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Kenosha, WI, United States

The University of Wisconsin–Parkside is a four-year public university located in Somers, Wisconsin, between the cities of Kenosha and Racine. Part of the University of Wisconsin System, the school has 4,769 students and 125 full-time faculty. The university offers 33 undergraduate majors and 3 master's degrees in 22 academic departments. UW-Parkside is one of two universities in the UW System not named for the city in which it is located, the other being UW-Stout.UW–Parkside is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II for athletics. The athletics teams are nicknamed the Rangers and wear forest green, black, and white. Wikipedia.

Alexander J.W.,University of Wisconsin - Parkside
International Journal of Drug Policy | Year: 2013

Background: This qualitative historical policy analysis explores Japan's early postwar market for hiropon (methamphetamine/meth) and the impact of its anti-hiropon campaigns. The paper traces the origins of medical methamphetamine production in prewar Japan; known at that time by its former brand-name, 'Philopon' (pronounced hiropon), and argues that the anti-meth 'shock-horror' campaigns of the 1950s were exacerbated by long-simmering animosity toward non-Japanese residents - especially Koreans and Taiwanese. Methods: Through an analysis of both English- and Japanese-language source materials, the paper explores the gritty, frightening themes of Japan's 1950s-era anti-meth propaganda campaigns and the parallel effort by police to arrest, prosecute, and deport members of the resident Korean and Taiwanese communities. Results: The author demonstrates that by incorporating a wider variety of contemporary Japanese-language sources such as news reports and anti-drug propaganda materials about the postwar hiropon trade, we may more fully appreciate the historic, underlying social tensions behind the swift and targeted public response. Conclusion: The author concludes that Japan's postwar federal and municipal governments, together with police and media agencies, cultivated a sensational 'drug panic' designed both to dissuade citizens from using hiropon and to fuel a concerted police campaign against non-Japanese involved in the meth trade. © 2012. Source

Ebben W.,University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Strength and Conditioning Journal | Year: 2010

Race car drivers have been characterized as athletes who require athletic abilities and experience injuries. Motor sports research is limited and has focused on open-wheel formula car racing outside of the united states with little attention paid to stock car racing, despite its popularity. The purpose of this article is to review the motor sports' strength and conditioning research; characterize the types of injuries, physical demands, and physiology of racing; and identify future directions for certified strength and conditioning specialists who work with stock car drivers. © National Strength and Conditioning Association. Source

Pham D.Q.D.,University of Wisconsin - Parkside | Winzerling J.J.,University of Arizona
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects | Year: 2010

Insects transmit millions of cases of disease each year, and cost millions of dollars in agricultural losses. The control of insect-borne diseases is vital for numerous developing countries, and the management of agricultural insect pests is a very serious business for developed countries. Control methods should target insect-specific traits in order to avoid non-target effects, especially in mammals. Since insect cells have had a billion years of evolutionary divergence from those of vertebrates, they differ in many ways that might be promising for the insect control field-especially, in iron metabolism because current studies have indicated that significant differences exist between insect and mammalian systems. Insect iron metabolism differs from that of vertebrates in the following respects. Insect ferritins have a heavier mass than mammalian ferritins. Unlike their mammalian counterparts, the insect ferritin subunits are often glycosylated and are synthesized with a signal peptide. The crystal structure of insect ferritin also shows a tetrahedral symmetry consisting of 12 heavy chain and 12 light chain subunits in contrast to that of mammalian ferritin that exhibits an octahedral symmetry made of 24 heavy chain and 24 light chain subunits. Insect ferritins associate primarily with the vacuolar system and serve as iron transporters-quite the opposite of the mammalian ferritins, which are mainly cytoplasmic and serve as iron storage proteins. This review will discuss these differences. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. Source

Kolb V.M.,University of Wisconsin - Parkside
International Journal of Astrobiology | Year: 2012

Most chemical reactions on asteroids, from which meteors and meteorites originate, are hypothesized to occur primarily in the solid mixtures. Some secondary chemical reactions may have occurred during the periods of the aqueous alteration of the asteroids. A myriad of organic compounds have been isolated from the meteorites, but the chemical conditions during which they were formed are only partially elucidated. In this paper, we propose that numerous meteoritic organic compounds were formed by the solventless and solid-state reactions that were only recently explored in conjunction with the green chemistry. A typical solventless approach exploits the phenomenon of the mixed melting points. As the solid materials are mixed together, the melting point of the mixture becomes lower than the melting points of its individual components. In some cases, the entire mixture may melt upon mixing. These reactions could then occur in a melted state. In the traditional solid-state reactions, the solids are mixed together, which allows for the intimate contact of the reactants, but the reaction occurs without melting. We have shown various examples of the known solventless and solid-state reactions that are particularly relevant to the meteoritic chemistry. We have also placed them in a prebiotic context and evaluated them for their astrobiological significance. © Copyright Cambridge University Press 2011. Source

Riley D.,University of Wisconsin - Parkside
SIGCSE'12 - Proceedings of the 43rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education | Year: 2012

In this work an approach employing the Android mobile phone platform in an upper division computer science course to teach Java programming and other advanced computer science topics is presented. Mobile phones are growing influences in the computing market, but their strengths and popularity are rarely exploited in computer science classrooms. The aim of the course is to harness this enthusiasm to improve fluency in the Java language to afford an opportunity to learn how to work on large, complex projects and to enhance the students' preparedness for the job market. The ideas presented in this work could be adapted for improving learning in many courses across the computing curriculum. © 2012 ACM. Source

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