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Grugel P.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy | Strzelecka N.,Gdynia Maritime University
Przeglad Elektrotechniczny | Year: 2014

This paper presents the problem of stability of parallel power active filters operating on the basis of the detection voltage distortion, as systems with closed-loop. Also proposed an exemplary method for assessing the stability of such a system and presents the results of simulation experiment. © 2014, Wydawnictwo SIGMA - N O T Sp. z o.o. All rights reserved. Source

Issues such as impact of the analysis of the connection of new generation units to power system operation analysis of electrical machines, complex algorithms protective automation and power production forecasting using artificial neural networks to be implemented may require significant computational resources. These resources allow you to obtain the simulation results (calculations) in the shortest possible time, but it is not always the real time. Increasing the speed of the calculation is carried out mostly by the use of suitably modified algorithms performed on classical computational processors and signal processors, and by the use of parallel computing. Focusing on the parallel computing, for the last several years can be seen the tendency to use graphics processors, which structure is optimized towards the performance of many of the same operations on different input data (SIMT architecture - Single Instruction Multiple Thread). In the paper are presented examples of application in the power engineering parallel computing which make use for this purpose graphics processors, characterized the applicability of the calculations of this type of processors and showed a simple example the speed of calculations by the use of classical CPU and GPU. Source

Bauza-Kaszewska J.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy | Bauza-Kaszewska J.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy | Paluszak Z.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy
Przemysl Chemiczny | Year: 2012

Poultry meat was Infected with Salmonella Senftenberg bacteria and treated with reactive CaO (10-30%) optionally in a phosphate buffer. An Increase of temp, up to 40,5°C and pH up to 12.55 was obsd. The bacteria content decreased down to below the limit of detection with Increasing the CaO amt. used. Source

Szczuraszek T.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy | Macioszek E.,Katedra Inzynierii Ruchu
Drogi i Mosty | Year: 2010

A model of distribution of the time intervals between the vehicles on a roundabout envelope, that is applied to perform the calculations of the traffic conditions and the capacities of small roundabouts, has a significant impact on the accuracy of these calculations. In Poland such distribution is given by the exponential model and applied for calculations of capacity of the roundabouts. The distribution of the real time intervals between vehicles on the roundabout envelopes deviates from the exponential model as it has been shown in numerous publications. Using it for the average and higher volumes of the traffic flow may lead to the large inaccuracies of calculations. The main objective of this work is to assess the usefulness of theoretical models of a random variable used to describe the time intervals between the vehicles on a roundabout envelope. It has been demonstrated that the best one for such purpose is a displaced exponential distribution and therefore it is recommended to be used for the analyses of the traffic conditions and capacities of small roundabouts in Poland. The calculated minimal time interval between the vehicles as a function of the traffic volume, and the passenger car equivalents for heavy vehicles on the roundabout envelope are also presented. Source

Nowaczyk L.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy
Zywnosc. Nauka. Technologia. Jakosc/Food. Science Technology. Quality | Year: 2012

Soft-flesh forms of capsicums are used as a raw material in producing purees that retain, in full, the taste of fresh fruits and all the nutritive properties. The research material comprised fruits of two Capsicum spp. soft-flesh lines selected from a Capsicum frutescens L. and C. annuum L. interspecific hybrid. The following was assessed: fruits, pericarp, puree made of fruits that were sieved and squeezed, and leftovers thereof. The fruits of the lines studied varied in their mean fruit weight and their width. Regardless of the fruit lines, the technological performance, expressed as a per cent content of puree in the raw material weight, was the same, and, at the same time, it was higher when the fruits were squeezed. With the use of an HPLC analysis, it was proved that the highest contents of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin were in the puree. The content of capsaicinoids in the pericarp of fruits was lower: ca. half of that in the puree, and in the soft tissue separation leftovers, it was definitely the lowest. During sieving or squeezing processes, the main part of capsaicinoids diffused from placenta that was a place of their synthesis, into the puree. It was found that in the material assessed, the per cent content of capsaicin was higher than that of dihydrocapsaicin. Source

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