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Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland
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Drechny M.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Kolasa M.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
Rynek Energii | Year: 2016

Looking for opportunities to reduce electricity consumption in street lighting systems, are increasingly being used all kinds of control systems. The simplest street lighting systems are controlled by an astronomical clock or twilight sensor. LeD light sources have enabled in addition to the basic the on/off, also power control LeD source. This may result in saving electricity consumption while maintaining appropriate parameters for street lighting (mainly illumination). The paper presents a proposal to apply the artificial neural network (ANN) to support street lighting system control. The proposed solution is based on meteorological forecasts.

Stopel M.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Skibicki D.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2016

The goal of the research program implemented by the authors was to develop methodology to be used for determination of constants for Johnson-Cook material model using Charpy impact test. This model is used in programs for modeling by the FEM method in order to account for the influence of strain rate on the strength properties. The method we propose involves selection of the material constants by comparing behavior of a specimen during Charpy test with results of simulation using the FEM method, in LS-DYNA program. Measurement of strain on the specimen surface involved recording Charpy test by means of a fast video camera and time -lapse measurement of changes in the distance of markers. © 2016 Author(s).

Bartkowiak A.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Lemanowicz J.,University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz
Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences | Year: 2014

The paper presents the results on the effect of uncontrolled garbage damps located on sandy soils of the Kujawy and Pomorze Province on the content of phosphorus and selected heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Ni and Cr) assayed in the extract of 0.01 M CaCl2. It was found that illegal damping resulted in the changes in the physicochemical properties of the soils analysed. In the soil surface horizons waste 100 m distance from the waste dump there were higher contents of organic carbon, phosphorus and cooper. The waste stored in the area of the damps investigated did not show a considerable effect on the contamination of soils with heavy metals and their content was connected with the biogeochemical cycle in nature. The analysis of variance showed a significant effect of the factors studied (objects and soil sampling depth) on the changes in the content of Corg, P, Zn, Cu, Cr as well as Ni. High values of the coefficients of variation (CV%) of the parameters showed a high heterogeneity of the results. With the factors applied the content of the heavy metals assayed comes in a following series: Cr > Zn > Ni > Cu.

Bielinski M.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Muzyczuk P.,Centrum Onkologii W Bydgoszczy
Polimery/Polymers | Year: 2011

Studies on the blow molding processing and selected compression properties of thermoplastic polymers have been presented. The compression strength of polypropylene (PP) obtained in the extrusion blow molding process with 0 ÷ 2 wt. % content of blow agents of endothermic decomposition character has been determined (Fig. 5). Samples of dimensions h-30mm andφ- 20 mm, (Figs. 1 and 2) were subjected to compression in a test apparatus (Fig. 3) under steady loading/unloading cycles (dual ramp) in the 0 ÷ 30 kN range and also in a stepwise loading/unloading procedure (every 5 kN with breaks) in the 0 ÷ 25 kN range (Fig. 4). The performance of selected polymeric products were determined on the basis of stress/strain curves and the following determined relations: the dependence of strain of the studied samples on the static load values obtained for various amounts of blowing agent feed (Figs. 6-11), Young's compressive modulus on the amount of blowing agent (Fig. 12) and also work done during the compression on the amount of blowing agent (Fig. 13). The dependence of the relative deformation of porous PP on the increase in values of the parameters of steady loading/unloading cycles was also determined.

Kuciel S.,Warsaw University of Technology | Liber-Knec A.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Zajchowski S.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
Polimery/Polymers | Year: 2010

The processing by reactive extrusion method of composites based on virgin polypropylene and its recyclates filled with fibers of jute, sisal, hemp or cottonized flax has been presented (Tables 1 and 2). The influence of the addition of three different compatibilizers and fiber alkalization on the properties of the obtained materials was evaluated. The basic mechanical and process properties (Tables 3, 4, Figs. 2 - 13) as well as water absorption (Fig. 1) were determined and the influence of cyclic loading on them estimated. The potentials and applicability of these composites were also presented.

Flizikowski J.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Sadkiewicz J.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
Polimery/Polymers | Year: 2015

The dependence between structural geometrical and dynamic parameters in the working zone of the screw plasticizing unit has been discussed. Anew approach to the construction criteria and features, states and changes of pressure, forces and torques in the plasticizing section of the screw working zone, taking into account its active and passive sides, has been proposed. Based on the description of dependencies and analysis of process variable indicators an assessment of states and changes of pressure, forces and torques in the plasticizing zone has been made.

Bielinski K.S.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | lodzimierzBielinski W.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
Rynek Energii | Year: 2010

The paper presents the characteristics of the procedures of emergency restrictions in the situation of electric power deficit in the power system (KSE). They are implemented as off-line MV dispatching. The paper indicates the need of procedures testing and verification with including not only a criterion of effectiveness, but also with taking into account the criterion of minimizing costs of losses, which are incurred by customers due to unexpected power failure, and failure of electricity.

Bielinski K.S.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
Rynek Energii | Year: 2012

The study presents general concept of active monitoring as a tool supporting energy management. The paper indicates difference between active and passive monitoring, it also asserts significance of active monitoring for effective energy management.

Zoltowski M.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Martinod R.M.,EAFIT University
Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures | Year: 2015

Purpose - The recommendation of structural standards, e.g. PN-B-03002, shows a need to control the production quality of wall-elements; the quality control demands suitable guidelines to fit the requirements of the current mass-production of the wall-elements, then, the structural standard recognizes the need of improving the methods to identify the real elements quality. The paper aims to discuss these issues. Design/methodology/approach - The proposed inspection methodology corresponds to assessment models that combine the numerical and symptomatic models to evaluate the critical levels of wall-elements, based on non-intrusive tests through the measurement of a set of signals, using the Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)-based techniques. Findings - The presented work is developed with an approach that applies advanced calculating techniques used for the structural analysis in civil engineering focused on the technical state assessment. Originality/value - The paper proposes a diagnostic methodology that can be added to the current regulations and standards based on EMA techniques. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Lemanowicz J.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy | Bartkowiak A.,University Technologiczno Przyrodniczy dgoszczy
Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences | Year: 2013

The paper presents the results of research into the total content of phosphorus and its selected forms against the chemical properties of Luvisol due to plant growing technologies applied: medium intensive (sI) and intensive (sII) technologies. In the soil the following were determined: pH in KCl, total organic carbon (TOC), total phosphorus (Pog), organic phosphorus (Porg), mineral phosphorus (Pmin), content of CaCO 3, as well as the total contents of Zn, Cu and Ni, Pb, Cr. It was found that the plant growing technologies applied changed the reaction, total organic carbon, phosphorus and its forms. The macronutrients for the plants were more favourable in the soil with the medium intensive growing technologies used. The value of the ratio Corg : Porg in the soil horizons of profi le sI was higher than in the horizons of profi le sII, which demonstrates a lower rate of mineralization of organic phosphorus bonds. The highest content of the zinc, copper, nickel, chrome and lead investigated was recorded in horizons B of the profi les studied, which was determined by the process of soil washing. Drawing on the distribution index (DI) calculated, there was identifi ed an anthropogenic effect on the distribution of total phosphorus and its forms in the soil profi les investigated.

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