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Orsay, France

University of Paris-Sud is a French university distributed among several campuses in the southern suburb of Paris . The main campus is located in Orsay . This university is a member of the UniverSud Paris.Paris-Sud is one of the largest and most renowned French universities, particularly in science and mathematics. Paris-Sud is ranked 2nd in France, 7th in Europe and 39th worldwide by the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities . Furthermore, in this latest edition of ARWU ranking, the university is ranked 15th globally in the field of Natural science and Mathematics; in the five general subject rankings, the university is ranked 7th in mathematics and 19th in physics. Wikipedia.

Goerbig M.O.,University Paris - Sud
Reviews of Modern Physics | Year: 2011

The basic aspects of electrons in graphene (two-dimensional graphite) exposed to a strong perpendicular magnetic field are reviewed. One of its most salient features is the relativistic quantum Hall effect, the observation of which has been the experimental breakthrough in identifying pseudorelativistic massless charge carriers as the low-energy excitations in graphene. The effect may be understood in terms of Landau quantization for massless Dirac fermions, which is also the theoretical basis for the understanding of more involved phenomena due to electronic interactions. The role of electron-electron interactions both in the weak-coupling limit, where the electron-hole excitations are determined by collective modes, and in the strong-coupling regime of partially filled relativistic Landau levels are presented. In the latter limit, exotic ferromagnetic phases and incompressible quantum liquids are expected to be at the origin of recently observed (fractional) quantum Hall states. Furthermore, the electron-phonon coupling in a strong magnetic field is discussed. Although the present review has a dominant theoretical character, a close connection with available experimental observation is intended. © 2011 American Physical Society. Source

Langevin D.,University Paris - Sud
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics | Year: 2014

When surfactants adsorb at liquid surfaces, they not only decrease the surface tension, they also confer rheological properties to the surfaces. The most common rheological parameters are the surface compression elasticity and viscosity and the surface shear viscosity. These parameters usually depend on the timescale of the deformation, owing to surface relaxations, and on its amplitude, owing to nonlinear responses. In addition, surfactants can exchange between the bulk and surface, in a way that depends on the amount of bulk surfactant locally available. This complexity explains why the topic has progressed slowly over the years. This review describes the current knowledge, focusing on recent advances, and gives examples of phenomena in which surface rheology plays an important role. Copyright © 2014 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved. Source

Dussaux A.,University Paris - Sud
Nature communications | Year: 2010

Spin-polarized current can excite the magnetization of a ferromagnet through the transfer of spin angular momentum to the local spin system. This pure spin-related transport phenomenon leads to alluring possibilities for the achievement of a nanometer scale, complementary metal oxide semiconductor-compatible, tunable microwave generator that operates at low bias for future wireless communication applications. Microwave emission generated by the persistent motion of magnetic vortices induced by a spin-transfer effect seems to be a unique manner to reach appropriate spectral linewidth. However, in metallic systems, in which such vortex oscillations have been observed, the resulting microwave power is much too small. In this study, we present experimental evidence of spin-transfer-induced vortex precession in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions, with an emitted power that is at least one order of magnitude stronger and with similar spectral quality. More importantly and in contrast to other spin-transfer excitations, the thorough comparison between experimental results and analytical predictions provides a clear textbook illustration of the mechanism of spin-transfer-induced vortex precession. Source

French Institute of Health, Medical Research and University Paris - Sud | Date: 2015-04-21

The present disclosure relates to a Co-029 inhibitor for inhibiting the migration of cancer cells which express Co-029. The disclosure relates to a Co-029 inhibitor for the treatment of cancer and/or the prevention of cancer metastasis and pharmaceutical compositions comprising said inhibitor and provides Co-029 antibodies. The disclosure provides a method for predicting the response of a patient afflicted with or susceptible to be afflicted with cancer to a medical treatment with a Co-029 inhibitor, a method for diagnosing a cancer in a patient and a method for predicting the survival in a cancer patient.

French Institute of Health, Medical Research, University of Paris Descartes and University Paris - Sud | Date: 2015-06-25

The present invention relates to the treatment and the diagnosis of atherosclerosis, in particular to a miRNA for use in the treatment and the diagnosis of atherosclerosis.

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