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Baiardini I.,University of Genoa | Gaeta F.,Allergy Unit | Molinengo G.,University Valle dAosta | Braido F.,University of Genoa | And 2 more authors.
Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology | Year: 2015

The aim of this cross-sectional observational study was to explore quality of life and well-being in patients with drug-induced anaphylaxis. Two validated tools were used: the Drug Hypersensitivity Quality-of-Life Questionnaire (DrHy-Q) and the Psychological General Well-Being Index (PGWBI). Sixty-five patients (13 males) underwent data analysis. The mean DrHy-Q score was 62.82 ± 12.1. Mean PGWBI score was 64.03 ± 17.66. DrHy-Q score was significantly correlated with PGWBI total score (r = -0.314; P = 0.011) and with the following domains: Anxiety (r = -0.260; P = 0.036), Depressed mood (r = -0.406; P = 0.001), Positive well-being (r = -0.251; P = 0.004), and General Health (r = -0.352; P = 0.004). Compared with the Italian reference population, patients had a significantly reduced PGWBI total and domain score. Our results highlight for the first time how impaired HRQoL and distress commonly feature in survivors to anaphylactic reactions to drug. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Alderighi M.,Bocconi University | Cento A.,Air France KLM | Nijkamp P.,VU University Amsterdam | Rietveld P.,VU University Amsterdam
Journal of Transport Geography | Year: 2012

This paper investigates the price-setting behavior of full-service airlines in the European passenger aviation market. We develop a model of airline competition, which accommodates various market structures, some of which include low-cost players. Using data on published airfares of Lufthansa, British Airways, Alitalia and KLM for the main city-pairs from Italy to the rest of Europe, our empirical findings substantially confirm the propositions of the theoretical model. We find that competition among full-service carriers appears to affect the price levels of the business and the leisure segments asymmetrically: there are small reductions in the leisure segments and significant reductions in the business segment of the aviation market. In contrast, competition with low-cost carriers reduces both the business and leisure fares of full-service carriers quite uniformly, with an emphasis on the mid-segment fares. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Alderighi M.,Bocconi University
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy | Year: 2010

In this paper we simulate carriers' capacity allocation practices in order to investigate the role of fences and forecasting for maintaining high load factor levels and returns in oligopolistic airline markets. We analyse the case where firms apply a well-established revenue management heuristic, called the expected marginal seat revenue rule, extending the original set-up provided by Belobaba (1989) to account for different levels of forecasting, segmentation, and passenger participation. Substantial differences in terms of revenue and load factor emerge and a key role is played by fences.

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Alderighi M.,Bocconi University | Baudino M.,Erasmus University Rotterdam
Energy Economics | Year: 2015

This paper studies how gas stations adjust their gasoline and diesel prices in response to their neighboring competitors. The empirical analysis relies on data collected from January to August 2011 on the daily prices of 20 gas stations located in Cuneo, Italy. These data show significant price uniformity, especially within the same geographical area of the town. Approximately one-third of gas stations responded within a day to targeted competitors' price changes, indicating some evidence of price matching behavior in the industry. Additionally, there is some, but discontinuous, geographical price propagation, testifying to the presence of a weak domino effect. Finally, spatial econometric analysis suggests that there is spatial dependence between gas stations up to about 1.1 km. © 2015 Elsevier B.V..

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Alderighi M.,Bocconi University | Cento A.,Air France KLM | Piga C.A.,Loughborough University
Journal of Air Transport Management | Year: 2011

Published fares London-Amsterdam are used to examine the pricing practices of low-cost and legacy carriers when operating in a large and crowded market. We investigate two strategies of market segmentation involving the time before departure the ticket has been bought, inter-temporal segmentation, and the duration of the stay, implicit segmentation. We find inter-temporal price discrimination emerges as an important strategy for all pricing but the two legacy carriers involved, British Airways and KLM, differ in their use of stay restrictions; British Airways does not assign a specific role to the duration of stay, while KLM make use of such rules extensively in price setting. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Alderighi M.,Bocconi University
Journal of Air Transport Management | Year: 2010

There are substantial fare dispersions in the airline industry. There are various theoretical explanations of this, but they only provide a qualitative justification of the phenomenon. This paper simulates the quantitative outcome of three popular models to evaluate their ability to generate substantial fare dispersions. We find that, in duopoly, the maximum fare dispersion that each model can generate is quite limited; and, even for the most favourable case, it is about one-third of the observed fare variability. Moving to more competitive market structures, however, some models generate better results. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Gaggero A.A.,University of Pavia | Gaggero A.A.,Bocconi University | Piga C.A.,Keele University
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice | Year: 2015

This paper aims at investigating how the pricing strategy of European airlines is affected by code-share agreements on international routes. Our data cover several routes linking the main UK airports to many European destinations and includes posted fares collected at different days before departure. By analyzing the temporal profile of airline fares, we identify three main results. First, code-share increases fares especially for early bookers. Second, the higher prices in code-shared flights are offered by marketing carriers. Finally, in single operator code-shared flights (unilateral code-share), the pricing profile is flatter than under parallel code-share. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

Alderighi M.,University Valle dAosta | Alderighi M.,Bocconi University | Bianchi C.,University of Pavia | Lorenzini E.,University of Pavia
Tourism Management | Year: 2016

This paper studies how local food specialities can affect the attractiveness of tourist destinations, distinguishing between market-expanding and business-stealing effects. We surveyed 1100 Italians in their home about their intention to visit or revisit three popular mountain resorts in Northern Italy (Valtellina, Valle d'Aosta, Trentino), and about their experience, knowledge, and appreciation of five well-known local food products of these places (Pizzoccheri pasta, Bresaola dried beef, Fontina cheese, Melinda apples, Speck smoked ham). We find that product experience positively affects the likelihood of (re)visiting both a product's place of origin and the other mountain destinations (market-expanding effect). Conversely, the correct identification of the product's place of origin may reduce the intention to (re)visit the other destinations (business-stealing effect). Finally, strong appreciation for a local food speciality has a positive effect only on the intention to (re)visit the place of origin. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd

Alberti F.G.,Carlo Cattaneo University | Sciascia S.,IULM University | Tripodi C.,University Valle dAosta | Visconti F.,University Valle dAosta
International Journal of Technology Management | Year: 2011

The notion of regional clusters of firms has been the subject of research for over a century. Recent research has increasingly reported evidence of cluster firms' growth, contrasting with the general assumption that being embedded in a cluster restrains the possibility for firm growth in terms of attitude, opportunities and resources. However, despite the recent research interest on those firms that have experienced growth, detaching from the cluster cliché of being small, local and homogeneous, little is known on the antecedents of such growth. In this paper, we use the lenses of firm-level entrepreneurship as a framework for analysing, comparing and generalising the empirical results of four case studies (Alessi, Illycaffè, Luxottica and Geox). We argue that local and non-local resources and competencies, together with firm capabilities of acquisition and recombination, are the main antecedents of the continuous process of opportunity recognition and exploitation, i.e., growth of cluster firms. Copyright © 2011 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

Kauffman G.B.,California State University, Fresno | Pentimalli R.,University Valle dAosta | Hall M.D.,U.S. National Institutes of Health
Platinum Metals Review | Year: 2010

The Italian chemist Michele Peyrone (1813-1883) was the first to synthesise cisplatin (cis-diamminedichloro- platinum (II)), the basis of today's most widely used family of anticancer drugs. This biographical article aims to present, for the first time in the English language, a summary of his life and the achievements that he made during his scientific career. Originally trained in medicine, Peyrone moved to chemistry and attended some of the most prestigious institutions in Europe in his time. He wrote several publications describing his work on 'Peyrone's chloride' (PtCl2(NH 3)2) and Magnus' green salt ([Pt(NH3) 4][PtCl4J). He later turned his attention to agricultural science where he defended important advances in the understanding of plant growth. Michele Peyrone's dedication to science is best summarised in the English translation of his first report on the synthesis of cisplatin: "I am determined to pursue this subject with all my energies, without having regard for the difficulties to be encountered at every step in so expensive and delicate a research". © 2010 Johnson Matthey.

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