by Ahmad (2000). The results revealed increasing trend of resistance in bending with age and stem position in absolute terms. In relation to compression tests parallel to grain, the compression strength (fc) and the MOE had the same tendency to increase resistance with age and with the position. The tests revealed that there was no statistically significant interaction between age and culm position. The apparent density of bamboo revealed a positive and linear correlation in bending test at MOR and MOE, as well as at parallel compression test to the fibers for the compression force (fc) and the MOE. Low correlation coefficients had been obtained between the focused apparent density and mechanical properties.

Comelli Jr. E.,Experimental Surgery Group | Skinovski J.,UP | Sigwalt M.F.,UP | Branco A.B.,Federal University of Paraná | And 2 more authors.
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira | Year: 2010

Purpose: Analyze the mechanical strength of digestive tract scar after intestinal anastomosis surgery in animals treated with pure Copaíba oil. Methods: 60 Wistar rats, male, about 250 days old and weighting around 350g were used. The rats were randomly divided into two groups: Group O, with 30 animals that received Copaíba oil and Group C, with 30 animals that received saline. Each group was subdivided into three subgroups, containing 10 rats each. They were designated O7, O14, O28, C7, C14 and C28, according to the post-operative assessment date at 7, 14 and 28 days, respectively. On these dates euthanasia was performed with the removal of the bowel segment containing the anastomosis and assigning the samples to tensile test for assessing Maximum Stress, Maximum Tensile Strength and Maximum Rupture Strength. Results: On the three variables of the study, the results indicate that, for the three assessment periods (7, 14 and 28 days) there was no significant difference between the oil and control groups. Conclusion: For the mechanical tests proposed by this study, Copaíba oil didn't show any effectiveness in increasing the anatomosis strength.

Markic M.,UP | Kolenc I.,Alcan Tomos | Miklavcic Sumanski M.,Alcan Tomos | Zivkovic S.,Univerzitet u Nisu
Sigurnost | Year: 2011

The intention of the paper was to determine how certain selected factors influence preventive attitude of managers towards health and safety in the workplace. The paper is based on a survey which included 351 CEOs in larger Slovenian companies. The evaluation of data was made using the SPSS program. We found the strongest correlation between variables of preventive attitude towards health and safety between education and investments, and education and safety at work. Analysis showed that the correlation between leadership and preventive safety of this sample is positive and influences the health and safety results (the correlation is relatively high, β coefficient 0,473). Study findings are current and may be useful to those involved in changing the legislation related to health and safety in the workplace. We recommend that preventive safety and incentives be built into the legislation, as it is evident that the CEOs are inclined to honour legal obligations.

Singh J.,U.P. | Maurya L.S.,SRMS CET
2013 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Image Information Processing, IEEE ICIIP 2013 | Year: 2013

Affordability, redistributable, modifiability, availability of source code, zero price and freedom of choice are the characteristics which have made Open source (OS) a preferred platform for many software industries and individuals, who believe to use the power of high quality software. The technological motivation for OSS development directly relates to the software crisis, which clearly specifies that traditional development do not perform very effectively, specifically in the areas of speed, quality and cost of development. In this paper fact regarding open source software as well as different reliability concepts are elaborated. Practical implementation of OSS reliability modeling and decision making about product release has been done. For this purpose software performance measures Failure intensity, Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) and Reliability of three different open source software's failure data sets are computed and analyzed. Comparative selection of best suited Software Reliability Growth Model (SRGM) among four SRGMs for concerned data sets have been done on the basis of two comparison parameters Bias and SSE. © 2013 IEEE.

Prabhuji S.K.,Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Center | Sinha S.K.,U.P.
Journal of Advanced Zoology | Year: 2010

The oomycete members, which have earlier been identified as the basic pathogens for dermatomycoses, have also been found involved in deep mycoses causing damage to deep muscular tissues. The observations and correlations on the dermatomycosis resulting into mortality have been reviewed. The histopathology of dermal tissues in certain fresh-water fishes, viz., Anabas testudineus Bl., Channa punctatus Bl., Chela laubuca Ham. and Colisa lalius Ham., parasitized by oomycetous fungi, have been studied and work reviewed. Dermal Ulcerative Syndrome has also been critically discussed.

PubMed | U.P.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Indian journal of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery : official publication of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India | Year: 2012

A rare case of schwannoma of nasal cavity arising from ethmoid region with malignant transformation is reported. Its clinical features histopathology and surgical managements are discussed.

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