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Kshatri D.S.,National Institute of Technology Raipur | Khare A.,National Institute of Technology Raipur | Jha P.,Rd University
Optik | Year: 2013

SrAl2O4: Eu is a member of family of long lasting phosphors (LLP) and is useful as a luminescent material which emits green light. It is a promising candidate for detecting an element for a visible display of two dimensional radiation distributions. We have investigated effects of Dy doping on optical and structural properties of SrAl2O4: Eu nano phosphors prepared by combustion synthesis technique (CST). The obtained specimens are thoroughly characterized paying particular attention to their structure, composition, morphology and optical properties. The optical properties are presented and discussed in terms of photoluminescence (PL) and electroluminescence (EL). The PL spectra (under the excitation of 365 nm) of SrAl2O4: Eu samples with varied concentrations of Dy have wide peaks in visible region, which are attributed mainly to transitions of Eu2+. With increasing concentration of Dy a slight increase in peak intensities is noticed and at a particular concentration intensity gets saturated owing to concentration quenching. The surface morphology and structural properties of SrAl2O4: Eu, Dy phosphors are studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The average grain size as calculated using SEM and XRD results lies in nano range. © 2013 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.

Tuli H.S.,Kurukshetra University | Kashyap D.,PGIMER | Sharma A.K.,Mm University | Sandhu S.S.,Rd University
Life Sciences | Year: 2015

Hormones are a class of molecules, which mediate their effects by regulating a variety of signalling pathways. Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine), a pineal gland hormone, is one among the categories of compounds having various therapeutic and pharmacological effects. Melatonin has many intracellular as well as extracellular targets including apoptosis, metastasis, angiogenesis and inflammatory pathways. Gene-profile studies have further established its antagonist effect on the various genes involved in the tumour progression, neurodegeneration and ageing. It has also been known to reduce the toxicity induced by chemotherapeutic agents in advanced stages of tumour. The present review extensively describes the molecular interactions of melatonin with various recognized cellular targets, which may lead the scientific community to propose novel therapeutic strategies. © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Tuli H.S.,Mm University | Sharma A.K.,Mm University | Sandhu S.S.,Rd University | Kashyap D.,PGIMER
Life Sciences | Year: 2013

Cytotoxic nucleoside analogues were the first chemotherapeutic agents for cancer treatment. Cordycepin, an active ingredient of the insect fungus Cordyceps militaris, is a category of compounds that exhibit significant therapeutic potential. Cordycepin has many intracellular targets, including nucleic acid (DNA/RNA), apoptosis and cell cycle, etc. Investigations of the mechanism of anti-cancer drugs have yielded important information for the design of novel drug targets in order to enhance anti-tumor activity with less toxicity to patients. This extensive review covers various molecular aspects of cordycepin interactions with its recognized cellular targets and proposes the development of novel therapeutic strategies for cancer treatment. © 2013 Elsevier Inc.

Gupta A.K.,Rd University
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE 3rd International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education, MITE 2015 | Year: 2015

The traditional education system, also referred as conventional education system, was mainly based on the black board teaching and face to face classroom interactions. The reach of an expert was upto 100 students approximately. Later, in a phase manner, a number of technologies were invented and these were used as tools to serve and meet the enhanced educational needs. Some popular medium used to cater the educational services from one place to the other were Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), Compact Disk (CD), Digital Versatile Disk (DVD), and later Satellite based Receive Only Terminals (ROTs), Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITs)/Virtual Classes. Now it has moved towards the Cloud Enabled Learning Management System (LMS). In this article, we will discuss in brief about each and every popular educational environment and finally about the Cloud Enabled LMS along with their characteristics and strengths. © 2015 IEEE.

Gokhale M.,Rd University | Bansal Y.K.,Rd University
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology | Year: 2010

Flavonoids baicalein and baicalein-7-o-glucoside were estimated in in vitro raised (six months old) as well as nature grown (12 months old) plants of Oroxylum indicum (L.) Vent. Multiple shoot formation and elongation were obtained from axillary and apical bud expiants of O. indicum on MS containing BAP (1 mg/1) and AgNQ 3 (2 mg/1). Rooting of the regenerated shoots was achieved on medium (half strength) containing IBA (1 mg/1) and AgNO 3 (1 mg/1). A quantitative HPLC analysis of methanolic extract of leaf and root indicated the enhancement of baicalein-7-o glucoside in in vitro raised root and leaf of Oroxylum indicum.

Mamta G.,St Aloysius Autonomous College | Bansal Y.K.,Rd University | Sandhu S.S.,Rd University
Recent Patents on Biotechnology | Year: 2013

Flavonoids are substances which are widely distributed in the plant kingdom. They occur in considerable quantities in common food products, spices and beverages. Interest of researchers has been greatly enhanced towards therapeutic potential of flavonoids in last some years. This review summarizes important patents pertaining to recent biotechnological techniques applied for the production, analysis of biosynthetic pathways, effects and applications of different flavonoids. For systematic studies investigations which have been published in the form of patents, are classified in different sectors like biosynthesis, medical application, antimicrobial activity, alteration of flower color, industrial application, cosmetics, food and plant tissue culture. A number of activities have been observed in each sector with vast area of research on flavonoids. © 2013 Bentham Science Publishers.

Gokhale M.,St Aloysius Autonomous College | Bansal Y.K.,RD University
Indian Journal of Biotechnology | Year: 2015

Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were used to verify the clonal fidelity in in vitro regenerated plants of Oroxylum indicum (L.) Vent. (Bignoniaceae). Deviation from normal/natural leaf shape and branching pattern was detected in indirectly (from callus) regenerated plants. Percentage of phenotypical variation was observed and calculated upto five subculture passages. RAPD profiles of directly (from axillary bud) and indirectly regenerated plants were compared with mother plant. To screen the genetic variation 20 arbitrary decamers were used to study of randomly selected nature grown plant as well as direct and indirect regenarants. Genetic variation among nature grown and direct regenerants was 10%, whereas 24.59% polymorphism frequency was estimated for indirect plantlets. These results indicate that the regeneration of plants through axillary bud culture is a low-risk method for generating genetic variability, whereas material regenerated through callus has genetic variation, resulting in the formation of somaclones. Cytological studies of cells of callus, root tip of directly and indirectly regenerated plants showed the incidence of polyploidy.

Kumar S.,Rd University | Raizada A.,DAV PG College
Planetary and Space Science | Year: 2010

Highly variable conditions prevail in the geospace environment due to the variations in Solar activity. The characteristics of the magnetic clouds (MCs) and their effects on geosphere, which have occurred during the period January 1996 to December 2006; have been investigated. No systematic trend has been observed between MCs and Solar activity cycle which is analyzed on the basis of maximum Sunspot number in that particular year. 85% MCs are found to be geoeffective. MCs are divided into two major classes: unipolar and bipolar. Unipolar MCs are of south (S) or north (N) type while bipolar MCs are of south-north (SN) or north-south (NS) type. During Solar cycle 23, SN-type MCs dominated over NS-type MCs. Highly intense geomagnetic storms (GMSs) of Dst <-300 nT follow from SN or S-type MCs. No preference is observed for right handed (RH) or left handed (LH) clouds for being geoeffective. MCs of very high speed lead to intense GMSs. The correlation coefficient (r) of southward component of magnetic field (Bz), total magnetic field (B) and their products with plasma flow speed (VB and VBz) with Dst are observed to be r=0.78, -0.81, -0.79 and 0.82, respectively, which suggests that these parameters are reliable indicators of the strength of GMS. SN clouds do not always lead to more fall in Dst value (or lead to high strength of GMS) than NS clouds for similar value of Bz minimum associated with both type of MCs. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sharma A.,Rd University | Verma R.,Rd University | Ramteke P.,Rd University
Journal of Herbal Medicine | Year: 2014

Bioactive compounds from medicinal plants offer a potentially beneficial alternative to synthetic antibiotics. The crude extract of Cyperus rotundus was screened for antiuropathogenic activity using the disc diffusion method, which indicated its broad-spectrum antibacterial activity against urinary tract infection (UTI) pathogens. The minimum inhibitory concentrations of the ethanolic extract ranged from 2.5 to 10 mg/mL against different uropathogens. Phytochemical analysis of C. rotundus showed the presence of tannins and saponins. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) analysis of the ethanolic extract indicated the presence of two spots. The TLC bioautography confirmed the antibacterial activity of the spot with a resolution front (Rf) of 0.435, which indicated its bioactive property. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was validated using parameters such as linearity, accuracy, precision, limit of detection and limit of quantification. HPLC analysis of the active spot indicated the presence of saponins only, with a retention time of 16.102 min. Quantitative studies revealed that 75.6373 mg/mL of saponin was present in the ethanolic extract of the rhizome of C. rotundus. Therefore, the study scientifically validated the use of C. rotundus plant for the treatment of UTIs by tribal populations and advocated the potential application of the bioactive compounds from C. rotundus for the treatment of UTIs. © 2014 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.

Maurya R.C.,Rd University | Malik B.A.,Rd University | Mir J.M.,Rd University | Sharma A.K.,Rd University
Journal of Coordination Chemistry | Year: 2014

Seven new Schiff base complexes of oxovanadium(IV), [VO(L)(H2O)], where H2L = H2bmpph-gls, H2bumpph-gls, H2iso-vmpph-gls, H2pmpph-gls, H2iso-bumpph-gls, H2ampph-gls, and H2vmpph-gls, have been synthesized by the reaction of VOSO4·5H2O and the said ligands in aqueous ethanol. The resulting complexes have been characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, vanadium determination, molar conductance, magnetic measurements, thermogravimetric (TG) analysis, infrared, electronic mass, and electron spin resonance studies. The thermal decomposition processes of one representative complex is discussed, and the order of reaction (n) and the activation energies (Ea) have been calculated from TG and differential TG curves. Molecular geometry optimizations, molecular surface electrostatic potentials, vibrational frequency calculations, bond lengths, bond angles and dihedral angles, and natural atomic charges obtained by natural bond orbital and Mulliken population analysis and calculations of molecular energies, highest occupied molecular orbital and lowest unoccupied molecular orbital were performed with the Gaussian 09 software package using density functional theory methods with Becke3-Lee-Yang-Parr (B3LYP) hybrid exchange-correlation functional and the standard 6-311G(+) basis set for (ampph-glsH2) and LANL2DZ basis set for one of its complexes, [VO(ampph-gls)(H2O)]. No imaginary frequency was found in the optimized model compounds, and hence it ensures that the molecule is in the lowest point of the potential energy surface, that is, an energy minimum. Finally calculated results were applied to simulate infrared spectra which show good agreement with observed spectra. Based on experimental and theoretical data, suitable square pyramidal structures have been proposed for these complexes. © 2014 Taylor and Francis.

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